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FOBO (YC S11) - Lead Backbone Engineer, local marketplace for used goods (SF)
1302 days ago | hide
Fobo, a local marketplace undergoing rapid-growth, is looking to hire a talented front-end javascript developer.

Would love to chat, just shoot me a quick note at ed@fobo.net


We're well on our way to profitability (10% WoW growth leading to $1M run-rate, in just 6 weeks).

Fobo is built on Parse, with a native iOS client, and uses Haskell, typescript and coffeescript on the backend. We're looking for talented individuals with interest in this stack. Experience with Backbone, ember, etc., preferred.

This is a key technical hire, with significant equity and lots of room to influence the strategic direction of the company. The best fit will probably be someone hoping to be a technical founder in their next role.

FOBO has raised $1.6M from a number of top-tier investors such as YC, Kevin Rose, Dave Morin, Joshua Schachter, Chris Sacca, Tim Ferris, Index, Greylock, et al. Visit us at http://www.fobo.net

We're located in San Francisco's mission district, just blocks from BART.


FOBO - The Fastest, Easiest Way To Sell Your Consumer Electronics


Gadget Marketplace App FOBO Has Hit A Million-Dollar Run Rate


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