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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (April 2014)
337 points by whoishiring on Apr 1, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 531 comments
Please lead with the location of the position and include the keywords INTERN, REMOTE, or VISA if the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. Feel free to post any job that may interest HN readers from executive assistant to machine learning expert to CTO.

Also see: Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (April 2014) http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7507753

Oculus VR - http://www.oculusvr.com/company/careers/ - Irvine, CA

We want everyone in the world to experience the impossible. We want your help building the virtual reality hardware and platform that takes people to beautiful new universes. Oculus is up to over 80 people (primarily engineers), and we are expanding quickly. In addition to a huge variety of positions in Irvine, CA, Oculus is looking for software engineers in Dallas, TX and researchers in Seattle, WA. We were recently acquired by Facebook, which gives us the resources to scale to consumer virtual reality.

A few of the positions that are especially important to us right now are:

* Embedded Systems Engineer - Design, prototype, and program the systems going into future virtual reality products.

* Senior Software Engineer - Develop core software products, services, and applications.

* Communications Manager - Define the overall voice and messaging for Oculus.

* Computer Vision Engineer - Research and develop algorithms and software for cutting edge 3D vision applications.

The full set of job listings you can apply to is at http://www.oculusvr.com/company/careers/

We've recently revamped our careers system, so you should apply directly there. You can email me with any questions at nrp@oculusvr.com

Are you guys hiring any summer interns?

Will you have people working in the Bay Area?

How about starting a Denver office? :)

Better yet, how about moving some hardware work to Dallas? :)

This was worthy of a downvote? Why?

I'm not the one that downvoted you, but here's why:

It's as groan-inducingly absurd as "how about you mail me a full stack of strawberry pancakes flaked with gold, just because I asked nicely?"

It adds nothing to the conversation but a silly, burdensome request thinly veiled as a lame joke.

Fair enough.

San Francisco, Mountain View - Matasano and iSEC Partners [WILL RELOCATE]

There are horrors beyond life's edge that we do not suspect, and once in a while man's evil prying calls them just within our range.

Talented tech people seek out jobs with interesting challenges. Different firms, different challenges. Here, a chance to grapple with large-scale payments; there, a purpose-built "big data" storage system; elsewhere, software running on an exotic platform; look hard enough and you may even find custom hardware to tinker with.

Consider a greater challenge: the one lurking in the shadows beneath all the other challenges; a maddening, beautiful challenge that awaits all applications, be they YC startups or giant tech companies, the hunt for which leads through the crevices of the payment processing gateways, the arcane backend of the storage system, and the insane, non-euclidian instruction patterns output by embedded compilers. The discovery of the unknown horrible secrets of our universe, the bending of those secrets to your will, and the billing of clients for PDF documentation of those secrets along with their exploitation steps and mitigation advice.

Matasano and iSEC together comprise one of the largest pure software security firms in the world. Our clients are the best companies --- and most of the largest of them. Our teams include some of the best researchers in the field.

I hire for both firms, our practices interlocked in an unholy embrace. You can read more about our hiring process at http://www.matasano.com/careers. Or, for a more philosophical take, here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7259845. Put simply: we hire for aptitude, we ignore resumes, we respect and appreciate candidates, and we put real effort finding good fits. iA Cthulhu, iA iA, &c &c. Also, unlimited soda.

You can find out more by mailing <careers at matasano.com>. A human being who knows what they're talking about will talk to you. And I'd like to think we're fun to talk to!

For some of the flavor of what we do, check out https://microcorruption.com/

As someone who just made it through the Matasano gauntlet, I can't recommend it enough. It was fun and challenging. If you're interested in doing security, get in touch with tptacek. I can't wait to get started myself.

Weft - http://weft.io - Boston, MA (LOCAL) + San Francisco, CA (LOCAL) + Eastern Europe (REMOTE).

   ====== What we do =========
We're a logistics visibility platform (read: Waze for Cargo). Weft tracks shipping containers using low-cost hardware to make sure that shipments get to where they're supposed to be on time and intact, saving billions in lost value due to cargo shrink and disrupted supply chains. We take the info we get from the hardware and figure out where the bottlenecks in the supply chain are, predict whether or not a shipment is going to make it to its destination on time, and dynamically reroute/reschedule shipments so that we can optimize the system as a whole. Really neat stuff. We're working on a lot of the things that happen once you have that data, but I can't share much about it here

   ===== How we do it ========
Web stack -> clojure (immutant) + postgres/cassandra/riak -- we use middleman + enlive (and a bit of hiccup) for templating, meaning that we're pretty flexible about frontend tech.

Algorithms -> a dizzying mixture of oldschool and newschool techniques ;-)

Hardware -> think cell phone on crack (atmel avr xmega, a bunch of sensors, gps, gsm, etc). Working integrated chip in the sub-$5 price point now! Have some pilots running with v1 hw.

   ====== And the rest =======
We've got some very interesting partners and customers (ranging from telcos to enterprise software providers to regional and international logistics companies). We also have some top tier investors!

Looking for help on mobile, frontend, and data science sides!

I should also probably mention that we have a team with a bunch of industry vets!

If this sounds interesting, please shoot me an email at marc@weft.io!

How much of a problem is cargo shrink and how often does cargo get lost? And if lost cargo is found, what is usually the reason? Theft?

Cargo shrink is a 25B/year problem in the US -- way bigger globally (logistics by itself is a 4T industry) -- however, we're more about fixing disruptable supply chains (which is way harder to measure, but also way larger). Cargo shrink can be theft, spoilage, misplacement, or a bunch of other similar reasons. Our hardware helps us track that kind of stuff and our predictive analytics helps us figure out the ramifications of what happens down the line!

That sounds like some huge operations research problems, I imagine you guys have some serious linear programming expertise.


Interesting. Are you also able to track cargo that is held by customs (which suffer from shrinkage due to poor security)?

That's one of our use cases!

Awesome. I actually filled out contact form. =)

Stripe. We're hiring engineers in San Francisco and remotely within US timezones. INTERN, REMOTE, H1B all welcome.

See [1] for an overview of what challenges we're working on, or check out [2] for a description of our interview process. You can apply by emailing me directly at gdb@stripe.com. Make sure to include some background on who you are as a programmer — at the very least, what motivates you, what kinds of things you like to build, and (if available) a code sample that's representative of your best work.

Also feel free to ping me if you're thinking about applying but have any questions!

[1] http://www.quora.com/Stripe-company/What-engineering-problem...

[2] http://www.quora.com/Stripe-company/What-is-the-engineering-...

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre: Postdoctoral fellowships in computational biology and machine learning - http://pmgenomics.ca/hoffmanlab/join/

Toronto, ON

The Hoffman Lab at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, seeks new members for our team. We develop machine learning techniques to better understand chromatin biology. These models and algorithms transform high-dimensional functional genomics data into interpretable patterns and lead to new biological insight. A key focus of the lab is to train a new generation of computational biologists.

We seek postdoctoral fellows for several projects in computational genomics and machine learning. Selected projects include:

1. Integrating epigenomic and sequence data to better understand human gene regulation.

2. Developing deep learning techniques to find novel behavior in multiple functional genomics datasets.

3. Creating models of transcription factor binding that allow us to predict the effects of perturbations.

Required qualifications: Doctorate in computational biology, computer science, electrical engineering, statistics, or physics obtained in the last five years. Submitted papers in genomics or machine learning research. Expertise in Python and Unix environments.

Preferred qualifications: Experience with epigenomics and graphical models. Published papers in peer-reviewed journals or refereed conference proceedings. Expertise in R, C, and C++.

We will consider candidates who need a VISA to work in Canada.

To apply: We will accept applications until the position is filled. Please submit a CV, a PDF of your best paper, and the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of three references to the address at http://pmgenomics.ca/hoffmanlab/join/#postdoc

New York City

Tired of the startup goose chase?

Change the world for real in 2014.

Work on projects involving solar power, hardware controller software, data science, and mobile apps which really are life-changing[1] at the Sustainable Engineering Lab[2] at Columbia University in NYC.

You'll be joining a like-minded peer group of hackers working in python, R, go, mongodb, nodejs, and other interesting technologies, focused on making the world suck less.

There are no sales/MBA types, no scrum masters, and we strongly disapprove of code written in Enterprise FizzBuzz style[3].

Deets[4] here: https://github.com/SEL-Columbia/jobs

[1] Data-driven planning projects in Nigeria, Myanmar, Indonesia; Android apps for rural nurses in India

[2] http://sel.columbia.edu/

[3] https://github.com/EnterpriseQualityCoding/FizzBuzzEnterpris...

[4] Somewhat out of date; if you don't see anything specifically for you, but are interested in general, please contact us!

http://Plethora.io , San Francisco: Building the robotic factory of the future to make hardware as easy as software.

+ Funding: Seed VC, led by Founders Fund, round oversubscribed, others still trying to give us money.

+ Team: 8 full-time engineers in full build mode - growing quickly

+ Progress:

-- Closed Funding: Oct. 2013

-- Opened Pilot Factory: Jan. 2014

-- Generating revenue from manufacturing operations

-- Made many key hires in comp. geo. / math core team

-- CAD plug-ins in private beta w/ large pre-sales list

+ Jobs - Link: https://angel.co/plethora/jobs


1.) Mathy programmers to solve computational geometry problems in automated manufacturing: CAD/CAM, feature-detection, path planning, geometric/physics simulations, etc.

2.) Developer for C# Dev Tools for CAD plug-in team: automated build/testing systems over multiple large software systems and OS's.


-- Competitive Salaries

-- Generous Equity: 0.25-2%

-- Great Healthcare/Dental

-- Free Maker Classes: CNC milling, welding, PCB design, etc.

-- Free TechShop Membership

-- Free Personal Project Build Money

+ We've already sponsored one H1-B VISA and happy to do more. WILL RELOCATE as well.

CircleCI (https://circleci.com/jobs) - SF or REMOTE fulltime (in the US)

At CircleCI we're building the next generation of developer automation: amazing Continuous Integration and Deployment. We have traction and revenue and funding and great customers. Our customers love us, because we move quickly, build great things, and provide amazing support. Everyone talks to customers a lot.

We're still a small team, so you'll have a large impact on company culture. We're highly influenced by Valve's Employee handbook, and have as flat a structure as we can. We're looking for frontend engineers (JS), designers (must be able to HTML+CSS), and backend engineers (Clojure). Being a mix of those is of course welcome! We lean towards senior experienced engineers, or junior engineers who can display great talent.

We're also looking for engineers for Developer Success and Developer Awareness positions. Since we have an incredibly technical product, and selling directly to developers, the dev-awareness positions (think marketing, but much more dev-oriented: dev evangelism, writing interesting blogs, CRO, analytics, etc - think a patio11-style engineer) require significant development experience. Dev-success positions are a good fit for engineers who like working with people and building relationships with customers.

Check out our jobs page at https://circleci.com/jobs.

Dude, you should brag about your approach to private offices, like your designer wrote about:


It reminds me of Joel Spolsky's articles on their approach to workspaces.


It's so rare to find a workplace in SF that's not an open office plan that some of the most productive people retreat to remote work just to get shit done in their home office, like Rands did with his Nerd Cave:


Talking about the productivity of private offices could be a major attractor, the way Microsoft way back in the day had a big poster for college recruiting that was a photo of a door and the words "you'll get one of these" on it.

Lyst Ltd - London, UK - http://lyst.com/careers

Lyst is a leading fashion marketplace - we partner with the world’s top fashion brands and stores to provide people with a personalised way to discover and shop for fashion online. From launch in 2011, Lyst is growing quickly and already generates tens of millions of dollars in sales for the hundreds of brands, retailers and publishers it partners with around the world. Lyst is backed by a range of all-star of investors including Accel (Facebook, Spotify), DFJ (Skype), and those behind Oscar de la Renta, Smythson and Tory Burch.

Behind the scenes we're python & machine learning fanatics. You may remember us from these posts:

Image Background Removal: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7340818

Color Detection: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7353102

We're actively looking for talented people across the business. We mainly need DevOps, QA, Front-end & Python engineers to work full-time, on-site in our London HQ.

Dev Blog: http://developers.lyst.com/

Contact me directly if you are interested in finding out more: steve@ly.st

Amsterdam, the Netherlands. No remote work – must be willing to work at our Amsterdam office.

Silk [1] is looking for Javascript, TypeScript and Front-end engineers.

We're building a product that makes it easy for people to create sites with information that is easy to query, visualize and share. On a deeper level, our vision is to bring the semantic web to the masses and build an amazing company around that.

We're working on many interesting and challenging problems, with a custom-built Haskell graph-database on the back-end and a cutting-edge Functional Reactive client-side framework in Javascript on the front-end [2].

Silk is well-funded by top-tier VCs (NEA and Atomico) and we're located in the city center of Amsterdam.

For more info & open positions: http://jobs.silk.co/

[1] http://www.silk.co/

[2] See http://engineering.silk.co/ for examples.

Ordoro is a web app that helps people manage their e-commerce business. Like everyone else in the world, we need developers. Unlike everyone else in the world, we're awesome. Come and work with us.

Send your resume to ben@ordoro.com. Find out more at ordoro.com/jobs

    Compensation and Perks

    - $80k-$120k salary
    - 0.1-1% equity
    - Full health benefits
    - Chillaxed vacation policy
    - Whatever gear you need for the job
    - Passionate teammates
    - A badass office in downtown Austin, TX (we'll pay your moving expenses)

    Python Web Developers

    You'll mostly be working on our Flask-powered JSON API. This year
    we're focused on things like exposing our API publicly, caching,
    automated creation of developer documentation. You'll also add
    whatever functionality is needed to support features our customers

    In our dream world, the person we’d hire would love:
    - Python, Go, Postgres, Redis, and exploring other technology that
      would make Ordoro awesome
    - Tuning SQL queries to keep the API fast
    - Automation and testing
    - Using 3rd-party APIs and figuring out all the fun little land
      mines their docs fail to mention
    - Deploying applications in a Linux environment

    Javascript Frontend Developers

    You’ll be working on our client-side Javascript app along with
    adding functionality to the Express-powered server. This year we’re
    focusing on porting code from a legacy application and adding
    several large features our customers have been clamoring for.

    In our dream world, the person we’d hire would love:
    - Client- and server-side Javascript
    - Keeping current on the latest ES6
    - Removing jQuery from your codebase
    - Working closely with our designer to make a clean, intuitive
      and world-class UX for our application
    - Deploying applications in a Linux environment

Firebox.com (http://www.firebox.com) - Shoreditch, London, UK

Firebox is a 15 year young, profitable and growing online retailer specialising in the 'coolest gifts you can buy'. We have a small and agile tech team that work and learn from each other. We build new features, improve and maintain our current codebase, and design our architecture to handle high loads!

We're looking for another web developer who is passionate about technology and wanting to get stuck in building a long term business. We are looking for someone interested in the full stack of web development. On the back-end we currently use PHP/Ruby, MySQL, Redis, Nginx/Apache, and Solr.

To give you an idea of some of our current projects: we are moving over to Postgres, building an in-house iPhone app, re-making our development process to use vagrant, and building an API for internal and external use.

We (the tech team) work fairly autonomously and don't have any managers. We often get to choose what we want to work on in the best interests of the company, which keeps things fun and interesting.

For more info on the job, please see: http://www.firebox.com/admin/showcareer?id=webdeveloper

To apply please email jobs@firebox.com

San Francisco - Twitch - http://twitch.tv

We're crazy about data! With so much traffic (50m MAU and growing) we gather a lot of data. We use this data to help plan new data center build outs through to A/B testing product features to increase retention. We're a small team (4) with a start-up mandate to revolutionise our stat gathering and analytics process. If you like working with terabytes of data, hadoop, aws and have a keen interest in building reliable, robust, high volume systems please reach out to me: ossareh@twitch.tv


Mike Ossareh - Twitch Founding Team & Engineering Manager

If anyone's interested in working in analytics/data, they should check these guys out. Awesome team, large datasets, fascinating problems.

Naked Apartments - http://www.nakedapartments.com

Full Time REMOTE - Anywhere

Naked Apartments has set out to simplify renting, starting in NYC. We’re a small team, growing fast, and already taking a big bite out of Craigslist’s juicy NYC revenues, but we’ve set our sights on much bigger goals.

Our team is optimized for developer impact and achievement. We’ve taken Jason Fried’s TED talk to heart and built an entirely distributed team...yes including even our CEO. Get ready to be judged on productivity, not face time and say goodbye to your painful commute.

Engineers are given ultimate controller of product. No wire frames or painful specs handed down from product managers. Engineers get to take an idea from conception all to way to production, coupled with a team support system to get feedback and iterate until you’ve built a something you’ll be proud of.

We want engineers who care about the user experience as much as they care about clean, well tested code. So get ready to be pushed to be the best engineer you can be.

We’re always interested in finding great team members. At the moment, we’re specifically looking for:

* iOS Engineer

* Full Stack Rails Engineer

If you're interested in learning more, send us an email: jobs@nakedapartments.com

* http://www.nakedapartments.com/about/jobs

* http://www.ted.com/talks/jason_fried_why_work_doesn_t_happen...

Future employee's rant (some previous experience):

A future employee's first experience at your company is his job application. When someone has taken the time to apply to your company, here are some things that would be nice if done:

* When you post that you are hiring, either here or elsewhere, please make sure to reply as fast as possible. Delaying action on job applications doesn't help both you and the candidate.

* Even if you are not interested in the candidate, sending a reply, however simple, helps in more ways than you can imagine.

(Sorry to hijack this thread)

Please do not hijack the thread.

Dear companies, please also post design and management positions! Also, 'whoishiring', please consider adding "designer" to your list of examples of job titles that "may interest HN readers". There are many of us here and this is one of the few job boards with a high signal:noise ratio.

Nitrous.IO — https://www.nitrous.io

SF / Singapore (remote can be considered)

At Nitrous.IO we are changing the way the world codes. Our mission with Nitrous.IO is to improve the way you work and collaborate on software applications by making development environments easier to create, configure and share.

We just closed a $6.65M Series A financing round and are growing at a fast rate. If you’re interested in helping us change the way the world codes, check out our jobs page:


Positions include:

* Platform Engineer

* Software Engineer

* Support Engineer

* Developer Evangelist

* Product Designer

* Product Marketing / Growth Hacker

* Corporate Assistant

Here are some (but not all) of the languages/technologies you could be working with:

* Ruby / Rails

* Node.js

* Ember.js

* JavaScript

* Chef

* Puppet

* PostgreSQL

* Memcache

* Redis

Cloudsoft - Edinburgh, UK - http://cloudsoftcorp.com/

We are working on simplifying application deployment and runtime management in the cloud using our open source Brooklyn platform: https://github.com/brooklyncentral/brooklyn

We are currently looking for exceptional developer talent and so we would love to hear from you. Cloudsoft is based at Codebase (http://www.thisiscodebase.com/) Scotland’s largest technology incubator, but will consider flexible and remote working.

Please get in touch if you have skills in one or more of the following areas: open source, enterprise Java, devops and system admin, distributed computing, cloud and virtualisation, modern javascript and web development. Reach out to us at: jobs@cloudsoftcorp.com

Detroit-based start-up (funded, stable, paying competitive salaries) looking for experienced Magento developers.

