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That's not convenient. Coinbase is convenient. You're suggesting a ride on lawnmower as a substitute to a car. As a spending wallet Coinbase is fairly close to ideal.

Please read my post carefully next time.

There's no reason to argue against an inexpensive solution like a Pi + Armory in comparison to the massively risky "trust a third party to hold all my coins" approach.

Perhaps you're arguing so vehemently in support of Coinbase because you're keeping all of your coins there? If so, I would suggest you move them to a secure cold storage wallet immediately.

Ah yes convenience, clearly the most important factor when choosing where to store your currency.

I keep my savings in cash under my mattress. Sure, banks are more secure, but they have annoying hours and having the money easily accessible is much more convenient.

Besides, I trust my mattress. It's a nice mattress made by a great VC backed mattress company. It's not like I'm putting my money under some mattress that I bought on craigslist.

If crypto ever wants to win over fiat among the "masses", then yes, it clearly is. Because most people don't care about scary-sounding fluff pieces about the "Fed's fractional reserve ponzi" etc.

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