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What I was doing before I started YC: writing and programming.

Do you have particular projects worth mentioning here? How about Arc?

I'm going to keep writing essays. I don't usually decide what to write very far in advance though.

Yes, I'll be working on Arc again. (I've been working in Arc regularly, since HN is written in it, but I haven't been able to spend much time thinking about the core language for the last 5 years or so.)

It'd be interesting to hear what you think about Rich Hickey's work on Clojure. Things that surprised you in a good way, and things that you think it got wrong (i.e. things that won't be on the surviving main branch). I'm sure other lisp programmers would like to know your thoughts on this since Clojure has got itself quite a reputation in the last five years.

I know almost nothing about Clojure. I saw some example code around 7 years ago, but I don't remember it well.

He's making a bitcoin-fueled advertising engine for companies to sell patented dietary supplements on Facebook.

So no interaction on HN at all anymore?

He mentioned that he'll still be around in the link:

> I'll still be around as a user, but less frequently than when I felt I had to check the site every hour or so to make sure nothing had broken.

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