Chalkfly.com is looking for an amazing, experienced, OO PHP developer with deep Magento experience to join our fast-growing, first-rate development team. As a software developer, you would responsible for end-to-end product development, from architecture, to development, to rollout. You must be comfortable participating in design and code reviews, as well as delivering accurate estimates, providing regular development progress feedback and consistently meeting project deadlines. Our developers are effective at explaining complex ideas and concepts to non-technical team members.

This is a full time position that would work out of our downtown Detroit office. Occasional telecommuting (like one day a week) is on the table, but we really need people who can be in the office most of the time.

Here's our stats:

    Company size: 19

    Current dev team size: 5 (and hiring as fast as we can find good people)

    Stack: LAMP

    Version Control: Git

    Bug Tracking: Github Issues

    Project Management: Basecamp

    Mac or PC: Dealer's choice. We currently have 2 devs on mac and 1 on PC.

    Office style: Open floor plan, collaborative working environment, very casual.

    Dev methodologies: We borrow elements of various frameworks, but in general we work in monthly sprint cycles, daily stand-ups, weekly overview meetings.

    Hours: The dev team likes to have people here by 10am most days.
A word about Detroit: The city gets a lot of bad press. It might not look like an attractive option to people who are considering offers from NY or CA, but I would really encourage people to at least take a look. We're in a building with about 20 other tech start-ups who have all received funding. There is serious investment happening in the city right now. Two months ago I looked up and Warren Buffet (completely unannounced) was 10 feet away from my desk (he's partnering on several projects in the city). We sit right across from the Detroit Twitter office. We're on the same block as the Detroit Google office. Comerica Park, where the Detroit Tigers play, is 100 yards from our office. Ford Field, where the Lions play, is another about 300 yards away. The part of the city we're in is clean and safe with newly built downtown living alternatives. All I'm saying is: give it a look.

If you're interested in finding out more, shoot me an email at evan@chalkfly.com.

+1 for Detroit.

I am from the NYC area but I visit my wife's family in Detroit about two times a year and always have a blast.

+1 for Detroit - it is a great tech hub.

That seems to be an overstatement. I find myself visiting Detroit every two months or so (my SO is in Macomb working) from the Bay Area and although there's more companies starting, the tech scene is still very small (even when compared to places like Seattle).

When I've looked at opportunities at Google or Twitter in Detroit/Birmingham, it's really all sales and account management jobs targeted at folks servicing the auto makers.

Don't get me wrong, I like parts of Detroit but I still don't feel safe when driving around the "wrong" parts of town. It's getting better but by no means is it there.

+1 for Detroit and +1 for Michigan, hope you find what you're looking for!

Delhi (Other areas negotiable), India

Systems Developer, CycleTel

Are you passionate about using technology to create social impact? Do you operate well in start-up environments, building new ideas and strategies from scratch? Do you want to be part of a social enterprise that is positioned to change lives in India? This is your chance to join and shape a fast growing, mobile health (mHealth) service at a critical inflection point.

CycleTel is an mHealth innovation, developed and tested in India, that is positioned to be the first ever family planning method offered via SMS. No doctors, no visits to the health clinic—CycleTel puts family planning knowledge and use in the hands of couples, on their mobile devices. Based on the Standard Days Method (SDM) of family planning, the service has the potential to aid millions of women in India who have access to a mobile phone.

CycleTel seeks a passionate and skilled developer to lead development and administration of our SMS-based solution in India. The candidate will have an exceptional track record in software, preferably with experience in building and maintaining mobile systems services in India.

CycleTel is an initiative developed and incubated by Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) in Washington, DC. IRH works to reduce unmet need for family planning by increasing fertility awareness and expanding access to family planning methods.

As a Systems Developer, you will help us improve, deploy and maintain our SMS-based solution. You will help us expand our reach within India and globally by adding multi-language support to our existing English/ Hinglish-based code. You will also help us expand by leading the development and integration of our application with technical partners. The System Developer will be part of the CycleTel team in India, and work in a focused team, reporting to our India CycleTel Manager, based in Delhi.

Please send cover letter and CV to the CycleTel team at charu.chadha.irh@gmail.com,

Rent the Runway is hiring all sorts of engineers (Java, Data, iOS, full stack) in the NYC area.

Rent the Runway is building the first online rental platform for retail goods. We are a disruptive e-commerce business that believes that democratizing luxury products in the US is just the first step of a broader vision of helping drive better aspirational experiences for tens of millions of users across the globe.

Our engineering team works on challenging product-oriented problems across the boundaries of e-commerce, mobile, analytics and shipping/fulfillment, and the backbone of our business is served by our custom logistics management system which is core to our capacity to deliver the right product to the right user at the right time. We utilize data, engineering and algorithms to create a personalized website and an adaptive supply chain to fulfill our commitment to an amazing customer experience.

Engineers at Rent the Runway focus on solving business problems first, and receive the satisfaction that they have true impact on the success of the company. Many of our engineers are entrepreneurs themselves, and we strongly encourage a collaborative, product-driven culture across our organization. We have a very diverse team and welcome those with supernerd CS degrees as well as those with non-traditional backgrounds.


Snips (http://snips.net) - Paris (FR), full-time or intern

We specialize in understanding how people live in cities. We do that by analyzing geolocations and by providing predictive technologies supporting new generations of infrastructure and services. We're a small startup, already working with important companies, and are seeking world class data scientists, software engineers and infrastructure engineers to help us scale.

Get in touch: olivier.corradi@snips.net

Seven Bridges Genomics -- Cambridge, MA, USA and London, UK

http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/52607/genomic-data-eng... http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/52608/core-r-d-develop...

We are doing exciting things at the cutting edge of bioinformatics; please see our job listings for more details. Prior knowledge of bioinformatics is helpful but not required. Please note that analogous Stack Overflow job listings are available for the Cambridge, MA openings. H1B candidates are welcome.

Location: San Francisco or Palo Alto, INTERN or full time

BrightRoll (http://www.brightroll.com) is looking for all kinds of engineers, especially server side hackers to work on composing internal services into public, REST APIs (we take the Fielding dissertation seriously). We value functional programming, distributed systems, fault tolerance and high availability, backed by all kinds of languages and persistence schemes. We are serious about scala, erlang/elixir, ruby, node, and store stuff in SQL, nosql, and sometimes in plain old files.

Our culture is one of uncompromising transparency and GSD (the good kind of GSD, where anything that blocks us from getting stuff done is prioritized). We value risk taking, learning from failure, provide superb compensation and benefits, as well as having a laid back office culture (I personally practice Hammock Driven Development fairly regularly).

Feel free to apply via the web site, and let us know hacker news sent you, or contact me directly (phamilton at brightroll dot com). Thanks!

See http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/JobIntroduction.acti...

Gurock (http://www.gurock.com/) - Berlin, Germany

Hiring: Technical Support Engineer (English, full time) + others

We are a small & successful bootstrapped software company from Germany and build popular web-based applications for software teams. We have been in business since 2004 and many thousands of teams, both small and large, use our products.

We are hiring for different positions, but our main focus right now is on hiring a technical support engineer to help us support our TestRail customers. This is not a typical support role though, as our products and customers are very technical (they are software dev/testing teams), so it's an interesting and challenging position.

As most of our customers are from the US, Canada or other non-German speaking countries, excellent English writing and communication skills are critical for this role (German not required). You can learn more about the Support Engineer role here:


We have recently opened a nice office in Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg, near Mitte) and offer great benefits. We use a modern web development stack with PHP, an advanced custom MVC framework (like Rails), Vagrant etc. We provide a very productive and flexible working environment.

If you are in Berlin (or plan to move to Berlin soon) and one of our open positions sounds like a good fit, let me know.

Snowplow Analytics - London/Remote, INTERN.

Snowplow Analytics is looking for 1 open source software intern this Summer (May through August), for a 6-8 week paid internship. Our intern will work directly on and contribute to projects within the Snowplow open source stack (https://github.com/snowplow). A Snowplow intern loves coding, enjoys experimenting with new technologies and is happiest working "in the open" on community/team projects.

This a paid internship; we will consider candidates who can work from our London office and additionally remote candidates who are UTC +/- 5 hours maximum. Interested? Please email intern@snowplowanalytics.com, and tell us about a piece of software you are proud to have written. (And don't be afraid to suggest specific projects/initiatives/features that you would like to work on in your internship.)

We will be blogging with more information about our internship program soon. For background on our successful recent winternship program check out: http://snowplowanalytics.com/blog/2013/12/20/introducing-our...

San Francisco, CA and Toronto - PagerDuty (YC '10)

At PagerDuty, we are building an alerting and incident tracking system to help IT operations groups detect and respond to issues. Startups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in-between rely on us to alert them quickly when they have operational troubles. We’ve got interesting technical problems in spades, but we’re still very much a startup. We're hiring for pretty much everything, technical and non-technical alike.

We don’t hire based on experience with a handful of tools. Instead, we want smart, capable, and experienced people who can learn our tools quickly (and suggest new ones!) as needed. Experience with our stack is just a bonus.

Job list:

GROWTH AND INTERNAL TOOLS Business Intelligence Analyst Software Engineer - Biz Tools

MARKETING Marketing Analyst Product Marketing Manager Senior Web Developer OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Vibe Manager

PLATFORM ENGINEERING Senior Software Engineer

PRODUCT Senior Product Manager UX/Interaction Designer San Francisco, CA

REALTIME ENGINEERING Realtime Software Engineer Realtime Software Engineer (SF and Toronto positions available) Senior Realtime Software Engineer

RECRUITING Technical Sourcer - Contract

SALES Account Executive Customer Success Representative

WEB ENGINEERING Intermediate Software Engineer

See the full job descriptions at http://www.pagerduty.com/jobs/

Notting Hill, London, England, U.K.

Our web application is at the heart of our busy and successful e-commerce business; every day it serves millions of product images and handles hundreds of thousands of user visits, but we can and do update the live site with new code multiple times per day without missing a beat. Our systems are written on the LAMP stack and deployed on Amazon Web Services using Puppet and Capistrano; we are migrating to Symfony 2 as our MVC framework. Developers choose the tools that work best for them - for instance, at the moment we have a mix of Linux and Mac workstations in the team. We are adopting and adapting agile development techniques such as evolutionary design, pair programming, and continuous deployment. We hold regular retrospectives to improve our working environment. Our developers are generalizing specialists; a typical day may include refining an algorithm, writing a tricky integration test, tuning an SQL query, and discussing feature nuances with a product manager. Our team is growing fast and we'd like to hear (at careers@secretsales.com) from any of you who'd like to join us; we're hiring for all technical roles, especially developers of all levels of experience.

Established in London in July 2007, Secretsales.com is the UK's leading private shopping club, offering limited-time online sales with current name-brand goods at deep discounts. Brands include fashion, beauty, homeware, and lifestyle categories, many of them familiar from the high street. The company has about eighty employees and a substantial annual turnover; it was recently selected to join the UK's Future Fifty programme for the country's most rapidly growing startups.

3scale.net in Barcelona, Spain is looking for Full time Operations Engineers.

As an Operations engineer at 3scale you will be working to improve the reliability and performance of our services, as well as you will have the opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our engineering team in order to build the next generation products for APIs focusing on automation, availability and performance.

Responsibilities: Work with the engineering team to build, and maintain 3scale’s highly available infrastructure between AWS, and other cloud providers in USA and Europe. Write Sensu plugins, handlers, and extensions to monitor all of our stack. Write Puppet modules to automate our infrastructure. Troubleshoot issues across our stack hardware/software and application. Work with our ELK (Elasticsearch + Logstash + Kibana) cluster. Design resilient and scalable architectures. Willingness to learn and tech.

Qualifications: 1+ years of experience with AWS. (3+ for senior.) 2+ years industry experience on system administration (Linux). (5+ for senior.) 1+ years of experience on config management systems (Cfengine, Chef, Puppet, Sal Stack, Ansible). Demonstrable knowledge of TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, web application security. Ability to prioritize tasks and work independently. Excellent communication skills. Practical knowledge of shell scripting and at least one scripting language (Ruby, Python).

Bonus points: Virtualization and containerization (Lxc, Docker, lmctfy, Xen, Vmware, Openstack) NoSQL (Redis, DynamoDB, Cassandra, Riak, MongoDB). Experience with existing open source project. Skills in ping pong, quake or guitar hero.

Contact: rhommel@3scale.net

Industry Dive - Data Mining Intern (paid) - Washington, DC

Industry Dive is a digital media company that creates apps, websites, and newsletters that empower people to use their phones as a more effective work tool.

We're looking for someone who can crunch through large databases and come up with actionable information. The ideal candidate has experience working with SQL databases, a good grasp of basic statistics, and can work with our design team to create graphics and interactive data visualizations.

Please contact me if you're interested or would like any more information: eli-at-industrydive.com

More about the company at: http://www.industrydive.com/

Swift Software - Frederick, MD (Near DC) - Software Engineer in Product Support

Ready to work closer to home? Swift Software is a growing product-centered B2B software company seeking a talented software engineer to join our team in Frederick, MD to provide product support to our broad base of happy customers.

Our product is an advanced task management and workflow system with a long track record of customer success. You’ll work with new and existing customers to help them learn how to get the most out of our visual workflow engine. You’ll also help them troubleshoot problems and build new systems, and you’ll gather their feedback and use it to help our development team plan the future of our product.

Unlike other companies, product support is a first-class member of our organization. Our support team and product developers work side-by-side, and our support team is a key contributor to product design. In addition to helping our customers with current issues, product support also spends time improving our product, documentation, and processes to prevent future problems and streamline our customers’ experience.

Our environment is relaxed and fun, and we play everything from Total Annihilation to Alien Swarm at our game nights. We equip everyone with new quad-core Thinkpads with SSDs and dual monitors. Our policies and benefits are family-friendly, with generous vacation time, good health insurance options, and flexible work schedules.

For more information about this position, see the link below. http://www.jobtraq.com/jobs/se228-software-engineer-product-...

Streetlife.com - http://streetlife.com - London, UK

Open positions: - Software Engineer - Senior Software Engineer - iOS Engineer

Streetlife is Britain’s local social network. Our mission is to help neighbours to connect and build stronger, safer, friendlier communities. Today, over 100,000 people use Streetlife to exchange local news, events and recommendations, to make real-world connections and to get together to improve their neighbourhoods.

We’re a small team of smart, driven and determined people, based in Covent Garden. Our meetings are informal, our fridge is always full of drinks and snacks, and we’re out to change the world, one community at a time. We treat our employees like adults, and trust them to work in whatever way helps them to be most productive. There are no fixed office hours, timesheets, or managers watching the clock and you can take as much or as little time off for holidays as you want.

More information: https://www.streetlife.com/jobs/

Singapore − Pirate3D (http://pirate3d.com), FULLTIME, H1B

We are developing a consumer-oriented 3D printer, along with an extensive suite of innovative software around it, ranging from decentralized web of things to collective 3D modeling.

The company is based in Singapore with an international staff and market. We arrange flight and visa application for you.

The fields particularly lacking man power include :

  − Back-end Java and C++ programming,
  − Back-end PHP, MySQL and NoSQL development,
  − Linux kernel compilation and embedded C/C++,
  − Front-end Backbone.js, AngularJS and graphic design,
  − Android development,
  − Linux server monitoring and administration,
  − Software stress-testing and troubleshooting.
Email your application at contact@kaielvin.org. Include what are the top 3 of your favourite innovative technologies, the most algorithmically challenging program you have worked on, along with your GitHub, StackOverflow or similar accounts. We will pursue the conversation from there.

London, England - Full Time - Local Only

Brand Networks (http://bn.co/) is hiring full stack engineers for our London office, working on real time bidding, analytics and front end web applications. Graduates and interns are welcome.


    * BS or MS degree in computer science, mathematics, or related field. 
      Or related experience.
    * Good understanding of web technologies HTML, CSS, Javascript, HTTP, JSON, REST
    * Can demonstrate that you're a great programmer in at least one of 
      Scala, Python, Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, Clojure, Haskell, F#, Kotlin
      or Ruby
    * Willing to work in Python, TypeScript, Scala and Java
    * Good understanding of a Unix based operating system
    * Some experience of databases and at least one web application framework
If you love programming and would like an interesting job with a steep learning curve and a wide variety of challenges, please get in touch. You can email me personally at jmc@bn.co.

Jello Labs - Senior Engineer - New York City - http://jellolabs.com/jobs (fulltime, onsite)


We are changing the way mobile eCommerce works.

We are well funded and we have an amazing team with engineers from Google, Foursquare, Ebay, Chartbeat and Medium - http://jellolabs.com/team

We love GoLang, AngularJS, and ObjectiveC, if you want to write Go as a full-time job you should come join us! We do code reviews and care deeply about moving fast while maintaing reliable systems. On Wednesday nights, we play board games.

More details at http://jellolabs.com/jobs, or simply email hey@jellolabs.com.


Lead iOS Engineer

We're looking for an iOS developer who cares about building awesome experiences, and about making them fast and smooth. Even on slow connections.

More details at http://jellolabs.com/jobs, or simply email hey@jellolabs.com.

On Wednesday nights, we play board games.

I know you may think this is a positive attribute -- but it actually comes off as a turn off to anyone who doesn't happen to that particular extracurricular interest -- or who who happens to have some semblance of a life outside the office (like kids, say).

Palo Alto Networks - Lots of openings - H1B VISA and REMOTE are possible

We do network and endpoint security. I can't sell the company better than our founder, so here's Nir Zuk:


And here's an example of the kinds of things we work on (feature selection and machine learning models for malicious PDF detection, in this case):


Our policy is to hire awesome people whether there's an opening or not. For the "official" list, see:


We're very much an international organization, so don't let location stop you from checking us out. And feel free to get in touch with me directly -- email's in my profile.

Sense - https://senseplatform.com - San Francisco

We're building a next-generation data science platform to tackle the toughest problems in science and business. We're looking to expand our team of two. If you love tackling tough problems, building serious technology, or spending your days thinking about future of data and statistics, drop us a line.

We're hiring multiple roles:

* Fullstack Engineer - Build the best cloud platform for data science. Node.js/AngularJS.

* Backend Engineer - Build the best infrastructure for data science. Hadoop, Docker, AWS, Go, R, Python, JavaScript.

* Lead Designer - Build the most beautiful, powerful, and productive data science experience.

* Director of Data Science - Build the future of data science and spread the gospel. PhD and polyglot data science experience (R, Python, JavaScript, Hadoop, SQL) required. Bayesian/Probabilistic Programmer a plus.

Compensation: Competitive salary, real equity, flexible work environment.

Sound interesting? Email tristan@senseplatform.com with a short introduction.

RJMetrics - Philadelphia, PA http://rjmetrics.com/jobs

We're hiring for software engineers, devops, analysts, designers, business development, sales, and account management.

Some more about us:

At RJMetrics, we inspire and empower data-driven people with powerful hosted software. Hundreds of high-growth e-commerce and software as a service businesses use our analytics platform to collaborate and make smarter decisions using data.

RJMetrics is backed by some of the most successful technology investors in New York and Silicon Valley, but we are Philly born and raised. We are located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia in convenient proximity to all major rail lines.

