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Engine Yard - Fulltime, REMOTE

Frontend Engineer

We're one of the oldest PaaS's out there, with support for PHP/Ruby/Java/node.js and both AWS and Azure. Earlier this year we launched a brand new user experience from the ground-up -- a new website and a completely new client-side interface. As a Frontend Engineer, you'd be working primarily on the latter.

The UI is written using angular.js served up by a lightweight node.js api proxy server. We use mocha/selenium web driver for our tests and only accept green builds via travis to be merged to master. Through our "eybot" on slackhq, we deploy stable code to production multiple times a day.

The UX engineering team at Engine Yard consists of 3 UI designers and 4 engineers (including myself). We're spread out across 8 timezones (Dublin through San Francisco), so experience working in a distributed team is key.

You'll get:

    * Competitive salary
    * Full medical, dental and vision benefits
    * 25 paid days off per year
    * 401(k)
    * We take care of your phone bill
    * Paid travel to conferences
Must haves:

    * A passion for writing great software to solve real problems for real people
    * Demonstrated experience building complex client-side applications in
      JavaScript, preferably with angular.js
    * Experience working in a distributed team
    * The strong belief that a feature isn't finished until it's tested and, where
      appropriate, documented
    * A fantastic sense of sarcasm
    * Ability to travel occasionally (at least once or twice a year)
    * Somewhere between UTC and UTC-8
Great to have:

    * Thorough understanding of git
    * Experience building REST apis
    * Experience with multiple languages (and an understanding of their tradeoffs)
    * Previously worked at a startup
If you're interested, shoot me your info at cewing@engineyard.com.

You mention that you're hiring remote, but the positions on your website list a specific location, and the front-end Dev gig isn't listed at all. is this an HN-specific posting?

At the moment, the position has only been posted to HN, though it should be up on the site and other job boards today. It just opened up, so I was eager to get it posted in this thread.

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