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Might be worth a try to publish all the stuff affecting ranking, like site/domain-specific penalties, (hell)bans etc.

I wonder if ranking is domain specific or maybe too many from a specific site. There was a time where a whole slew of medium.com articles were being submitted, it was a little old.

I would hope sites that are just link aggregators are given less weight while sites (like medium) that are prone to having interesting content but get over submitted have an adaptive factor.

Someone once published a statistical analysis of the HN front page, where they were able to distill which domains are penalized. Medium.com was one of them. The post itself was quickly flagged and dropped from the front page, and I can't remember the link, sorry :/

The link is http://www.righto.com/2013/11/how-hacker-news-ranking-really...

I subscribe to Ken's blog and even sent the link to Daniel:

  Wow. This was some seriously good research and nailed some of the penalty
  numbers exactly. I mean, he did basically have the ranking formula and only
  had to solve for the variables, but it's still much better than anything 
  else I've seen.
It fell prey to the ring detector before either Daniel or I saw it on HN.

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