We are a growing team tackling big problems:

- We want to transform large datasets more efficiently

- We want to push the envelope of possibility for in-browser data visualizations

- We want to make complex data questions easy for anyone to understand

- While we currently work with tools like PHP, Clojure, AngularJS, MySQL and Hadoop, we are looking for candidates who can identify the best tools for a given job and quickly adapt. Prior experience with these technologies is not a requirement.

The life and responsibilities of an RJMetrics developer include:

- Source control using git

- Continuous integration and deployment via our one-click build-and-deploy system

- Milestone and issue tracking with github and Trello

- A commitment to preventing tech debt and tackling the root causes of issues

- Comfortable working conditions and access to the best tools money can buy

- Working alongside one of Philadelphia’s strongest technology teams

Hi there-

Very interesting company! Could you share more info regarding the DevOps position?

Specifically, do you favor Puppet over Chef or use them equally? Can you share any information regarding some sample projects? (What would a typical day look like?)


Engage is an interactive agency that provides technology and strategy to Fortune 500 companies, center-right political organizations, and nonprofits. A hybrid between an agency and a tech firm, we are innovators at heart. Our creative team is always looking for newer, cooler, better, more beautiful ways to do things. We love what we do and it shows.

If that sounds like the kind of agency you’d like to join—and we hope it does—we’re looking to add a Visual Designer to our creative team. The Visual Designer would report directly to the Design Director and be involved in all stages of the design process, from ideation and wireframes to finished product.

Projects might include creating branding collateral for well-known advocacy organizations, designing landing pages for issue campaigns, and crafting social media share graphics to drive engagement. We encourage you to review our portfolio at http://enga.ge/work/ and http://dribbble.com/engagedc.

This is a full-time position in Washington, DC and comes with a generous benefits package. This is an immediate opening. If you’re outside DC, we're willing to let you temporarily work remotely until you can relocate.

We will place the most weight on your proven work, so please submit your portfolio with your application (links to your website or Dribbble profile preferred). Your prior work experience and education are considered but are not as important. 2014 graduates with superior portfolios related to web design are also encouraged to apply.

More info & apply:


Frontend Engineer at OkCupid - New York, NY

We're looking for a full time front end engineer here at OkC. I've pasted the HR'y text below, but as a front end dev at OkCupid, I can say that it's a great place to work. If you're interested in building stuff with autonomy and responsibility and push it to tons of users, you should reach out. Feel free to ping me with any questions! michael@okcupid.com


Do you want to work on a product that truly improves people’s lives? Do you want to work on a small team with exceptionally talented people? We’re looking for an experienced Frontend Engineer to join the OkCupid Product Team in New York City.

We're looking for enthusiastic and talented Frontend Engineers to join our growing team. You’ll be helping to make our products awesome and scalable for millions of users. You’ll get to work with a team of fantastic and fast-moving hackers to make the social web a more insightful and engaging place.

Zoona (http://www.zoona.co.za)

Cape Town, South Africa

Zoona is a mobile payments company with a passion for helping businesses grow in Africa. In countries like Zambia (Zoona’s core market), businesses of all sizes struggle to grow because of challenges transacting in cash, low access to affordable finance and poor and unreliable data. We provide a payments platform, innovative financing, and data analytics to help people start mobile payment outlets and connect micro and small businesses to their suppliers.

In 2012 Zoona closed a $4m Series A venture capital round led by Omidyar Network and Accion. Zoona has grown to process millions of dollars in payment value each month in pursuit of its vision of Cashless Growing Businesses.

We're in a very exciting growth phase and looking for:

- Java Developers

- PHP Developers

- UI/UX Designers

- Data Scientists

If you're interested, I'm happy to chat more about the opportunities and the company: hans@zoona.co.za

Klarna - Tel Aviv, Israel (local, we can help with relocation from US/EU)

Us: We're changing how people are buying and paying online, by making these two actions distinct from one another. You: a well experienced developer, preferably a full-stack web developer but not necessarily.

Work environment:


We're a medium sized company (600+), yet our TLV team is very small and enjoy a new large space few floors bellow Google's offices. We host variety of meetups and serve as an occasional hackerspace On Sundays, instead of working on our daily tasks, we divide into learning groups as well as an open source hacking group and work on improve ourselves as professionals.

Our non-Sunday work is done in an agile/scrum fashion, we do pair-programming nearly all the time and work

Development tools stack:


Rails + Sinatra, AngularJS, Solr, JS + Coffeescript.

Testing tools:


Cucumber, RSpec, PhantomJS and Jenkins for CI

CM: Chef

Send me your CV (yep, resistance is futile etc.):



*it is necessary that you you'd like to become one (we'll teach you!) :)

New York, NY, Remote friendly

SFX / Arc90


JavaScript Developer

We need JavaScript developers for a few different projects including:

* A React.js application using immutable data structures to manage large collections of records

* A responsive web application centered around streaming music and live events

* A high-traffic ecommerce site for professional DJs to preview and purchase music

We’re looking for experienced JS developers who also like playing with JS-target languages such as CoffeeScript, ClojureScript, etc. or are otherwise excited about learning new languages / techniques. If any of this sounds interesting to you, drop a line to: darren.newton@arc90.com


Clojure Developer

We're hiring Clojure developers, or developers strongly interested in Clojure, to work on backend services for an electronic music platform.

If you're interested, please drop me a line: brianb@arc90.com


We're hiring for other positions as well. For the full list and more info, check out: https://sfx.recruiterbox.com/

Instabridge - Stockholm, Sweden http://www.instabridge.com - remote work ok

"I don’t want to bias the judges – but this is really fking cool" - Jason Calacanis, LAUNCH Conference March 2013

We're building the largest wifi network on the planet and are helping people get access to free Wi-Fi wherever they are on any device. We've been described as the "Dropbox of Wi-Fi".

We're now looking for an backend, iOS and Android developers (or to be honest - great developers, experience in a technology we use is just a plus). Is that you? Then email us at thatsme@instabridge.com. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden but we don't want to limit ourselves to great developers in a small city in northern europe. We already have several developers working remotely and are happy to have more people working remotely.

FlightAware - http://flightaware.com/about/careers/ - Houston, TX

FlightAware is the world leader in flight tracking; we accomplish this with creativity, innovation, dedication, diligence, and integrity. FlightAware is over eight years old, is self-financed, with millions a year in revenue, but still ambitious and with the hunger of a startup.

We're looking for:

* Web software developer

* Mapping software developer

* Front-end (UI/UX) developer

* Systems Engineer

Hey I am not looking for a job but I love flight aware and use it daily (even though I fly only once or twice a year). It is just fun.

Engine Yard - Fulltime, REMOTE

Frontend Engineer

We're one of the oldest PaaS's out there, with support for PHP/Ruby/Java/node.js and both AWS and Azure. Earlier this year we launched a brand new user experience from the ground-up -- a new website and a completely new client-side interface. As a Frontend Engineer, you'd be working primarily on the latter.

The UI is written using angular.js served up by a lightweight node.js api proxy server. We use mocha/selenium web driver for our tests and only accept green builds via travis to be merged to master. Through our "eybot" on slackhq, we deploy stable code to production multiple times a day.

The UX engineering team at Engine Yard consists of 3 UI designers and 4 engineers (including myself). We're spread out across 8 timezones (Dublin through San Francisco), so experience working in a distributed team is key.

You'll get:

    * Competitive salary
    * Full medical, dental and vision benefits
    * 25 paid days off per year
    * 401(k)
    * We take care of your phone bill
    * Paid travel to conferences
Must haves:

    * A passion for writing great software to solve real problems for real people
    * Demonstrated experience building complex client-side applications in
      JavaScript, preferably with angular.js
    * Experience working in a distributed team
    * The strong belief that a feature isn't finished until it's tested and, where
      appropriate, documented
    * A fantastic sense of sarcasm
    * Ability to travel occasionally (at least once or twice a year)
    * Somewhere between UTC and UTC-8
Great to have:

    * Thorough understanding of git
    * Experience building REST apis
    * Experience with multiple languages (and an understanding of their tradeoffs)
    * Previously worked at a startup
If you're interested, shoot me your info at cewing@engineyard.com.

You mention that you're hiring remote, but the positions on your website list a specific location, and the front-end Dev gig isn't listed at all. is this an HN-specific posting?

At the moment, the position has only been posted to HN, though it should be up on the site and other job boards today. It just opened up, so I was eager to get it posted in this thread.

San Francisco, CA; Boston, MA - Fitbit, Inc.

Fitbit is a consumer product and web 2.0 company dedicated to helping millions of consumers reach their health and fitness goals one step, one mile, and one Astronaut badge at a time. We are building revolutionary connected devices and software tools to measure progress and motivate people to do more every day.

Boston Software Engineers: http://jobvite.com/m?35Rglgwi

San Francisco Software Engineers: http://jobvite.com/m?3XSglgwb

San Francisco Hardware Engineers: http://jobvite.com/m?3kVhlgwC

San Francisco Interns: http://jobvite.com/m?3hTglgww

Soon-to-be computer engineer here. If I applied for both software and hardware stuff would I be interviewed by the same people? In that case could I just apply once? Because there are lots of things I'd love to do for you guys.

Apply to either position and mention that you're also interested in the other. A recruiter told me that's the best way to handle applicants interested in multiple positions.

I'm in the Boston office where we only do software, so I'm not sure about the interview process if you also do hardware. I would think it would be different interviewers.

Thanks, will do! Right now I'm pretty well interested in working in San Francisco, as Boston would be a huge jump I'm not ready for. The hardware stuff looks cool, but I don't know if I have enough experience for that (as usual). I wonder where people even start off with embedded software, since every job listing I've seen for such a thing requires 5+ years.

The funny thing is the MSP430 is more of a hobbyist's building tool than something I'd expect someone with 5 years to use. As a college student I've used slightly more powerful platforms, but I'd love to work with that. TI even has a nifty watch platform ,that I've been thinking about buying to toy around with.

Anyway, if not for that, there's plenty of mobile stuff I'd love to work on too :D Your company is pretty cool in that regard since you cover both bases, just as I do.

Thanks for coming here to talk about fitbit ^^

I heard you guys were totally overwhelmed with embedded programmers. What do you like to see in an applicant to stand out? :)

Recruiters are asking me if I know applicants. If you think I might "know" you through your HN reputation, shoot me an email with your yc username. @fitbit.com I'm blewis, not brlewis.

For the intern page, all I see are full time positions. Should I apply regardless and specify my intent to be an intern?

Monetate - Conshohocken, PA (Philly suburbs) - No remote, but we will relocate.

Monetate helps digital marketers make their content more relevant. We turn data into action on our clients' sites by doing real-time data analysis and DOM manipulation to put the right experience in front of their users. We’re looking for engineers who want to do highly visible work on great brands and solve tough problems with great coworkers. What we're looking for:

* People who like to ship - we're focused on building and shipping great products - if you like to see your work in production quickly you'll see it here. We ship often (every two weeks), and iterate.

* People who like hard challenges - we have great problems across our products - huge data sets, UX, 3rd party Javascript, high volume / low latency APIs - we have no shortage of fun problems to work on.

* Problem solvers who like to code - we take things apart, figure out how they work, then build software to solve our users' problems.

About us:

* Founded in 2008

* Respect - it's our core value. We have a great team and we work well together. Our vacation policy is the same as Netflix (we don't have one). Our technical project teams are self-organizing and have full authority over (as well as responsibility for) the problems they work on.

* Open source - Google Closure, Python, AngularJS, Pandas, Redis, Hadoop, Mahout, Solr and Lucene - we're open source across our stack

* Market rate salaries

* Funded by First Round Capital and OpenView

We've hired great people from HN before, and we're looking for people not positions. We have people who have joined the team with no background in our primary languages and people from non-traditional backgrounds.

Check out our blog at http://engineering.monetate.com/ Send me a message if you have questions or want to apply: karl at monetate dot com

Hey everyone, hope your April is off to a killer start!

Like in last month's Who is hiring I wanted to share all our numbers for complete transparency. March just came to a close and Buffer stands at 1.4M total users served by a small 21 person team spread across 14 cities and 5 continents. 130,000 of our users are actively using the product each month. We generated $350,000 in March, and we have $580,000 in the bank. The average salary at the company is $98,000 and our total funding to date is $450,000 which we raised in December 2011, for which we gave up 14% of the company. I'm sharing all of this because one of the highest values we have at Buffer is to be fully transparent, and I'd love for you to be part of the incredible journey we've embarked upon.

At 16% month over month revenue growth on average in the last 6 months, we're seeing increasing demand to build out the product further and help our fast-growing customer base with all their social media problems. To achieve this, we'd love your help with some interesting engineering challenges. Do any of these areas stand out for you? I'd really love to hear from you:

    - Reliability Hacker (we're sending 450,000 posts to
      social networks every day, our architecture is still
      not ideal)
    - Android Lead (our Android app has half a million
      downloads but currently no full-time developer!)
    - iOS Hacker (our favorite people who use Buffer are
      all crying out for an iPad app)
    - Growth Hacker (our landing page conversion is at 7%,
      we'd love your help improving it and many other
    - Frontend Hacker (last month 130,000 people used
      Buffer, we'd love to improve our dashboard interface
      and extensions for them)
Some of the tech we work with: PHP, Python, MongoDB, AWS (Elastic Beanstalk, Elasticache, SQS), Backbone.js, Grunt.js, Android, iOS).

    - We're completely open about salary and equity, in
      fact here is a spreadsheet of all individual salaries:
      It's most likely you'd fall into a range of
      $85,000-$150,000 and 0.1%-1%.
    - We're a fully distributed remote team, and we come
      together 3 times a year for super fun retreats.
      The last one was in Thailand in December, our next
      is Cape Town in April!
    - We have a big focus on culture, that's the main thing
      we think about when someone joins the team. Here is
      our slide deck of values:
I'll read through emails with our CTO Sunil, I hope yours might be part of that. Send him a quick note at thenexthacker@bufferapp.com. If you'd like you can check out more details about all the areas we need help with at http://jobs.bufferapp.com

I'm excited about the chance to work with you. If you have any questions about our culture, product or journey so far, add a reply to this - I'll be checking throughout the day to get back to you :-)

- Joel (Founder/CEO)

I'll be transparent and say: I think it's crazy you expect developers to take a 45 day risk/trial period, in order to work at the company.

I'm an experienced dev (3+ years of wholesome experience + a solid work portfolio) and I could even deal with the rather significant pay cut I'd be taking... but a pay cut + risking not having employment, when I'm already settled in a current job?

No thanks.

But good luck.

> I'm an experienced dev (3+ years ...

This is still "barely out of school, hardly knows what he's doing" stage :)

Edit - downvote me all you want, but if you are to show up on the interview and declare that you are in an "experienced dev (with 3+ years)", the interview will conclude quickly. It's not that you have just three years of experience, it's the fact that you think it's a lot. It's not. This makes you cocky and cockiness can be costly, especially in an otherwise coherent team.

Sure, whatever. Have it.

...but that still doesn't negate the fact that expecting anyone worth their salt to give up a current level of security for a 45 day gamble with Buffer is a smart hiring strategy.

Experience is relative. Compared to a 15+ year veteran sure, this guy's but a baby in the crib.

But he's still a baby in the crib with recruiters beating down his door left, right, and center, none of whom are expecting him to quit his job for a vague, conditional offer of employment.

This isn't about who deserves what, this is about the market conditions. Right now the market conditions are such that even devs with ~3 years of experience are highly sought after, with likely multiple recruiter contacts per day if they are even half decent at advertising their abilities.

This isn't about whether or not what Buffer expects is "wrong" (for whatever ephemeral notion of right and wrong), it's about what Buffer can get away with. In the current market they most certainly cannot get away with it.

Define "half decent at advertising their abilities". I am going on 12 years hardware and software experience, and aside from shitty spam recruiters I have never had anyone beatig down my door.

If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, get one.

Make sure your summary is well written and keyworded with words that recruiters are looking for (and that apply to you) - Rails, C++, graphics, what have you.

Flesh out your past jobs section. Keyword these descriptions too as relevant (technologies used, major popular frameworks, libraries, etc).

Basically reverse engineer the recruiter's practices - they're using a search tool, searching for keywords relevant to the position they're fielding. This is not very different from SEO. Increase the likelihood of being in a search result and watch the recruiters pile in.

While you're at it, make sure your resume is always up to date and available on your own website (if you don't have a website, get one). Make sure you are high up in Google results for your own name. Keyword your resume the same way you'd do your LinkedIn profile - maybe ~5% of the recruiters that show up end up coming directly via my website through some kind of search.

Well, that goes much further than I would go in defining "half decent". To me, that comes off as a real Type A, game the system type approach. If the market was really as hot as is often claimed, that would not be remotely necessary in order to be noticed.

What I think is going on, having observed from outside for many years, is that a certain subset of companies are fighting over the same small subset of engineers (self confident, type A shameless marketeers who happen to already be located in SV, NYC, or Seattle) and complaining that they can't find people because this subset is too small to satisfy them all.

I have had a LinkedIn profile for almost as long as LinkedIn has been around. I have had a website with my own domain name since 1999. I do not have personal or professional experience in $FLAVOR_OF_THE_WEEK. Despite all the talk here and elsewhere about how its fundamentals that matter and anyone competent can pick up $LANGUAGE or $FRAMEWORK in the time it takes to become familiar with the codebase, everyone still seems to hire based on the buzzwords.

No one ever taught me that I should be treating my resume like an SEO problem. In fact, I have received so much contradictory advice about how to structure my resume over the years that I am almost ready to throw up my hands in disgust. Plus, the idea of keyword-loading my resume and LinkedIn profile makes me feel dirty; hell, SEO in general makes me feel dirty.

You're not using the technologies that are in demand, you're not writing detailed work histories, and you're not putting key words into your resume, please tell me you do not wonder why you're not being head hunted.

You belittle developers who are trying to advance themselves, their knowledge and make a good living with your Type A thing.

Everything starts off as a flavor of the week, Ruby on Rails was just a flavor of the week type deal and then it became huge. Same with Node now and with other stacks before that.

I've done recruiting, and am just finishing up a round for my company and lazy developers who half ass their resumes are frustrating. Trying to search for someone is a pain in the ass and not everyone is a professional developer, some of us are just developers at small companies trying to expand. If more people had well written LinkedIn profiles it would make our lives easier. If not a LinkedIn than you need to find some way to make yourself visible if you want to be headhunted.

That's not to say it's a bad thing, you can be a very well paid very comfortable developer without ever being head hunted, but having a well made portfolio will make your life easier certainly.

First off, I apologize for my tone. I was tired and cranky last night when I wrote that and should not have posted it. I did not intend to belittle anyone, though it came out that way.

> You're not using the technologies that are in demand, you're not writing detailed work histories, and you're not putting key words into your resume, please tell me you do not wonder why you're not being head hunted.

I'm not sure if you are saying this with or without having looked at my information, so I will write the response assuming you have not.

I use what my employers require me to use, plus whatever else I can get away with that is appropriate for the task at hand. I also experiment with new languages in my free time, though I stopped listing those on my resume and LinkedIn profile on the advice that I should only be listing items I was willing to be tested on. If I find something that is better for a task that needs doing, I use it. As for my work history, I have a detailed history, but I tried to control the amount of detail in each entry to avoid making it too long.

