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Just had my two year old daughter beat me at this game. Thanks for destroying my self-esteem.

Iā€™m interested in this "experiment", but my daughter is too old to try (12 years old) :(.

How many time / tries did she need to understand the game?

Did you give her any clues about how to play? Can she read some letters?

Wait, are you serious? Or is this more April Fools?

Actually. It's - unfortunately for me - partly true. She was able to figure out that you're able to use the number keys before me, and actually hitting 1A... I was fiddling around with my mouse up to that moment :|

(Semi off topic: I don't know how far developed your offspring is, but my four days shy of two years old is only able to count up to three and recognize her own name when written down sufficiently large ;)

Edit: she's also able to mash key's like a perl programmer)

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