> Everything starts off as a flavor of the week, Ruby on Rails was just a flavor of the week type deal and then it became huge. Same with Node now and with other stacks before that.

Absolutely, though most fade away into relative obscurity at some point. The point I was trying to make there is that I frequently see statements about fundamentals being important and specific technologies not being important because technologies can be learned quickly by a competent developer. Yet the laundry lists of technology requirements seems to grow monthly. I'm going to learn new stacks because they are interesting and potentially useful to me, not to pad my resume.

Overall, maybe it was a good thing I shoved my foot in my mouth above. It drove me to think critically about my overall presentation to the outside world. I usually approach it with too much emotional attachment.

It's okay I was cranky when I responded, also I meant not everyone is a professional recruiter in my comment.

> "though I stopped listing those on my resume and LinkedIn profile on the advice that I should only be listing items I was willing to be tested on."

I'd recommend listing them, especially if you are interested in jobs that use them. If you are suffering from a deluge of recruiters, by all means, do what you need to do to slow down the flow - but it doesn't seem like that's your problem.

Here's the thing - the people who are going to be interviewing you and ascertaining your technical capabilities are not the same ones looking for you on the internet (LinkedIn and beyond). Don't let a non-technical person say no to you (or worse, never see your profile to begin with).

Put the keyword up, there's no need to be deceptive about it. "Hi, you look like a good fit at our company because of X" "I've used X in my spare time but never professionally, if that's alright with you let's continue the conversation" - you'd be surprised at how many companies are willing to keep talking. The demand is intense.

There's nothing untoward or dishonest happening here. You're listing out the things that you know, you're not lying about anything, you're being entirely upfront - the only extra consideration is writing in such a way that someone searching for you would see you in a search result. Name-drop languages, frameworks, libraries, as appropriate, because those are the primary levers recruiters know to pull when searching.

> "I have a detailed history, but I tried to control the amount of detail in each entry to avoid making it too long."

I'd suggest expanding. We're way past the days where recruiting happened via a pile of resumes on someone's desk, and a long one would make it straight into the rubbish bin without a glance. By the time human eyes hits your profile page it's already gone through a search filter and likely other recruitment filters - it's okay to be a bit verbose since interest is already there. Especially if this verbosity increases your odds of making it past a search filter.

> "I'm going to learn new stacks because they are interesting and potentially useful to me, not to pad my resume."

Right, and my suggestion isn't to pad your resume with useless filler. That does nobody any good - recruiters end up looking at profiles that have nothing to do with the jobs they're looking to fill. The idea is to think about the jobs you want (and are qualified for), think about what their recruiters are searching for, and making sure your profile gets hit when they search for said things.

The goal isn't to appear in more search results in general, it's to appear in more search results relevant to the jobs you're looking to find.

Exactly this. Listing things you've done as a hobby that you aren't comfortable saying you can work with is a bonus. It shows you are committed to being a passionate developer, which is of course a very very good thing.

I wonder this too! I don't know anyone complaining about their doors being beat down by recruiters lol.

Just because (some) recruiters may be "beating down his door" doesn't mean he's qualified for those jobs. Recruiters routinely overfit, just to cram as many resumes and profiles into their hiring funnels as possible. Throw it at the wall, see if it sticks.

Being as 90% of them can't tell the wheat from the chaff to save their skins, they have no other choice, really.

Absolutely true. Especially the bit about recruiters.

I'd say 3 years at a certain company can gain you loads of experience rather than 8 years at a different one. Context is key here as well.

Yea, 3 years can be very little. But 3 years of real experience (plus intelligence) and the ability to actually come up with new and relevant solutions to problems probably trumps 15+ years of doing the same year's worth of work over and over again (not that uncommon), 20+ years working on technology that's no longer relevant, 10+ years of only doing what you're told while not being able to think for yourself, or any other number of things.

Filter out cockiness/arrogance that gets in the way of productivity/progress, etc: yes. Tell someone who's simply confident in their abilities that they don't know what they are doing because they only have 3 years of experience: no.

I understand that the prevalence of the so-called "entitled youth" has everyone ruffled these days, but there's a difference between being arrogant and feeling entitled (I'm sure these people exist, but don't they always), and not accepting the old world BS of bowing your head, taking everyone's shit, doing what you're told, then settling for the scraps that get thrown your way (something you should feel so lucky to have happen). In the case of the latter, that world needs to die, and I'm all about progress and moving past such suffocating, stagnating, backward nonsense.

Also, when it comes to programming, after about 5 years everyone evens out (with regards to gains unique/specific to years of experience) and there isn't really much difference. Everything past that is mostly inside knowledge or factual knowledge that you get from happening to work at one company or another (or with some person that happens to know said things). And since the technological landscape (past whatever the latest buzzwords or fads are) changes at least every 5 years, all that specific knowledge loses relevance with time.

And yet even this lowly peon of an engineer, who appears to be contently employed and presumably has great employment prospects if he wants a new job, is offput by this policy. If anything, that intensifies his point.

I can’t judge (not being exactly a developer) but I was repeatedly told in the last weeks that anything above five years of experience was not meaningful. I’m not sure I was too happy about that. More importantly I have worked with people with three years on the job that are juniors, and with people whose three years of experience let them run circles around my stories.

My point is: being cocky is always bad. There isn’t any real standards otherwise, but… you need to be aware that using absolutes makes you redeemable to a lot of things.

I agree with you and I think the salaries are quite low. I'm just being honest.

Yeah really. This is a particular strain of bullshit that I've been hearing about a lot recently. It flows from the hire slow fire fast mantra of "lean startups." It feels and sounds like the cheapening of talent/expertise and people. Frankly I think treating people like reality show contestants even once they're in the door is bottom of the barrel behavior.

Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

I understand the problem for Buffer, but this isn't the solution.

I've heard of companies who offer people to consult on weekends for a predetermined total number of hours to accomplish much the same outcome. Annoying, but I'll play ball.

...but really. I seriously doubt any high-end dev talent is willing to take such risks. And if you think this hiring strategy would be successful in attracting high-end dev talent that really cares about Buffer, well you haven't examined the hiring market lately and are likely high off your own supply.

I don't know what's worse, the 45 day trial or the "congratulations! You've jumped through 3 fire hoops! Now you have the chance to come spend a full day being interviewed by 10 different people!" stuff.

A lot of companies have probation periods though.

You're on a trial at every single company anyway, they just aren't as up front about it.

well, I'm just feeling a bit burned after a presentation I sat through the other week on the topic.

I have to agree. What I think is a big deal here is for developers with families. 45 days is 45 days without health insurance and other important benefits. There is COBRA, but that's two months of paying that bill. For most family plans that's 3 - 4k in expense.

That said, it really depends how much they are paying the prospective employee while contracting. If it's enough to make up for that then it might be worth the risk to some people.

What's that you say? Developers with families and (gasp) kids? You mean developers older than 22, with actual lives and responsibilities outside of work? Inconceivable!

I will say this, though— I give them credit for being open about what they really want. A lot of companies don't do that.

Ha. Sometimes feels like that.

The transparency make them one of the better companies out there. Though I'm surprised this trial period isn't mentioned in their job listings in some way.

Isn't the "45 day trial" just a disclosure of a reality that is always the case? Unless you're going to get an actual contract, which as far as I know is rare for this kind of work, you're always technically on a "trial," even after years at the company.

where did you find this info?

I emailed a few months ago. Stock standard response like it was a job application when I actually asked several specific questions.

I'm sure you guys are great to work for, but don't promise to read every email if I'm just gonna get a mail merge reply.

I just sent my resume, it's the fourth time. I remember writing to Buffer on September 2013, December 2013 and January 2014. I got the same reply the three times lol.

Hey there,

Great point on this. We've recently had a meeting discussing this in detail, I think you're absolutely right, it doesn't make people feel great to get a standard response like the one you've received. We've been trying to come up with a better way to personally respond to people, which has proven quite difficult. There were 2,000+ applicants last month and I think we're still trying to figure out the best work-flow to make each response tailored.

I wanted to assure though that we've read your email (and we do read each and every email, always), even though we sent a standard response (which I totally agree with isn't a great method). Hope that might help and I hope we can come up with a better solution to respond to you and everyone individually in the future. If anyone has had experience on this, would love your thoughts!

If I can be honest — and maybe that’s me not being used to American-grade fertilizer, but… 

That response sounds exactly like the problem. I believe that anything else than:

“Indeed. We f*cked up. I’ve e-mailed you with short answers. Detailed coming soon.

Anyone with a similar issue, please let us know how we can recognize your e-mail.”

would be inappropriate. No one not invited cares about a meeting. Starting by “Great point … absolutely right … doesn’t make people feel great … trying to come up with a better way” and other unnecessary precautions around completely obvious points makes you sound like a politician on SNL. There is no ‘trying to come up with better ways’ to a personal e-mail: there is starting to do it, realising you don’t have the man-power to do it, confessing that you are late on the task. It’s either more important than what you are working on or not, but that shouldn’t take ten lines to figure out.

I love you -- that’s why I tell you how you can be a better version of yourself.

What does it matter if you read my email but didn't give me an actual response?

What do you expect me to do with this information?

On a solution: if every email was read, they should be categorised to ascertain whether they require a tailored reply (ie they had questions that aren't answered with a stock response).

Unless the majority of emails had questions not covered in the response that was sent (I can't imagine they did) you would have a much smaller set of emails to tailor replies.

Hi Leo,

I applied and received a form rejection (which I am actually OK with and totally understand) but when I sent two followup emails I heard no response back. If you really read every email, do you also ignore the questions?

I also asked for just a few sentences of feedback. I expect this from the average company, but not from yours. You have strong values, but don't live up to them.

I'm quite happily self-employed at the moment, but good grief - if I wasn't, this is exactly the kind of thing I'd love to read if I was seeking a new challenge. Kudos for your clearly serious commitment to openness, and even more for not filling the "what we want" section with fluff. People who are happy to say "we'd love to be better at this, could you help us in some way?" are the most fun and rewarding to work with (and I'm lucky that I usually do).

Good luck!

Wow, thanks so much for the kind words. Let me know if I can ever help with anything, and good luck with the self-employed business! :-)

I'm a college student who is studying finance and computer science right now. Naturally, startups are extremely interesting to me. Your level of transparency helped me better understand fundraising, equity structures, and how to think of financial operations. A refreshing and inspiring post for someone in my shoes - thank you!

Thanks; tip for next month (to head off some of the questions):

  > Please lead with the location of the position and include 
  > the keywords INTERN, REMOTE, or VISA

Well Joel, I don't know why Buffer is reposting this stuff every month even though you don't seem to have open headcount. This was response from Sunil from last month:

"I’m sorry to say we couldn’t bring you on board as our next Hacker at this point. I hope you don't take this personally. We were absolutely overwhelmed by the huge volume of people like you who sent in their fantastic experiences and ideas for what they would want to achieve as part of Buffer.

At this stage, we were only looking for a few more people, so the choice was extremely difficult to make and we had to turn away a lot of genuinely amazing people."

It sounds more like a template that was sent across multiple people.

It would appreciate if you only post here if there is genuine opening unless you are just craving for more and more applications(that doesn't make sense).

Joel, I'm impressed that you documented your idea of company culture in such an early phase. I've learned that agreed ideas about company culture play more important role in a startup than usually given credit to. If the founding team has strong shared understanding of culture, they don't necessarily need to be explicit, but I think it would be beneficial for many startups to write a few key ideas down, to make sure that everybody is on the same page.

Question: Did you learn this hard way from your previous companies, or was it suggested by a mentor, or was it obvious to you from the beginning that it is good idea to write them down?

Just interesting, how many emails do you get per post?

I have a feeling that getting any reply from you will be like a winning a lottery (thus, I've never applied so far).

We've been transparent about how many applications we get, which is quite a lot from what I've heard other founders say when I've mentioned the numbers: http://open.bufferapp.com/hiring-at-buffer-in-february-2024-... (we probably get at least 100 emails from HN if we end up near the top).

We're lucky to have a lot of interest and so in some ways I guess it ends up like a lottery. At the same time, we try and share as much as we can around the culture and when it is a good fit. Here's a post about that: http://open.bufferapp.com/how-we-hire/

Let me know if you have any questions :-)

Edit: To answer your question about getting a reply - we reply to every single email, even though it can be tough and can take a couple of weeks or so for us to get to them all.

Very happy about how open you are. This is amazing!

A couple of questions: 1) what are "Happiness Heroes" and "Weekend Warriors"? What do they do for your company?

2) it seems that Mary is getting screwed, although I don't know how much your equity is worth. Why the disparity between Mary's salary and Adam's? She makes 20% less but only has .045 percent more equity...

Great questions Ryan!

Happiness Heroes are the people who help customers with queries via Email, Twitter and Live Chat. Weekend Warriors are people in the team who help with those same things during the weekend (though it's a full-time 5 days a week role, so 3 other days too). We have 6 full-time members of this Happiness team, it's something we make a very high priority. In the last month we answered 92% of emails within 6 hours, 65% within 1 hour, with a volume of around 10,000 emails.

I can definitely see how it seems Mary is getting screwed. Our equity number there is misleading, she has 0.3% (column to the right). Key things to note: Mary lives in Spokane, which has a relatively low cost of living and falls into our "C" bracket in the salary formula. If she moves, her salary will go up by either $6K or $16K depending on where she moves to. Also, Mary chose equity over salary (yay) which is a choice to increase equity by taking $10K less salary. I hope that helps explain things there, let me know if you have any more questions!

"I can definitely see how it seems Mary is getting screwed."

I love how you guys went fully transparent but I lost it at this one lol. I was kinda put off by the "we get hundreds of emails" stuff but I guess I'll go ahead and join in the herd. You guys seem pretty cool.

This sounds like the place for me! I've been looking for months for a company with a culture like yours.

I love that you guys are completely open but would love to know what your engineering interview process is like?

I'm awful at interviewing and would love to know how you guys handle it.

Hi there! Our engineering interview process is something we're continuously iterating on. At the moment this is how it looks: 1 technical interview with Sunil (discussion on past experience, code walkthrough and a high level technical question). 2 culture interviews with Carolyn and Leo. Then a mix bag interview with Joel. If all goes well, we have a 45 day trial period where we gauge technical and culture fit from both sides. Hope that helps!

Is this a 45 day trial period full time with benefits? Or just being a contractor with no benefits for 45 days?

Can you talk more about how you grant equity? Do you have vesting schedule for new hires? Also, how does the $10k salary cut for more equity work? do you grant extra equity for every year they take the cut e.g. 0.25% for every year they do it?

I sent an email to the link you provided last month as well as a separate one to your lead iOS dev and didn't even get a canned response. What gives?

This the craziest job posting I think I've ever seen in any of these threads. The salary link? Insane.

Let me know if you have any questions about that or anything else :-)

Mother of god I'm an Android/iOS/BB developer and I make 45k a year with 0 benefits whatsoever. I put in my two weeks notice two weeks ago!

I would cry if I was paid this much.

The average salary for developers is roughly in 80-100k. As a recent grad, almost all of my peers were in the 60-125k range. The only salary I've seen that was grossly under the average was 48k- but that was expected.. the employer was TXDOT.

Edit: Please assess your contributions and value yourself at market value. Having a conversation with your manager about your market value should yield a higher salary that is competitive. If not, move along. As a mobile developer, you could be contracting for much more than 45k.

It depends heavily on where you live.

He said I'm "lucky to make this much" because I have no education, despite nobody else on the team being able to successfully and efficiently replace me. I'm leaving in one month, only because the project is wrapping up at that time and it would be pointless to quit earlier. I can't wait.

Congrats, and best wishes.

Surprised you would only make that little - I started as a frontend developer at a non-profit for $51k, which is also under the market (and a non-profit to boot).

Depending on where you live, you could easily fetch $20k more, if not even more than that.

Which city, country?

Toronto, Ontario, @ the biggest bank in Canada.

Hey Last month I sent a mail to ioshacker@bufferapp.com, didn't get any reply. Should I apply again?

Love the culture!! Hope you soon have a requirement for a data scientist/engineer !!

Speaking of positions to be added, I have to wonder how many startups get around the issue of information security. Most of the security-related jobs I see here are either for security-related companies (Palo Alto Labs) or for well-established "startups". Very rarely do I see a startup with a SecOps or security engineer.

How do companies get around having (what I consider to be) a necessary employee for a company of almost any size, especially when you're building your own networks and housing your own infrastructure?

Hey Vishal, that's amazing to hear! Data scientist is a role we've been pondering, if you are up for it, we'd still love to hear from you :-)

Hey Joel! Quick question; are your engineering guys office based or do they work remotely? I've been following you guys for a while but I'm pretty firmly rooted in Warwickshire!

We're fully distributed, that includes all engineers too :-) Colin is based in Cambridge. Firmly rooted in Warwickshire is no problem! I went to Warwick University by the way :-)

That's great to know! Once my current project is over, I think I'll drop you/Sunil my resume.

Hah, I thought the mention of Warwickshire would catch your eye. Would be great to join a homegrown tech company.

All the best.

What are some of the tools that you use to support this async culture in different time zones?

Do you require people to work specific hours?

Myntra.com is looking for data scientist(s). Shoot me an email if you'd be interested :)

Mukuru.com - http:\\www.mukuru.com - Cape Town, SA (VISA)

Join the army, see the world! OR Join Mukuru, be part of an elite development team and live in Cape Town for a couple of years soaking up the sun and practising your Afrikaans.

Indeed. Mukuru.com, the money transfer hub, are looking for an advanced PHP developer with solid MVC experience in either Kohana (bonus), CodeIgniter, CakePHP or Zend. Must be at ease with LAMP environment, MySQL and jQuery (bonus). Any server admin experience (particularly AWS) is a bonus too.

Be part of a great team working on cutting edge financial services for the unbanked on mobile, web and wallet. Mukuru is a busy platform and you'll see your code set to use instantly among hundreds of thousands of users. It's a buzz!

Lead ANGULARJS developer/ full stack (Berlin, Germany)

> https://www.angularjobs.com/posts/778-lead-angularjs-develop...

AngularJS Developer at SpaceX in Hawthorne, CA

> https://www.angularjobs.com/posts/752-angularjs-developer-at...

Lead AngularJS Engineer - Brooklyn, New York [Relocation Offered]

> https://www.angularjobs.com/posts/735-lead-angularjs-enginee...

London, UK - Permanent, full time, on-site. Lumi - https://lumi.do

Lumi uses your browsing history to create a personal selection of what’s happening online. Brought to you by the people who started Last.fm. We're looking for developers to work on

* Our Django app

* Backend services and middleware

* Android/iOS apps

* Our Recommendation Engine

Our stack is mostly Python backed by Cassandra, Elastic Search and Postgres. We'd like you to know a bit of everything and a lot of something.

You'd be joining an East London based ten-person team, with plans to expand rapidly in the near future.

Either launch a CV at hello@lumi.do, or drop me a line personally if you'd like to chat first.


Scribd (YC '06), San Francisco - H1B, FULL-TIME, and INTERN are all welcome

Scribd ("Netflix for eBooks", top 100 website, 50 people) is hiring talented hackers of all kinds to help us build the library of the 21st century.

We've hired SEVEN full-time people and TONS of interns from these "Who is Hiring" threads ... it really works!

We're looking for people who want to work with:

* Ruby on Rails (we're the #2 largest rails site, after Twitter)

* Javascript (well, we use Coffeescript)

* iOS OR Android (we're a top 10 eBook app, with a tiny mobile team)

* Machine Learning / data mining / recommendations - think Netflix prize, but for books!

* Internships: junior standing or above for all areas of engineering. We hire several interns every summer and year-round.

That said, we care way more about your personality and general hacking skills then what languages you've used so far, so if you haven't used these but want to break into mobile or web development, this could be a good opportunity for you. We've hired people from these threads with everywhere from 0 to 10 years of experience.

We're profitable, very well funded and have a really fun office environment (go-karts + a rock climbing wall!). Scribd alumni have gone on to found 4 other YCombinator companies, more than from any other startup. We think this says something about the kind of people that we like to hire, and we love hiring people with entrepreneur and startup ambitions. We are also always looking for international people interested in moving to the US and can help you secure a visa.

We recently launched a service that's being called the "Netflix for books" and are really excited about it. Read more here: http://wrd.cm/1dJquzz

More info is at http://www.scribd.com/jobs, but as a HN user, feel free to apply directly by emailing me at jared at scribd.com.

Rainforest QA (YC '12), San Francisco - H1B, FULL-TIME, REMOTE and INTERN are all welcome. Full-stack and front-end hackers.

Hi HN! We're a small (6 person) startup working on making every developer happier and more productive. We're doing that by building a beautiful, simple way to do QA. Yeah, that's right. Sounds impossible doesn't it? We like those kind of challenges :)

We are an engineering-focused company and if you're obsessed with code quality and developer productivity, and want to work on a product that you yourself use every day then you should speak with us.


Come join us, we do do awesome and fun stuff! :)

Where can potential interns apply?

We're hiring engineers! #10 on Crain's Best Places to Work in NYC. #47 on Forbes' America's Most Promising Companies.

We handle many billions of events per day, we're hooked up to all the big ad exchanges, and we've got a world-class data science team. But we're also still pretty small on the engineering team, and everyone gets their hands dirty and makes a real impact. You'll learn a lot.

We write mostly Java. Hadoop, Cassandra, Mongo, and Kafka are big parts of our stack, and we're always looking for new tech that helps us work at scale.

You should feel free to ping me for more info,

taejin -at- dstillery -dot- com

some more information:

We play Ultimate or Soccer on Fridays, we have a company band, we work sane hours, we don't track vacation (and not in the 'so nobody ever takes any' sense), and we Get Stuff Done. You'll learn a lot from working here, regardless of your current level of experience. You'll work directly with a world-class data science team (winners of multiple KDD Best Paper and other awards) that keeps us on the cutting edge of learning at scale, allowing us to build customer-specific models from billions of events per day. We're hooked up to all the big ad exchanges, and have direct working relationships with companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more. But we're also still pretty small on the engineering team, and everyone gets their hands dirty and makes a real impact. We write mostly Java. Hadoop, Cassandra, Mongo, and Kafka are big parts of our stack, and we're always looking for new tech that helps us work at scale. Experience with these is a big plus, but if you've never used them before that's fine too, if you're eager to learn. If you write clean, working code, think through problems, and deliver on time, we want to talk to you. Contact me for more info, taejin@dstillery.com

We play Ultimate or Soccer on Fridays,

On Fridays I like to find a quiet bar, and read papers on distributed systems. Guess I won't be a "culture fit".

It's good to know that you play Ultimate or Soccer on Fridays, but a more relevant information would be your location and/or if you accept remote applicants.

Sorry about that! We're in New York, and currently we're not hiring remote but we will help the right candidate relocate.

System 76 - Denver, CO

Full Time Front End Web Developer

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You see the world in HTML DOM elements. You love diving into the latest and greatest CSS frameworks. When you’ve written a particularly elegant piece of Javascript, it feels like all is right in the world. You shudder at the thought of websites before responsive design. If someone shows you an API, you instantly see a powerful user interface taking shape. You understand the stack of the web; getting your hands dirty with LAMP isn’t a show stopper to launching a product. You gave up Dreamweaver in 1997 because nothing ever looked as good as your bare code.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Required Skills & Experience

Smart, motivated, and disciplined person who takes pride in their work.

HTML5 / CSS3 expert; you know what to use and when for proper document markup.

Javascript and jQuery expert; you write beautiful, concise, and manageable front end code.

Know the difference between good and bad cross-browser compatibility (you’re a feature tester, not a version sniffer).

Love technical challenges and advanced UI features. Seeing a unique, yet functional page design with interesting challenges excites you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Perfect Candidate:

Regular and comfortable user of version control ( Git a big plus ).

Experience with SASS and CSS frameworks ( specifically Foundation ).

Experience working with and building REST APIs.

Written PHP and/or Node.js applications; not afraid to get down & dirty with back end code.

Feels completely at home within a Gruntfile.

Familiar with Javascript and PHP MVC frameworks.

Love Linux and Ubuntu.

More info here:


Pathgather - New York, NY

We're a Techstars NYC startup with a simple mission: to make the world's knowledge universally transparent and accessible. We're starting this mission by targeting the enterprise, disrupting the fairly outdated enterprise education and training space, an industry that has over 60% of its customers dissatisfied with current products!

We've seen significant progress within our first year of business. We signed a Fortune 200, 30,000+ employee company to a six figure contract within our first months and successfully launched to that company a little over a month ago. They now have over 20% of their workforce using Pathgather.

Our product is built on top of a modern stack using best practices: an Angular client that communicates with a Rails 4 API, powered by Postgres, Redis, and Elasticsearch. We also have a strong focus on product and design (take a look at our product, and we think you'll agree). Traditionally, enterprise software has lacked in these areas, but we aim to disrupt that tradition.

If you're at all interested or curious in exploring an opportunity with us, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at jamie@pathgather.com. We guarantee an amazing opportunity awaits: we'll offer significant salary and equity, the chance to work on real problems experienced by a wide audience, opportunities for open source work and contributions, and influence in our product, culture, and vision from day one!

San Francisco, CA - Angaza Design - http://www.angazadesign.com/

Angaza is building a new energy economy for the billion+ people in off-grid markets, with East Africa our focus. These markets are leapfrogging conventional centralized energy generation, becoming the center of development for the resilient, distributed, renewable energy systems that will replace it. Robust low-cost metering, financing, and payment technologies form the key to making those systems possible.

Angaza is searching for a software engineer to join our team in San Francisco. You will tackle a myriad of software challenges: extending and scaling our payments / analytics backend platform; taking our HTML5+JS frontend to the next level; designing new protocols for synchronization over highly constrained channels; developing software for minimum-cost international telecom; squeezing DSP code into fewer bytes than this paragraph; traveling occasionally to field sites across the world; and helping to solve any of the unforeseen challenges that emerge in a rapidly changing startup environment.

If hired, you will become part of a small team creating a new approach to energy in emerging markets. You will receive both a salary and equity stake in the company. See http://www.angazadesign.com/jobs/software-engineer/ and contact us at careers@angazadesign.com.

Cigital is hiring software security folks

What we do: We're a software security consulting firm that helps build security into the SDLC. We work on a wide variety of projects involving static analysis, penetration testing, architecture review, threat modeling, red teaming, network pen testing, etc. We deal mostly with the private sector and the types of applications we work with are varied from mobile to webapps to video games.

We're all consultants so we tend to travel a fair amount. As I said, the work is varied and you can really focus the type of work you do based on your interests and skills. It's definitely a fun place to work. The people here are really smart and there's lots of room to grow your skills. We're looking for everything from interns to principal consultants and we have positions open all over the place including:

  • Northern Virginia
  • Boston, MA
  • Santa Clara, CA
  • New York, NY
  • Bloomington, IN
  • Seattle, WA
  • London
You can read more about the jobs here: http://www.cigital.com/careers/jobs/

DO NOT apply directly to our website. Email your resume to dirtyb1t34@gmail.com, along with a desired position and location (sorry for the personal email, but the amount of spam emails I have gotten after posting here is ridiculous, and unfortunately there is not a PM system). So far I have gotten 2 people hired through this website.

If you do apply through the website shoot me an email anyway and I can give you inside tips for nailing the interviews. I understand that a personal email is sketchy. But I don't want professional recruiters and recruiting companies spamming my work email.

I am a consultant at Cigital and am posting because I get a bonus for referring people, and because we find our best employees on websites like this and /r/netsec. In the past year we hired over a dozen people from here and reddit.

Washington, DC - The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is looking for a Director, Online Communications to oversee website and email marketing product development.

The U.S. Chamber has a growing digital team that has a lot of freedom to innovate, and works on issues of national importance. We host at Rackspace, control our code with Git, and build sites on Drupal, Wordpress, and other open source platforms. We care about clear strategy, good usability, and we're looking for someone to help strengthen a culture of testing and data-driven decisions.

The job is a mix of product and account manager. You'll directly own some of the core products including the main site uschamber.com, and advise and assist other departments with their products. This position manages a team of 3 (production manager, interactive designer, email marketer) and some vendors.

We're looking for someone who can understand the strategic goals of communications campaigns, and translate them into digital products that achieve measurable results. We're looking for someone who can be an advocate and evangelist for the possibilities of great digital communications. If this sounds like you, and you have experience managing digital products and teams, get in touch.


Edit: if you prefer email, send to webmaster@uschamber.com and put HN in the subject.

Sensor Tower (SF + Remote) (Designer, Engineer, Customer Happiness) https://sensortower.com

Do you play Clash of Clans? Candy Crush? Ever wonder how to get your app on top of the app store? We at Sensor Tower (AngelPad) help mobile apps increase their downloads and rocket to the top of the app store.

We have over 26k customers tracking over 500k apps and used by companies such as Yahoo, Skype, Zynga, Johnson & Johnson, Adobe, and Supercell. We're a small + high caliber team located in the heart of San Francisco and backed by Rembrandt Ventures, Merus Capital, and BDMI.

We're built using Ruby + Rails, MongoDB + Mongoid, Redis, Coffeescript, Knockout.js, d3.js, AWS. We reverse engineer apps and internal APIs, write our own gems, and use natural language processing to parse through millions of app reviews for our customers.

What we offer: A chance to revolutionize how information is delivered to mobile marketers and app developers. Competitive salary and significant (enormous) equity in well-funded, high-growth company. Free lunch, daily. Unlimited vacation and holidays. Top-notch healthcare, vision, & dental coverage. Unlimited Gym membership. An incredible team of fun, bright coworkers.

We're looking for smart, motivated individuals for intern + full time positions. Ping us at oliver (at) sensortower dot com.


ps. How do you get 24 with 1,3,4,6 using only basic arithmetic?

1^3 * 4 * 6

Close - We're a tiny startup hiring in San Francisco.

We're analyzing professional networks to help folks make the most of who they know. If you've ever tried to answer the question "Who do I know that's..." (looking for engineers, investing in my kind of company, interested in partnerships, able to get me featured on Google Play, etc) -- that's what we're about.

It's a huge, nutty data problem -- our professional networks aren't perfectly manicured, exemplary LinkedIn accounts, but disparate and scattered across multiple platforms. Plus there's the task of really trying to understand who everyone is, and figuring out a product perspective that avoids spam and creepiness while genuinely building relationships and value for both sides.

We recently closed a seed round and we're looking for a Python data engineer and a Rails developer. If you're interested in a rolling up your sleeves at a really early-stage startup (with funding!), we'd love to hear from you.

On the data side, ideally you have some experience with using Python for data analysis, scaling data tools, API integrations, machine learning/natural language processing, and ontologies. For Rails, we're looking for an experienced engineer who can own our Rails stack and lead integrations with our data backend.

If you'd like to learn more, please get in touch. I'm jennie at close.co, and I'm the data engineer you'd be working directly with in either role. :)

New York

Birchbox Inc

Hiring at all levels for data-driven discovery commerce company.

IOS, Ruby on Rails, Data Science/Data Science Engineers

Apply here: http://grnh.se/x4hykr

The technology team at Birchbox is responsible for development (and maintenance) of the company's customer-facing sites (in the United States, France, the UK, and Spain), managing hosted and cloud infrastructure, and closely supporting other teams (logistics, marketing, et al.) in our 110+-person company. We work with a wide variety of open-source technologies: Debian-based servers; Chef deployments; Ruby on Rails, Java and PHP services; and Python, Perl and R scripts. The size of our team and the breadth of its responsibilities means we rely on our engineers to be self-motivated and quickly follow through on tasks without requiring close supervision. In return our engineers are given leeway to use their own initiative.

Our team spans software engineering, technical operations, product, and data science. Our challenges include:

evolving our software and systems architecture to support a rapidly growing customer base across multiple countries and languages; designing and implementing the best user experience for our customers; We are striving to revolutionize online retail. using data, complex algorithms, and statistics, to personalize the Birchbox experience for our customers, both offline and online.1

iOS/Android developer – London – Skin Analytics

Skin Analytics is looking for an app developer. You'll be designing and building iOS and Android apps for a new project we are launching in partnership with a global brand. You'll be working with our CTO and research team to build cutting-edge change detection algorithms into the app, with a focus on usability. You have the chance to develop an app that will be in the hands of millions of people, making a real difference to their skin health and their life every day. As we're a young startup, you'll have the chance to help shape our growing company too.

We're looking for someone who's had experience building great iOS/Android apps, with experience across both platforms if possible. Experience with OpenCV or working with the cameras on devices is a big plus.

Skin Analytics is a startup, currently based in the Wayra academy. We've developed patent-pending change detection algorithms for skin features. Our first product uses these to catch changing moles early, helping people with melanoma skin cancer get the treatment they need sooner.

We're now working on using this technology in other ways, and will soon be launching products targeting other skin conditions in partnership with two global brands.

To apply, send a CV to tom@skinanalytics.co.uk, along with links to any projects you’ve worked on.

Wingspan Technology - Philadelphia Suburbs (Blue Bell), Full Time

We have several open engineering positions, each with a different focus: Javascript client (React + Scala + Postgres), Database Administrator (Postgres/Solr), and a dev ops engineer. Email gsieling@wingspan.com if interested in any of these.


We have a diverse mix already, including a few startup veterans, conferences and meetup presenters, and even some game developers. We used AJAX before it was called AJAX. The engineering “managers” aren’t really managers – they’re the ones who architected the products and lead their maintenance. Engineers in charge means no red tape or other silly productivity barriers like at larger companies.

While all of our engineers contribute across the stack, many draw assignments with a particular focus. As a Software Engineer (Client Focused), you would be a principal contributor in developing our next-generation eTMF product. The eTMF client is a classic web 2.0 “single page” application utilizing the current best of breed JavaScript libraries.

Wingspan values fundamentals and ability to learn over current knowledge, but candidates with knowledge and experience relevant to our current technology stack have an obvious advantage over those without.

Exabeam, Platform Engineer (fulltime), San Mateo, CA


You will be responsible for designing and implementing a brand new data processing system to detect advanced security threats using the latest stream processing and machine learning techniques. As part of the founding team you will have the opportunity to define and work in various areas of the platform including data ingestion, data processing, algorithm design, machine learning, reporting, visualization, etc. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of product definition and system architecture. You are a strong software engineer who is passionate about large-scale systems. You care about producing clean, elegant, maintainable, robust, well-tested code; you enjoy collaborating with others to come up collectively with the best possible solution. You have experience with performance, scalability, and reliability issues of large 24x7 systems. Responsibilities:

• Design and develop various platform components using latest technologies and coding in Scala. Requirements:

• Experience in Scala or other functional programming languages (Haskell, Scheme, Lisp, Ocaml, F#). Alternative deep Java expertise and strong desire to learn Scala.

• Strong Object-oriented experience, for example in Java, Scala, Ruby, or C++.

• Experience building complex systems with high performance, scalability and reliability requirements • Experience with distributed data processing system (Kafka, Storm, Spark, Shark, Akka, Hadoop, others.)

• B.S. in Computer Science or related disciplines. Why work at Exabeam?

• Unique opportunity to be part of a founding engineering team to help define and shape a brand new product for a huge business problem. Unique chance to start writing code from scratch.

• Work with a top-notch team of smart, motivated engineers, pushing the envelope to produce the most advanced real time security data processing engine

• Technically challenging and very interesting problem. Opportunity to work with the latest technologies in distributed systems, machine learning and high volume data processing

• Strong team with deep security and technology expertise

• Well funded company

Email me at: ziad@exabeam.com

Lead Front-End Developer - Thought Industries - Full Time REMOTE - Anywhere, USA

Thought Industries is an early stage startup in the Consumer Learning space. We enable companies to launch and sell their own online school— think Shopify meets Udemy/Coursera. We just closed a seed-round and have a solid SaaS business model with paying clients.

We’re looking for a Lead Front-End Developer to join us as Engineer #2. You would be a good fit if:

    You are awesome with JavaScript & CSS.
    You are excited about new web technologies like ES6.
    You sweat the small stuff, but know when to just ship it.
    You have an eye for good design, but aren't necessarily a designer.
    You are passionate about building elegant web products.
    You care deeply about the user experience.
We're an Ember.js shop and it would be great if you already have lots of Ember experience, but we aren’t focused on specific keywords. We are looking for evidence that you're smart, adaptable, and exceptionally productive.

About us:

We work 40-hour weeks, live a sustainable lifestyle, and enjoy what we do. We love open source and have contributed to several projects including our own. On the backend we use node.js, koa, and RethinkDB. On the frontend it’s all Ember.js, Handlebars, and SCSS.

Interested in learning more? Shoot me an email: chris@thoughtindustries.com

Interpreter Intelligence - http://www.interpreterintelligence.com - San Francisco, CA

We’re a group a guys primarily based in San Francisco (although remote is a possibility) who believe in the ability of a small group of driven people to improve the everyday problems of those outside the tech sector. Our focus is on the interpretation vertical: we provide a SaaS product for scheduling, hr, and financials for that sector. There’s TONS of interesting problems, and our customers love us!

We’re looking for our first full time engineering hire. As mentioned: if you’re in SF, great, but also let us know if you’re interested in a remote job.

* We’re a tiny team, so you’ll need to be at least comfortable with the full stack. It also means you'll have a huge amount of influence on how things are done.

* Front-end expertise is critical: we have more code in our backbone.js layer than anywhere else, and so you should not only be an expert in javascript, but also know how to manage complex dependencies.

* Knowledge of a modern MVC framework. We use grails, but those skills are quite transferable. Java and Hibernate knowledge is a bonus.

* AWS and Elasticsearch knowledge would be awesome.

We have tons of interesting problems ahead of us, from implementing beautiful realtime dashboards to crunchy machine learning/discrete optimization tasks.

Drop me a note at david@interpreterintelligence.com if you’re interested or have any questions.

Course Hero - Redwood City, CA

No remote, but we do offer relocation and H-1B process sponsorship

Summary: We’re profitable, very open as a company, and supportive, and we need more engineers. EdTech.

Full description: Course Hero is looking for a software engineer who can hit the ground running.

Our team releases code every day to millions of people, so we're looking for someone who can take on challenges, build new features, and iterate quickly. Each engineer has a role in building Course Hero's architecture and will have the opportunity to touch all parts of the stack. Our projects are big -- terabytes of data and customers around the world -- but our team is small, so you’ll see projects from start to finish, working closely with product managers and designers to ensure successful results.

Our company culture is very open, flat, and transparent. We succeed and learn together. Our office is very comfortable, has a lot of natural light, and great amenities like a gym and walking trails onsite. We’ve tried hard to make this a pleasant and inspiring place to do creative work.

Most importantly, we seek to hire individuals whose personality, integrity and passion for our business make our team better as a whole. We’re growing fast, profitable (yes, it’s true!), and looking for another core team member to push us toward the future.

Our stack is LAMP (PHP) + jQuery and AngularJS, but we’re open to people with all kinds of experience.

Please email: jobs@coursehero.com (and put “Hacker News” in the subject)

Would you still be able to offer relo ? as the H1B quota has already been reached

Vurb (http://vurb.com) - San Francisco, CA

Max Levchin funded, early-stage consumer startup - http://techcrunch.com/2013/02/20/contextual-content-engine-v...

We're working on search, browsing, and sharing, by connecting the services we use in a contextual way that's more usable, efficient, and social (e.g., no more having lots of windows/tabs open). We do this through unique UX/UI combined with search, machine learning, big data, and more. We're stealth but funded by Max, Drew Houston (Dropbox), Naval Ravikant (AngelList), CrunchFund, and many others. If you're looking to join a small team that solves complex problems and is making something people will use daily, then come find out what we're up to.

Opportunities - on-site in San Francisco

* (FULL-TIME) Search / Data Science - search / classification / ranking, machine learning, recommendations, NLP, data crawling/processing

* (FULL-TIME) Product Management / Growth - experience managing and growing a consumer product is required

* (INTERN) Marketing - help manage our marketing strategy, campaigns, and community management

jobs@vurb.com | angel.co/vurb

Have a strong database background and an interest in genetics? The Schwartz/Yang Lab at University of Colorado is hiring a database manager. You would build and manage a database application used in a genetic study of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Position is based at the Anschutz campus in Aurora, CO. If you think you are a good fit, apply online at https://www.jobsatcu.com/postings/80038

http://togethera.com - Android Developer and Full Stack Developer

We're building the simplest way for all generations in a family to share photos, videos and updates in absolute privacy. We have an early stage product that's getting amazing reviews; we're funded by excellent investors and are on a mission to bring the world's families closer together with technology that's delightful and easy to use.

We're now hiring for two roles: Android Developer and Full-Stack Developer (AngularJS & Python with Django). To apply please contact us at jobs@togethera.com. The roles are in London, but we can start working together remotely.

We currently have a Phonegap app that's getting fantastic reviews on Google Play. If you join us for the Android role, you'll get to build a native version from scratch, using all the lessons we've picked up in the last couple of months!

Perks include flexible working hours, equity, conference/learning budget and a (very) relaxed holiday policy. More importantly, you'll be joining us almost from the start and have real influence on how the product, culture and company grow.


Omada Health - San Francisco [WILL RELOCATE]

Are you interested in using your skills to prevent an international epidemic?

At Omada Health, we're creating digital therapeutics, a new way of preventing disease through managed behavior change. Our first product takes on prediabetes, which threatens 1 in 3 Americans and millions of others around the world.

Our customers are insurers and employers who are looking to improve quality of life for their members as well as avoid the high costs of living with chronic disease.

We have a 10 person agile dev team emphasizing pairing, TDD, and sustainable pace. We are about to get much bigger and solve interesting problems in reliable ways. If that sounds like your jam, be in touch.

Agile Rails Developer - You know Rspec and Rails and have at least 1 year professional Rails experience.

iOS Developer - You have an app live in the App Store and at least 1 year of professional development experience.

Creative Javascript Developer - You have a portfolio of engaging browser-based baubles.

Infrastructure Engineer - You know how to set up a LAMP server and are ready to tackle devops tools like Chef, as well as help us untangle the office network.

We are working to create a new discipline of evidence-based preventative medicine, and that motivates each person here. Let us know in your cover letter why you'd like to work with us. Email jobs at omadahealth.com.


Localytics - Boston, MA - FULL-TIME, INTERN, H1B

Localytics is hiring:

  - Front End Engineers
  - Mobile Engineers
  - Rails Engineers
  - Backend End Engineers
  - DevOps Engineers
About Localytics:

* We provide app analytics and app marketing services for thousands of apps on over a billion devices

* We have the best buzzwords: Big Data + Data Visualization + Mobile

* We are passionate about and have deep expertise in the technologies we work with including: Rails, AngularJS, D3.js, Scala, iOS, Android, Mapreduce, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Memcache, Redis, Column Store Databases, AWS: DynamoDB, S3, SQS, EMR, ElasticCache and EC2.

* We are one of the fastest growing companies in Boston and were recently named one of the top places to work by The Boston Globe.

* We are located next to Park Street Station on the Red Line.

We love candidates who:

* Prefer startup environments.

* Are passionate about technology.

* Enjoy influencing the direction of the product and technologies.

Successful candidates may help us with:

* Web application development - Help us expand our analytics and marketing automation offerings.

* Prototyping - We still do a significant amount of customer development and R&D.

* Writing automated tests - Help us expand our code coverage and improve our Continuous Integration system.

* Writing background jobs and data processing - Move data and perform calculations using cron, Sidekiq and Ruby.

* Front end development - Expand our CSS framework, build screens and libraries in AngularJS and build charts, graphs and other cool visualizations using D3.js

* Back end development - wrangling big data using Scala, AWS and several storage technologies.

Candidates of all experience levels encouraged to connect with us: jobs@localytics.com

More details:



DramaFever - NYC (Flatiron) - http://dramafever.com

DramaFever is delivering the best video from around the world on multiple platforms and devices. Founded in 2009, DramaFever is a fast-growing online service with millions of viewers every month. We have a built-in audience of viewers who are hungry for engaging, entertaining and informative content. Investors include AMC Networks, Bertelsmann, NALA Investments, and MK Capital as well as founders/CXOs of YouTube, Machinima, LowerMyBills, Badoo, StubHub, GraphEffect, Capital IQ, Wikets, and others.

The company is experiencing continued growth (currently <100 employees) and is now seeking a Mobile Development Lead, which will require a combination of hands-on and leadership for a small mobile team (iOS & Android).

We are also seeking a UI Development Lead who will be hands-on and guide a small team of UI devs. AngularJS, jQuery, CSS/HTML skills required, ideally from a product development environment. Video experience a plus.

Also need a growth hacker type that can code and knows SEO, PPC, and marketing to build audiences.

Highly competitive salaries, stock options, comprehensive benefits, significant PTO. Email dfecak@gmail.com.

London, UK — Fountain Digital Labs (http://www.fountain-digital.com) — All-round backend developer

We're a well-funded 1.5 year old startup working on the delivery of live video streams from our own cameras around the globe into an iPad app for children. We're currently rolling out our first two installations — in Dubai and in Moscow. And we just grew to ten people.

Both the client part (iOS) and the video processing backend (Python/ffmpeg) are being actively developed in-house. We're currently looking for a Python developer, full-time in London. Our office is at TechHub (207 Old Street), in the heart of the Silicon Roundabout, but we'll be moving to the new office in the same area very soon.

The usual job description blurb is at our landing page at http://www.fountain-digital.com. I want to add that it's a great opportunity for a backend developer to get involved in a very serious wide-scale project. We're not in the business of making websites or Facebook apps, our video cloud routinely loads tens of large Amazon EC2 instances — and grows automatically as you add new video streams. We're really doing interesting work here.

If you've never done Python in production, but love distributed systems, programming at scale and are a strong all-rounder — feel free to apply anyway. We love working with smart and hardworking people.

If you want to ask anything about the product, technology, or anything else, drop me a line (I'm the CTO). My email is in the profile.

No recruiters please.

The Sandpit Labs - http://thesandpit.com/ - London, England

Lead Engineer

We're looking for a technical lead to help us build amazing tools and technologies for amazing, massive brands who can't react fast enough on their own.


Reonomy - Full Time in New York City (Manhattan)

At Reonomy we're building a commercial real estate research and analytics platform and providing previously non-existent insight into the opaque CRE market. As we expand into more markets and launch commercially we're looking to add a few more senior level roles.

- "Designgineer" ~ someone very comfortable with HTML and CSS. Ideally you have experience with UX & design theory and an interest in data & analytics visualizations.

- Data engineer ~ someone who can "hadoopify" our data. We're sitting on an ever growing trove of CRE data. We're looking for someone to help take lead on building out the team, the tools, and the insights as we grow.

- "Full Stack" engineer ~ the engineering team so far is made up of experienced, focused individuals comfortable on all parts of the system. We'd love to add another Sr. level full stack type who can hit the ground running & add to our overall product-shipping speed while helping us grow our culture.

We use node.js, python, postgres, elastic search, and nsq currently but are happy to have more tools in our toolbox if they solve the problem. We're a close knit, easy to get along with team and all really excited about Reonomy!

I'm actually located remote and have worked this way for about 9 months, but I'm so stoked about how things are going I'm moving with my family from ATX to NYC next month to be closer to the action.

If you're interested in talking more please shoot me an email at brian@reonomy.com with some details about you & what position you'd like to talk about. Thanks!

Swiftype - San Francisco, CA (relocation assistance)

The product you would help build powers the search experience on hundreds of thousands of websites. We're a product/engineering focused company and we're fortunate enough to be working at a massive scale. Everything is growing quickly and we need more generalist engineers to join the team.

Here is the view from our office: http://distilleryimage4.ak.instagram.com/e7bf92ee681111e38d9...

Some recent Open Source releases from our team:

- https://swiftype.com/blog/introducing-meta-events.html

- https://swiftype.com/blog/web-server-uid.html

- https://swiftype.com/blog/objectid-columns.html

If that sounds interesting, email us at jobs+hn@swiftype.com or check out https://swiftype.com/jobs for more information.

NGP VAN - Washington, DC or Boston, MA - Senior and Mid-Level Developers, Interns

NGP VAN (https://coderwall.com/team/ngp-van) is the world’s leading political technology firm, providing campaign and organizing technology to Democrats, progressives, and non-partisan organizations. We offer an integrated platform that combines the best fundraising, compliance, organizing, and new media products available.

We are a rapidly growing company that built the voter contact and volunteer management tools used by Obama for America. Nearly every State Democratic Party in the country distributes our VoteBuilder tools to Democrats up and down the ticket, and we provide industry-leading organizing tools for labor unions, environmental groups, pro-choice advocates, civil rights activists, and international political parties across the world. Our fundraising and compliance software is used by the vast majority of Democratic candidates from the Presidential level on down, and our fast-growing new media platform has recently become the most-used platform by Democratic campaigns as well.

We have a few positions open in DC or Boston for developers - our stack is mostly ASP.NET MVC / EF, but we have several node apps and are also using angular pretty heavily in new stuff. (The open positions would definitely involve both C# and node.) We're also open to summer interns in both locations.

The positions offers competitive compensation and a strong benefits package. NGP VAN prides itself on being a progressive and open-minded workplace; we have a fun and relaxed company culture, including blowing off steam on a softball field, drinking in the office on Fridays, enjoying periodic company retreats to warm places with beaches, and casual Friday every day.

Some relevant links:

Job Postings: http://www.ngpvan.com/about/jobs/senior-developer-0 http://www.ngpvan.com/about/jobs/development-intern

Coderwall: https://coderwall.com/team/ngp-van

Hit me up at dmiller at ngpvan dot com if you have any questions!

XP-Dev.com - Remote - https://xp-dev.com

XP-Dev.com does version control and project hosting (in the same market as Github, Bitbucket, etc). Profitable and bootstrapped.

Looking for backend and frontend engineers who would like to get their hands dirty in Subversion, Git and Mercurial. You will be working on new features on the platform that may involve work on the whole stack. You will be liaising directly with real users. Deployments are really quick, and you get to see the impact of your work almost immediately.


  - Nginx, Apache
  - Java (Core, Wicket, Hibernate)
  - Python (mainly for scripting)
  - Linux
  - AngularJS, JQuery
  - MySQL
  - Redis
  - RabbitMQ
  - Fabric
There are other products in the pipeline - most of which are akin to xp-dev.com (hosting/productivity platforms). So, there is plenty of room to switch products and try out new things: https://deployer.vc, https://zoned.io amongst them.

What we're looking for:

  - Self starters
  - Sound understanding of programming
    you don't need to be a Java/Python/JavaScript guru

  - No keeping track of holidays
  - Flexible working hours
  - Flexible working conditions (see below)
Position location is remote. You'll need to factor in working from home or from a shared space near you (all will be paid for).

To apply, just drop a short cover email describing yourself and your CV to rs@exentriquesolutions.com

San Francisco - AirPR - FULL TIME, INTERN - Full Stack, FrontEnd, Infrastructure

AirPR is a technology platform to increase PR performance. As technological innovation continues to shake up everything in the "media realm", AirPR's disruptive products, including Marketplace and Analyst have garnered attention from FastCompany, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Forbes, Mashable, and PRWeek as well as Fortune 500 brands and fast-growing startups.

AirPR Marketplace matches technology companies and innovative brands with the top PR independents and small firms in the country.

AirPR’s first-to-market measurement solution, Analyst, uses machine learning, statistical analysis and other algorithmic techniques for big data analysis to measure the ROI of PR in a unique and compelling way. The product analyzes digital media activities from traffic to conversion to projected and/or actual revenue in addition to a variety of factors about your brand.

We are looking to hire for the following positions:

BACKEND / FULL-STACK SOFTWARE ENGINEER - Implement core features of multiple data-intensive production applications across different software stacks

FRONTEND SOFTWARE ENGINEER - Lead the front end efforts of two production, data-rich web applications

INFRASTRUCTURE/OPS ENGINEER - Lead the maintenance of a cluster of crawler instances, elasticsearch instances, multiple mysql databases and other systems.

To apply, please send your resume to jobs@airpr.com or reach me directly at raj@airpr.com.

For more details, please visit our careers page: https://www.airpr.com/jobs

Monetate - Conshohocken, PA (Philly suburbs) - Remote possible, and we will relocate.

Monetate is looking for Engineers to join our DevOps team.

Site Reliability Engineer - ensuring our services exceed their goals for availability, capacity, performance, and efficiency. You're methodical, analytical, and collected. You have meaningful experience running production services. You have deep expertise with Linux and fundamental Internet technologies (HTTP, DNS, TCP/IP, etc). You can program proficiently in two or more languages. You have experience with automation tools such as chef, puppet, salt or ansible. You've worked in a fully virtualized environment.

Software Engineer (DevTools) - accelerating the pace of product development by creating and supporting continuous delivery tools. You're excited about DevOps. You're highly collaborative and generous of spirit. You're a great teacher and communicator. You have strong knowledge and understanding of automation tools such as chef, puppet, salt or ansible. You can program in two or more languages. You've used Linux in production.

contact kway at monetate dot com with any questions.

The Factory - San Francisco, CA -- http://www.thefactory.com/

The Factory is changing the way companies are built. Backed by the founder of Skype and Rdio and led by Rdio's founding team, we're a product incubator without the burdens of outside influence, funding, or time constraints.

We are well-funded and have a small and exceptional team of twelve. We have a gorgeous office in SOMA. Salary is top-notch, as are the equity and benefits as an early member.

We're looking for highly experienced, entrepreneurially-minded builders to help:

* Dream up and build products

* Develop and perfect a common platform and pipeline

* Create open-source tools to help others launch products

Current positions:

* Senior Front-End Engineer (http://www.thefactory.com/pdfs/sr_frontend.pdf)

* Senior Back-End Engineer (opportunistic)

* Other roles (opportunistic)

You can read more about us here: http://gigaom.com/2013/06/21/the-factory-janus-friis-todd-be...

If you think this sounds like a fit, drop me a line: mike@thefactory.com

Hi! I'm the Director of Engineering at BaubleBar, currently looking to hire at least 2 PHP Developer positions positions here at our office near the Flatiron building in New York.

BaubleBar is seeking engineers to help build the next generation of our ecommerce platform that is scalable and fast. This is a rare opportunity to make a lasting impact at a fast-growing, VC-backed start-up. Your work will be used by millions of users. If any of this gets you excited, we should talk.


Have 3+ years of real-world experience as software engineer working with web technologies. You have worked on teams of engineers and have experience leading and implementing web-based solutions. Consider yourself an expert at PHP web development, but are eager to work in new languages and development stacks. You’ve mastered various PHP web frameworks such as Symfony and Zend. Can complement your ninja-like PHP skills with a working knowledge of CSS and JavaScript. Bonus points: prior experience with Magento or e-commerce.

More info http://www.baublebar.com/careers

Feel free to email me directly: tyler@baublebar.com

Coolhouse Labs - http://coolhouselabs.com, Harbor Springs, MI.

Coolhouse Labs is a digitally-focused startup accelerator based in Harbor Springs MI, a small resort community on the shores of Lake Michigan. Each summer we invite 5-10 tech startups to be a part of our mentorship-driven accelerator program. Our goal is to help early stage digitally focused entrepreneurs build awesome products that their customers are passionate about.

This summer, we’re bringing a team of developers and designers on board to work with the each of the startups in our program and provide them with the resources they need. We're looking for 3 developers and 3 designers (senior, mid-level, internship) to work with us in-house for 3 months over the summer.

Developers will be primarily responsible for working with the startups coming in to Coolhouse Labs summer program to help them with early stage product development.

Designers will be working with the startups in the summer program to help them with web design (marketing sites as well as app design), branding, marketing identity, mobile and web based product UI/UX design, and other various graphics for the program and startups.


  - Free housing for the summer!
  - Fast-paced environment with lots of hands on learning.
  - A chance to work closely with startups and help play a role in shaping their brand and product.
  - Sailing, outside “conference rooms” overlooking Lake Michigan, and plenty of BBQs and tasty treats provided throughout the summer!
Please send appropriate portfolio, code samples, etc., and a short introduction of yourself to blake@blakeowens.com.

Looking forward to chatting!

Never thought I'd see Harbor Springs on HackerNews; I spent most of my adolescent summers up there. I'd love to visit Coolhouse while I'm up!

South Lake Tahoe (Zephyr Cove, NV)

Informa Investment Solutions, Inc. is seeking both a senior and a junior web developer to join our web applications team at our office on the shores of Lake Tahoe. If you love designing and building modern, responsive web applications that make it easy for business users to run sophisticated investment analysis software, we would like to talk to you. We’re an established company with actual paying customers and we want to make our little corner of the world a better place for our users.

We use standards-based HTML, JavaScript and CSS to build a cross-browser UI. We use a lot of state of the art technology – HTML5, canvas, RequireJS, Backbone, LESS and node.js. The backend is a mixture of C#, Java, C++ because we believe in using the right tool for the job, and we are regularly evaluating our tools to ensure that. Our development process is agile and we release our web products approximately once a month.

Our offices are a five minute walk from the Nevada shore of Lake Tahoe and Heavenly ski resort is a fifteen minute drive from the office. As a developer you’ll also get your own private office and even though we mostly develop on Windows, all our developers have Mac hardware.

We prefer to hire generalists who are as curious and excited about technology as we are. All of us enjoy learning new technologies and tools; we have a small team and each developer should be able to work on every aspect of the system.

Please note: this is a full-time, on-site position. We would prefer you to work in our Zephyr Cove office, but we also have offices in White Plains, NY or Nashville, TN that you could work out of. If you're interested, please email matt.motherway -at- informais.com (and put “Hacker News” in the subject). Thanks.

REMOTE. Contract to hire and FTE web developer positions.

I work for a small elite consultancy called Twin Technologies. We're about 25 FTEs and 40 contractors. I settled here after working in multiple startups, contracting for a larger consultancy, and even co-running my own consultancy and incubator. I came back to Twin after a year hiatus because this is really as good as it gets. The leadership is fantastic, and work-life balance is deeply ingrained in the culture. On top of that, I can honestly say that I enjoy working with my entire team and look forward to our three yearly get-togethers.

We're very selective with who we hire, but if you're reading this then it's a good start that you're on Hacker News. For the record I'm not a recruiter or HR for Twin - I'm a tech lead. We've got some big projects in the pipeline and need to find the right people to join us ASAP. Drop me a line if you're interested. Also drop me a line is you have any general questions about tech consulting. Write to andy.tiffany@twintechs.com and please include "HN" in the subject.

For job inquiries, please only write if you can be employed in the US. Thanks!

Defy Ventures - Fulltime, New York City

Lead Software Engineer

Defy Ventures is 'Y-combinator for men with criminal backgrounds.' We harnesses the natural talents of formerly incarcerated individuals, and transform their hustle toward the creation of profitable and legal business ventures.

You would build and scale a customized eLearning platform based on the rapidly growing Open edX platform (http://code.edx.org/)

You: Must be able to develop code front to back, with knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Django, Marko MySQL, MongoDB, some Ruby and NodeJS

You'll get: - Competitive Salary - Full medical - Unlimited vacation days - Paid Phone bill - Paid travel to conferences

Defy is an awesome team of incredibly smart individuals who love what we do and are making waves in the most underserved population in the United States. Come join us and make your work meaningful.

If you're interested, shoot us an email at careers@defyventures.org with the subject line "Hacker News- SE"

More info here: http://careers.defyuniversity.org/#careers

OpDemand -- Boulder, Colorado

OpDemand makes Deis, the open source PaaS powered by Docker. Using Deis, software teams can deploy and manage applications and services on their own "private Heroku" that runs on public cloud, private cloud or bare metal.

OpDemand is looking for interns with a background in Linux System Administration to use and test Deis full-time. You'll join a tight-knit team of open source developers who are helping businesses succeed using cutting-edge technologies like Docker and Linux containers.

You will learn:

- How to deploy, manage and customize services and applications using Docker

- Concepts around distributed systems, operating system internals and low-level debugging

- How to contribute in an agile development and operations environment

Perks include:

- Level up your GitHub profile by contributing to visible open source projects

- Apple MacBook for work and personal use

- Office right in downtown Boulder on the Pearl Street mall

Interns are expected to join the OpDemand team at our Boulder, Colorado headquarters.

Apply here: http://opdemand.theresumator.com/apply/A888hH/Linux-Intern-E...

REDI Technologies (http://www.redi.com)


Locations ::

New York, NY and Dallas (Frisco), Texas

Background ::

Our mission is to “make trading better”. REDI is a startup (9 months old) dedicated to taking an already successful trading platform to the next level. As a tech company that operates in the financial trading industry, we have a very different perspective and approach.

Our next-generation platform is focused on building a community for the buy-side, sell-side, and technology providers, bridging the Wall Street and the FinTech startup spaces. We take a highly open and collaborative approach to building our technology (everything from C++, Java, .NET, Ruby, Angular, NodeJS, Chef, PostgreSQL, etc).

We need individuals with a passion for technology, and an unparalleled drive to deliver world-class software across the desktop, web, and mobile contexts. Financial knowledge is not required, but a strong engineering mindset and razor-sharp problem solving skills are a must.

Roles (FULL-TIME, H1B, VISA supported) ::

- Software Engineers

- DevOps Engineers

- Test Engineers

- Product Managers

- Summer Interns (INTERN)

We'd love to hear from you. Send any inquiries or resumes to: jobs@redi.com

- Josh (CTO)

Trulia - San Francisco - Full Time

Trulia's real estate search platform serves over 30 million unique visitors every month. With an at-scale web experience, category leading apps in both the Play and iOS App stores, and teams working on behavioral search models, home estimates, commute times, and computer vision, we're hiring Engineers in nearly every discipline.

I've worked at Trulia for about 2 years. Employees are taken care of. Engineers have a voice. A successful IPO and healthy balance sheet give us the ability to take on ambitious projects. It's just really a great place to work.

- Competitive comp and equity

- Great benefits, including gym reimbursement and free healthcare

- Fantastic location in downtown San Francisco, close to Bart, Caltrain, the Transbay Terminal, etc.

- Kegs (plural) and a rooftop patio

- Quarterly hack-weeks where meetings are prohibited and engineers work on whatever delights them. (More than a few of these projects get on the roadmap and SHIP)

Check out our Jobs page at http://www.trulia.com/jobs and apply. Or reach out to me, shane at trulia dot com.

SponsorPay is one of the top 10 mobile advertising companies. We are located in Berlin, Germany.

We are looking for Ruby developers (we do mean Ruby, not Rails) and iOS developers:

- You will work in an international team (15+ nationalities) in our Berlin HQ, in a cross-functional team (Devs, QA & Product) using Kanban/Scrum

- You will get to know what bloom filters, hyperloglog and real Ruby multithreading apps are.

- Tons of traffic.

What we offer:

- Competitive remuneration package - German lessons - Relocation package - A team with more than 35 experienced developers, QA, DevOps and product managers

You can have a look to some of our talks:

- Euruko 2013: "..."but we had to kill Unicorns" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-q_kS5Dymmc

- RailsConf 2014: "What the Cache!" http://www.railsconf.com/program#sessions

If you are interested have a look to our careers page:


TRX Training (http://trxtraining.com) - San Francisco, CA

DevOps Engineer

TRX is a global training brand that has created two new functional training methods that are revolutionizing the fitness industry. We support those training methods with innovative training tools, commercial fitness equipment, cutting edge workout programs and professional education.

We're currently looking for a full-time DevOps Engineer who will help us develop, maintain, and improve upon our existing system infrastructure. We'd prefer candidates with 2-3+ years experience, but junior candidates with interest in the following technologies and who display great talent are encouraged to apply.


* AWS experience (EC2, ELB, S3, CloudFront, etc)

* Nginx, Unicorn, Passenger

* Git, Jenkins

* MySQL, Redis


* Ruby on Rails

* JavaScript

P.S. If you're interested in doing some web development/software engineering work (on top of DevOps), there will be opportunities for that as well!

To learn more or apply, please visit:


Bon Appetit Magazine - Conde Nast - NYC, NY

Software Engineer primarily working on a WordPress based website.

At BonAppetit, we work on a WordPress website. This means its a PHP backend with the traditional front end technologies. We use Grunt as our frontend build tool. We use SASS as a CSS preprocessor. Our local environments are run on a virtual machine which is packaged in Vagrant. We use Git for version control and store our remote repositories on Github. We have three primary remote environments: production, staging, and CI. Out servers are traditional linux boxes run by our DevOps team. We have our Github repositories built out to our remote environments through Jenkins. Our production and staging environments have a DNS side caching layer run on Akamai.


Please reach out to me directly if you have questions: Leonard_Bogdonoff@condenast.com

San Francisco - InstaEDU

We're a 21-person education startup in downtown San Francisco looking to add to our engineering team.

InstaEDU is a marketplace for online tutoring. As more education moves online and video and collaboration technologies reach a point where they can properly replace in-person learning, we see an enormous opportunity to reach a much wider category of students. We’ve been growing quickly and announced our series A last August (http://techcrunch.com/2013/08/14/instaedu-series-a-battery-v...).

As we transition from beta to a global web application, we're excited to add new team members to our 10-person eng team. We're looking for engineers with strong python programming skills, proficiency with javascript, HTML, CSS, and experience working with Django, SQL/PostgreSQL, JQuery and/or Redis/NoSQL.

Along with full-stack engineers, we would be more than excited to speak to anyone with strong experience in mobile, dev ops, and data engineering.


Benefits of working at InstaEDU include: close-knit team all passionate about the product we're creating, weekly catered lunches and fully stocked kitchen, 401K, Medical, dental, and vision insurance, weekly Friday happy hour and monthly team events (Wine tasting trips, Giants games, Night tour of Alcatraz...)

Feel free to ping me at kate (at) instaedu (dot) com if you have any questions. To apply, send your resume, GitHub profile, blog, and/or any projects that you're proud of to jobs@instaedu.com. If you're awesome, we want to hear from you!

SAN FRANCISCO – Senior iOS Developer for Founding Team

Snowledge (http://snowledgeapp.com/)

We are looking for a Senior iOS Developer with the technical vision to build an app for the first true navigation and performance tracking platform for skiing and snowboarding.

About the Company

Snowledge is a mobile and web-based navigation and performance tracking community for the mountains. It equips skiers and snowboarders with valuable inside knowledge to navigate and explore their mountains, GPS technology to capture geotagged stats, photos, & videos, and a community to engage with each other and members of the ski and snowboard industry.

We are a seed stage startup with years of involvement in the skiing & snowboarding industry, including former Junior Olympic ski racing and current competitive big mountain skiing experience. We’ve raised a seed round of investment and partnered with 13 mountain resorts, in addition to a popular weather and snow forecasting site, to help develop and test our beta.

Desired Skills & Experience

As a Senior iOS Developer, you will work directly with the founder to go from mockups to working prototypes for a private beta group. You should be comfortable working at all levels of the stack, obsessed with measuring everything, detail oriented, and above all, hungry to succeed.

  ● B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Science
  ● 4+ years of professional engineering experience
  ● Expert knowledge of the Objective-C language
  ● Proven track record of developing quality apps currently available in the app store
  ● A mellow personality (but an insane work ethic)
Contact eric@snowledgeapp.com. Please include your resume, examples of apps and sites you’ve worked on, and your Github profile.

Startup from Hulu Founding CEO Jason Kilar and former Hulu CTO Richard Tom Located in San Francisco, CA (SOMA)

We're stealth, so we can't divulge product details yet, but we're looking to change the landscape of an industry or two. Our company will focus on building a multi-platform consumer facing service. We're big believers in the combination of great design, great technology and a compelling business model. We firmly believe that world-changing companies are the output of world-class teams and world-class cultures.

We're looking for strong developers who love to code in a variety of languages, tackling every portion of the stack.

If you're one of them, you can get our attention by following the rabbit hole @ http://thefremontproject.com/rabbithole.

Alternatively you can email us: devnull@thefremontproject.com. more info - http://thefremontproject.com

Chennai, India


Help us build our SAAS Smart Workplace Solution.

Our software typically integrates with real-time subsystems in buildings (think lighting systems, security systems, AHUs, CCTVs etc...) which we monitor and control as part of what we do.

We need a full-stack developer. We have interesting problems to solve.

Mail me at <haran at ecyber.com>

iOS Lead at Line-Up, London http://lineupnow.com Line-Up is rethinking mobile event discovery

Who we are looking for:

A Product-obsessive Are you focused on the ‘doing’; the creation of an app that you have developed to engage and delight the end user?

Best in Show Does the thought of the next release being featured in Best New Apps keep you striving for higher standards? Can you picture yourself at MWC picking up the prize for Best Overall Mobile App? Can you be focused on building the first truly global mobile events app that could be in the hands of billions?

Team Player Sure, you love to code. But do you also love being part of the product creation process? Pouring over analytics, user feedback; seeking and expecting critical review of your work and working with the team to iterate regularly to create the best app around?

Skills and experience

- Expert-level Objective C - Experience building consumer facing iOS apps - Experience with JSON REST APIs - Knowledge of RestKit and AFNetworking - A passion for processes and best practice - Strong, analytical approach to problem solving

About Us

Line-Up is a personalised What’s On app. A mobile-first ‘Time Out for the 21st century’ that offers unparalleled user experience and is powered by World-leading technology.

- One of the UK's top events app, launched in Manchester in December 2013 and shortly to be launching in London and rolling out across the rest of the UK. - Featured in Apple’s ‘Best New Apps’ - Our automated event listings technology also powers What’s On for global media brands - Seedcamp London winners and funded by top angel investors - Based at Warner Yard in Clerkenwell


Send examples of your work and your Github profile to info@lineupnow.com.

MeetMe - New Hope, PA (near Philadelphia, PA) - http://www.meetme.com

See all openings here: http://jobvite.com/m?3Je6egw2

About Us: MeetMe is the leading social network for meeting new people in the US with over 1 million DAU. We've been around since 2005 as myYearbook, rebranding in 2012 as MeetMe. We've launched other apps such as Choosy, Charm, and Unsaid in the past few months, and are looking to continue adding more standalone apps in the future.

We use a wide variety of languages, generally using what makes sense. C, PHP, Python, JavaScript and Node.js, and native iOS and Android development are the most common.

MeetMe is a fun place to work. We hold a yearly developer retreat, as well as regular company-wide hackathons. We have a book club, board game club, and we even have a game room. While we aren't a new company in the time scale of the internet, we still know how to have fun. We just get the benefit of not having to kill ourselves working 12 hour days. =) This means you'll enjoy actually going home on time! We have many openings, both technical and non-technical.

* Senior iOS Architect

* Senior Android Architect

* Software Architect

* System Administrator

* Director of Software Development

* QA Tester for Mobile Applications

* Sales Director (Digital Advertising Sales) in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco

You can apply directly here: http://jobvite.com/m?3Je6egw2

Or you can contact me at jlotito@meetme.com. I'm a developer, so feel free to ask specific developer-type questions.

Firefly - http://usefirefly.com - Philadelphia, PA node.js | socket.io | backbone.js

We’re a bootstrapped startup in the mid-six-figures in revenue and profitable from day one. We expect to more than double in revenue this year.

Over 7,000 small and medium businesses, 7,000 financial advisors, one US state and a top-ten US retailer use our software to help their customers. We power Olark’s cobrowsing.

Our cobrowsing software allows you to remotely connect up to a friend's browser see what they're doing, and collaborate in real time. It runs with pure javascript - no downloads, no installations, and no java applets. It’s not easy.

We typically sell in to big organizations in customer support, healthcare, insurance, and financial services. We’re looking for a head of enterprise sales as to help us scale. Previous experience is highly preferred. Compensation is a mix of base salary and commission. Email me (CEO) at dan[]usefirefly.com.

Khitchdee (http://www.angel.co/khitchdee/) Allahabad, India, The Software Engineer's Apprentice. We help students who have recently learnt programming build industrial strength software following best practices in software design and production. Our tools are tailored for a large population of students. We help them learn from each other. Our first focus area is software agents. We are building a Windows app called Inck that they can use to build their own software agents. This tool automatically documents their entire design and production process thereby making it easy to share. If you would like to join a 2 person team building Inck, as an apprentice, email me at rohit@khitchdee.com. In this position, you will learn about Software Product Lines and Generative Programming, both relatively new research areas in software engineering.

San Francisco - Full Time (Will Relocate)

Full Stack Developer At Mailgun

To apply just shoot us an email: hack@mailgun.net

Who we are:

- Mailgun is The Email Service for Developers.

- We make it easy for developers to implement email into their software.

- We're ex-YC and were acquired by Rackspace in 2012 but remain an independent product

- We move fast in a startup-like atmosphere but we have access to juicy hardware, large marketing muscle and world class data centers.

About our team:

- We love Linux, open source and enjoy contributing back.

- We have one 30 minute meeting a week and think that's enough.

- Our favorite GUI is ssh/bash, preferably served grey on black.

- We have a hot key for everything.

- Some of us have never dragged or dropped anything.

About you:

- You are an intellectually curious hacker.

- You can teach us how to do Javascript, Python, HTML and CSS right.

- You really know why REST is important in API design.

- You've managed your own memory on multiple occasions (successfully).

- You want to have an enormous impact on a product developers love.

- You believe the actor-model concurrency is a better idea.

- You know what an architecture astronaut is and you're not one.

We need help with:

- Taking care of our entire Control Panel including Javascript front-end, Python back-end and APIs

We offer:

- Competitive salary and benefits.

- Relocation to San Francisco, CA.

To apply just shoot us an email: hack@mailgun.net

Appinons - http://appinions.com - New York, NY

Appinions Inc. is a Manhattan-based startup that provides a SaaS influence marketing platform and services that let people see the web through the lens of peoples’ opinions. Behind the services is a natural language understanding platform, based on over a decade of research at Cornell University by Dr. Claire Cardie, Computer Science, and her students.

We're mainly a Java-based shop, and heavily use Hadoop/HStack, AWS, Spring, and JQuery. We focus mostly on front end user experience, big data, identity discovery, and NLP problems in free text.

Right now, we're mainly looking for full-stack style engineers, but we're in a growth mode, so if you think you can help us out, by all means, submit your resume!


Dimagi (www.dimagi.com) - Boston (Cambridge, technically) and Cape Town, South Africa

We are a small and growing social enterprise based in Boston that develops and deploys open source health and logistics systems in rural Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We offer a fun and stimulating environment, a chance to see the world, and to make a difference in places that need it most.

At Dimagi, you can create a great impact by creating great software. We're looking for talented programmers on our mobile (Android), web (Python, CouchDB, Django), and front-end (JS, Knockout) platforms who want to generalize across the stack, or specialize in one area.

For more information, please check out our careers page at http://www.dimagi.com/about/careers or feel free to email me directly (my username at dimagi.com) if you have any questions.

Tidal Labs -- NYC

Front End Developer

Tidal is a tool suite that helps publishers interact with their audience. We're looking for a talented front-end developer to help build new and exciting consumer-facing products built with beautiful design, UI, and UX. You'll be splitting your time working with both the dev and the design teams, building great interactive front-end JS tools and clean semantic HTML and CSS.

You'll be part of a growing thirteen-person team where every person still has a significant impact on what we do. We believe in balance and growth; you'll work on both cutting-edge technology and stable enterprise-grade tools alike.

You should be an absolute expert at HTML and CSS, and can code out prototypes in minutes. You're great at JavaScript and are very comfortable with more advanced JS techniques (we use Backbone.js specifically).

Email frontend@tid.al with a resume, portfolio, and a little about you.

.NET Software Developer. Remote full-time, international welcome.

US: We're DealerBuilt. We make DMS software that runs car dealerships. We're a young startup trying to unseat antiquated incumbents and we already count some of the highest volume dealerships in the world as our customers.

You'd be working on the Interfaces Team. Our team:

  - develops our large web API
  - builds integrations with partner software and hardware
  - creates DealerBuilt's advanced interfaces (mobile, etc.)
TECHNOLOGY: Our team is a .NET shop. We use C#, WCF, ASP.NET, WPF, Xamarin, JavaScript, and PostgreSQL.

YOU: We'd prefer candidates with a BS CS and 3+ years experience, but talented entry-level developers are encouraged to apply. You should be proficient in C# and SQL (Postgres preferred). Experience with our other technologies is a big plus.

Send resume and cover letter to avis.haberkamp@dealerbuilt.com.


Fulltime in New York City (Manhattan) or REMOTE

We aggregate consumer data through our web and mobile apps, providing a self-service analytics dashboard to brands and retailers.

For consumers, Stylitics is the way to intelligently manage their wardrobe and style decisions. Our mobile apps (average 4.5 star reviews) give users a smart virtual closet, where they can access their closet, and plan and share outfits from anywhere.

For the fashion industry, Stylitics has built a highly needed product offering, helping brands and retailers answer questions like “What does my customer own?”, “What competitors do they shop at?”, “What do they pair my items with?”, and more. Clients and Partners include Tory Burch, Neiman Marcus, Rebecca Minkoff, and Urban Outfitters. What we’re looking for: an experienced engineer who can move seamlessly between working with our client side application and helping us build our backend application and API services. If you have an interest in, and skills for, data analysis and visualization, even better!

Current technologies include:

Rails, Node, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Backbone with Marionette, Heroku, AWS, git, d3.js and lots more. We value TDD and craftsmanship in our code, and good communicators who aren't afraid to bring strong opinions to the table with code to back it up.

We'd love to have you in our New York office, but we know how to have a great remote team & experience -- our lead developer on the consumer products side was remote for two years before coming to New York, our lead for the b2b analytics product is currently remote, and we've had full or part time team members from all over. For remote candidates, it would be preferable if you're time zone is less than 8 hours from Eastern (NYC) time.

We offer a competitive salary and good equity on simple and straightforward terms.

If you're interested, please introduce yourself: jobs@stylitics.com

Originate (http://originate.com) - SF, LA, NYC, and Vegas

We are a 100+ team of hackers, venture pros, and entrepreneurs. We invest Software Development, Design, and Strategy in exchange for equity in startups.

Tech stacks are mostly RoR, Scala, Node, iOS, and Android, but our primary hiring criteria is being smart and understanding software development at the highest level.

* Engineering - Experienced & Entry Level

* Design - Graphic Designer, UI/UX

* Product - Project Manager, Product Manager

* Recruiting - Support Specialist, Recruiter

* Sales - Solutions Director


I've been an Engineer here for 6 months, here are a few reasons why it's the best job I've had:

* Extreme flexibility when it comes to time off, working from home, etc.

* The smartest, most driven team I've met.

* Engineers can have an impact on every part of the organization.

* 20% time to work on your own startup, of which you retain 100% ownership (seriously, this is better than google's 20% time!)

+1, our new york team is always looking for great developers at any level. bonus points if you're into FP √√√

Plated (New York, NY): Mid-Senior Level Ruby on Rails Developer


Plated is a NYC startup that is redefining the way we eat by reconnecting people to their food. As our young company is entering a growth stage, we need to expand our developer team – that’s where you come in!

Why us? This is an excellent opportunity for a seasoned engineer to scale a product and work with a company early on that will be a household name in 1-2 years.

Beyond brute intelligence and problem solving skills, we are looking for hunger, passion, and a general craving to help build a successful company.

More Info:




Periscope -- San Francisco -- User Experience Designer

Periscope is a data analysis tool that uses pre-emptive in-memory caching and statistical sampling to run data analyses really, really fast.

The slick UI and impressive backend speed sell the product, but the most important feature is the way the user experience encourages sharing and collaboration on charts and dashboards. Periscope spreads data throughout an organization, eventually instigating a culture change that makes the company more data-driven.

One customer recently said of Periscope: "It moved our data out of a closet and into a storefront."

We're hiring our first user experience designer, who will own this experience.

About You

   - You love the way that great user experience design enables users and makes them feel powerful within the product.
   - You have great respect for how the little details impact user behavior and happiness.
   - You understand that execution speed is a feature, and are comfortable with tradeoffs and making calls on the fly.
   - You have a demonstrated track record of shipping designs in modern web or mobile apps.

About Us

   - We're a team of 4 ex-Google and Microsoft PMs and engineers with venture funding, paying customers, and a spacious loft apartment in SF to work out of.
   - We consider our design that enables frictionless sharing and collaboration to be our most important feature.
   - We strongly favor rapid shipping over endless review and iteration.
   - We have close relationships with our customers. We see customers several times a month, and email with them several times a week.
Reach out to me (Harry, co-founder & CEO) at harry@periscope.io

More info: https://www.periscope.io/user-experience-designer Us: https://www.periscope.io

TrackMaven - http://trackmaven.com

Washington, DC [can relocate]

Full-stack development opportunity (Django/Python, Angular)

As a Software Maven, you will:

- Participate in the full development process (daily engineering stand-up, product planning, story estimation, code review)

- Learn and quickly integrate new technologies on the fly

- Collaborate with the rest of the product team to explore new features and concepts

- Assist the customer success team to ensure a good customer experience on our platform

- Promote best practices in software engineering

- Take ownership of your contributions and be able to manage your time efficiently

- Always be seeking out new ways to improve our product

- Work on new and interesting problems every day

To hit the ground running, you’ll need:

- A solid knowledge of Python and Django

- Significant experience with Javascript (we use CoffeeScript)

- Experience working in teams with source control (GitHub)

- The ability to stay focused on the big picture while tackling complex problems

- A silly and fun personality

It would be great if you also have:

- A working knowledge of AngularJS (very strong plus!)

- Experience with hosting full web apps (we use AWS, Linode, etc.)

- Experience with Agile software development

- A background in basic data science concepts

- Experience scaling web applications

- Portfolio demonstrating relevant past projects

- Active in the open-source community

To apply: http://trackmaven.com/careers

IBM Watson Software Engineer

Pittsburgh, PA

Lots of positions (Frontend, Backend, QA, Doc, Design)

Technologies used:

Search engine indexer/crawler written in C.

Cluster management, sharding, replication, tiering written in Java.

Connectors written in Java/Scala.

Frontend exploration and visualization written in JRuby on Rails.

Check out all the positions here:


New York City - Moat

Moat is a growing analytics startup with products in two core areas:

1) Analytics

We analyze content and advertisements for many of the most trafficked websites on the Internet. Receiving terabytes of data a day, we give our customers insights with metrics like ad viewability, attention and much more. Our client base is growing very quickly.

2) Search

We index the Internet for online ads. This helps advertisers, publishers, and companies in the ad-tech ecosystem see the ads their competitors are running and allows us to estimate each company's online ad footprint. We have a free product, moat.com and a premium product, Moat Pro.

Moat is turning into one of the largest Python shops in NYC and we're committed to open source technology. We’re looking for engineers in various roles up and down the tech stack to help us scale.

Openings can be found at jobs.moat.com

FortyTwo — Mountain View, CA — Frontend / mobile / backend (H1B okay, read below)

Hi all, I'm Andrew from FortyTwo. We're a well-funded Series A startup (~10 engineers) in Mountain View building https://www.kifi.com/. It's a lot more than a bookmarking service: we're building a search engine and content discovery system that blows away what's out there by letting you organize everything super easily, while not asking you to change your searching habits. We have a product that we love, and have lots to do still.

Right now, we're looking hard for:

• Frontend - we're building a cross-browser browser extension and a site using AngularJS. Ideal candidate is very comfortable with JavaScript, at least one backend (non-JS) language, and has used a thick-client MV* style framework. Full description is here: http://www.42go.com/frontend.html

• Mobile - we're building a soon-to-be-released iOS client as well as starting an Android client. Ideal candidate has experience releasing consumer mobile products, and has strong engineering skills to make an efficient and pleasant to use app. More here: http://www.42go.com/join_us.html#mobile

• Backend / Full stack - we use Scala, Play!, and Akka to build a highly-available, reactive backend to serve our clients. Ideal candidate has experience on the JVM, functional programming, and continuous deployment. More here: http://www.42go.com/join_us.html#backend

We blog at http://eng.42go.com, so check out some of the stuff we're working on. We're okay to sponsor H1Bs, but prefer Bay Area candidates already so we can move faster. To apply, email towel@42go.com with your resume/github/LinkedIn.

Kifi looks cool - the Chrome extension image link is broken on /install btw.

Whoops. Thanks, fixing.


DigitalOcean provides the simplest experience to launch and manage your server infrastructure online.

If you're interested in helping us tackle the major challenges of running at scale, these may be great opportunities for you.







If you don't know much about DigitalOcean, we're a cloud hosting company, who provide the simplest experience to launch and manage your server infrastructure online. We've been big news in the technology press recently, as we announced our Series A round of funding.


If you're interested in having an exploratory conversation, please contact me directly at martin@digitalocean.com

None of those posts mention remote. They all give off the impression that you're looking for NYC only. :(

Contino - London - www.contino.co.uk - No remote

We are looking for DevOps freelancers and contractors who can be available on site at our London based clients.

We have opening in the Linux, Puppet/Chef, Ansible, Python, Postgres, VMWare spaces at the moment.

Please get in touch on benjamin.wootton@contino.co.uk for more information.

Passport Parking - Charlotte, NC - INTERN, FULLTIME

We are bringing parking into the 21st century with a full suite of products to support the industry. We are looking to bring on 3 more developers on the team. Small team where everyone is highly driven and wants to win.

Check out our programming challenge. We use it to help find people that we would love to work with. http://easypparking.com/www/PassportProgrammingTest/ Feel free to send a resume but the challenge speaks to us more than the resume.

Shoot me an email if you want to chat more about the opportunity or just crush the challenge :-)

Cheers, Brad

brad.powers@passportparking.com http://passportparking.com

How long to you expect candidates to spend on the challenge?

Mutually Human - Grand Rapids, Michigan



We are a small team passionate about making people's lives better through software. We're currently looking for full-time software developers and designers.

A little bit about us:

  - We write custom software of all shapes and sizes for clients all over the US.

  - Though everyone here is fluent in Ruby, we don't artificially limit ourselves.
    Recently, I've worked with Objective-C, Backbone.js (inside PhoneGap),
    Angular.js, QT and of course Ruby.

  - We practice a sustainable pace. We recognize that we each have lives,
    activities, and families outside of work. Late nights and > 40 hour weeks are
    rare by design.

  - We're agile, but not dogmatic about it. Our process evolves to suit our needs.

  - We offer competitive salaries, health/vision/dental insurance, quarterly profit
    sharing, retirement + match, weekly catered lunches, and a top-floor office
    with snacks, guitars, and your choice of standing or sitting desks.

  - We run a makerspace in our building (http://grmakers.com), which gives us
    access to lots of cool tools and machines.
A little bit about Grand Rapids:

  - 2.5 hours from Chicago and Detroit, less than an hour to the beach.

  - Lots of great beer. Founders Brewery (a mile from our office) has 3 beers in
    the Beer Advocate top 15. HopCat is a “World Class” bar on BA.
    Just look here: http://beeradvocate.com/beerfly/city/43

  - If you’re renting anything larger than a breadbox in the Bay Area or NYC,
    you can afford a house here. I bought a nice house with a mortgage payment
    30% lower than the rent of my 1 bedroom apartment in Mountain View.

  - A growing technology and startup community.
A little bit about you:

  - You love making software, and you have a few years of experience doing it.

  - You learn new stuff quickly. You’ve used a lot of technologies, but you’re not
    afraid to use more. It would be nice if you use and love Ruby, but not required.

  - You believe software is written for humans, not computers.

  - You want to come into work every day and enjoy the people you work with.
I'm a software craftsman on this awesome team. If you're interested, get in touch with me:


Smartsheet - Bellevue, WA

Smartsheet.com is a well established and rapidly-growing Software as a Service (SaaS) company, offering an enterprise-ready cloud app for work management and collaboration. The award-winning tool is trusted by more than 40,000 businesses and millions of users in over 160 countries.

We have several open technical positions, including Senior and Principal Software Engineer roles, Systems Engineer, and Moblie (Android) developer. We are also hiring a few engineering INTERNs for the summer. Smartsheet.com is built with a variety of technologies, but you'll feel right at home if you have strong JavaScript development skills and some familiarity with Java.


New York (NYC) Thomson Reuters

Working on the team that makes Eikon and the underlying platform. You can learn about the group's work, mission, and leadership by jumping to 1:45:00 in this video https://www.media-server.com/m/p/moaghpeu

Jobs in product development, engineer in test, and dev ops.

We use: - HTML5/JS/Angular - Mobile (iOS/Android/hybrid) - C++ - Hadoop/HBase - DevOps: Java, puppet, Sensu, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch

Expertise in one of those sets is a big plus, but get in touch if you have interest and I'll see if we have a spot that interests you. Happy to grab coffee with anyone to have a casual chat about the possibilities.

Contact: Lou Franco lou.franco -at- thomsonreuters.com

Evans, GA - TaxSlayer [WILL RELOCATE]

We are looking for experienced Mobile Developers, preferably Android.

TaxSlayer is located in beautiful Evans, GA, near Augusta, home of the Masters Golf Tournament! This area offers beautiful weather, southern hospitality, and the ability to be at the mountains or beach in only a few hours.

Read more about what we're looking for at http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/51682/experienced-mobi... and learn more about us at http://careers.stackoverflow.com/company/taxslayer .

Or ask me anything since you'll be working with me!

Epoxy (http://epoxy.tv) in Venice, CA (Los Angeles; full time ideal, intern, remote and h1b considered)

Senior Node.js, Rails, Front-end and Data Engineering


Epoxy builds exceptional software for online video creators and viewers. Our tools help YouTubers and networks optimize their businesses and deepen the relationship with their audience. Our channel experiences provide viewers with new ways to connect with and experience the content they love.

Epoxy was founded by designers, engineers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about product and solving problems. Our backgrounds include Stanford, Brown, IDEO, Adobe, Mixpanel, Google/YouTube and Team Downey. There are a number of senior engineering positions we'd like to hire for specifically, but we're absolutely interested in hiring smart people who don't exactly fit any of those particular positions. In general, we look for:

* BS or MS in Computer Science, a related degree from a top-tier program or the equivalent experience and mastery in industry

* Substantial real-world engineering experience with products shipped

* Strong, well articulated opinions on product design and engineering issues along with genuine flexibility and enthusiasm for approaches other than your own

* Preference for fast-moving markets, products, teams and the sometimes-ambiguous and fickle nature of early-stage startups

* High personal value on culture and culture fit in a job

* Deep sense of personal product ownership and long-term interest in developing technical and soft skills

We're building on a thoroughly modern stack including Ruby, Rails, Node.js, MongoDB and friends.

Sound like something for you? Check out more complete descriptions at http://epoxy.tv/jobs or drop us a line at jobs@epoxy.tv. Thanks!

Cambridge, MA (Boston area) - Harvard University

This is a really cool opportunity, and I hope we can find someone on HN. If you are interested in the job, or even just want to tour our lab please reach out to me at jack#minardi,org

Mechanical Engineer, 3D Printing


The Jennifer Lewis research group at Harvard University is looking for a Mechanical

Engineer interested in precision stage design, extrusion systems and precision

deposition systems. The principal activities of the Lewis Group involve 3D printing of

functional materials for use in printed electronics, optical materials, light-weight

structures, and microvascular architectures for cell culture and tissue engineering.

Job Title: Mechanical Research Engineer, 3D Printing

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

• Develop precision stages for new 3D printing systems from consumer to industrial grade use

• Improve upon standard FDM extrusion systems for plastic printing

• Develop commercial and scalable methods to dispense custom inks, gels and other materials

Position Requirements:

• Passion for working with 3D printing and mechatronics systems.

• BS or MS in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering or other relevant field.

• Knowledge and experience in CAD design and design for 3D printing.

• Hands-on experience developing working mechanical systems, either through prototypes or real world applications.

• Experience with design for manufacturing, injection molding, and other manufacturing techniques is a major plus.

• Self-directed and focused, requiring minimal supervision to execute on goals.

• Strong communication skills with the ability to converse fluently to a range of different team members.

• Keen interest in scientific research and applying it to real world problems.

Tutum – New York, NY

We are currently participating in TechStars NYC, one of the top startup accelerators in the World.

Tutum is a new type of cloud computing service for developers built using Docker. If you haven't heard of Docker, it's the trendiest technology in virtualization. More here: http://www.docker.io

- We're looking for experienced growth hackers (marketing): Drive High Quality Traffic, Content Marketing, PR, Social Media Outreach, Manage Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Retargeting, SEO, Landing Page Optimization, Referral Program, etc.

- We're also looking for bloggers and writers. REMOTE OK.

- Full-stack developers/engineers also welcomed!

Please send your resume to borja@tutum.co

Tint (http://www.tintup.com) — San Francisco (SOMA), CA - Full Time

Looking for Full Stack Developers

Tint's mission is to help organizations drive deeper relationships with their customers through social media. We are a group of 8 engineers and customer happiness heroes with a profitable, sustainable business and a great working environment.

In February 2013, we made $493.93.

Last month (March 2014), we made $192,387.18.

Simply put, we have too many customers, and too few quick minds.

Join us on this incredible journey to become a market leader in the social media display and aggregation space. We have plenty of interesting engineering challenges to conquer and relationships to nurture with big brands with endless opportunity for personal growth along the way.

Some of the tech we work with: PHP, Ruby on Rails, AWS, Rackspace, Backbone.js


For more details

• on the positions: https://angel.co/tint/jobs

• on Tint company culture: http://www.tintup.com/about

• on our incredible journey: http://www.tintup.com/blog/tint-year-in-review-2013/

• on a few of our customers: http://www.tintup.com/clients


If you're interested, send an email to ryo@tintup.com with the following:

  * Resume or a link to your LinkedIn
  * What interests you with Tint?
  * A GitHub profile or equivalent. 
  * A project or open source contribution you are particularly proud of!
I'll read the emails along with the rest of our team and hope to see yours soon!

- Ryo

Is that made as in revenue, or profit?

New York, NY - Kindling - Lead Server-side Developer, Full Time

"Kindling is enjoyable software used by teams to discuss ideas, solve problems, and pursue opportunities."

We’re looking for a talented developer to lead backend development on our Art+Engineering team.

Enterprise software is going through a massive transformation, away from stodgy, poorly designed apps sold on lists of features, towards thoughtfully designed solutions that work across all devices. At Kindling our mission is to modernize the enterprise experience with software people enjoy using. For us this means a design-oriented approach based on clarity, coherence, and simplicity. We build state-of-the-art innovation software which empowers members of an organization to contribute to the life and growth of that organization.

At Kindling you’ll be part of a tight-knit, supportive, creative, collaborative team that is passionate about building great user experiences. We’re excited about new technology and you should be, too; we’ve recently added elasticsearch and a node.js and redis socket to our platform—you’ll have a big impact on those types of decisions.

If all this interests you, Kindling is the place to be.

Some tools and processes that we use and you should be excited about:

* Crafting great software with the user’s experience in mind.

* Object-oriented PHP and the Zend Framework.

* Test-driven development, PHPunit, and automated testing.

* MySQL.

* Developing and working with RESTful APIs.

* Patterns and best practices.

* Caching and content indexing.

* AWS, with an emphasis on scalability and reliability.

* Communication, documentation, and collaboration.

* Modern client-side web application libraries and practices.

If you're interested, check out: http://www.kindlingapp.com/jobs/lead-developer-with-a-missio...

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