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Also, the silver lining in this is that it led to where I am now. My honest opinion of Genesis is that it was doomed from the start: I was a young, naive coder and did not know enough to make a project that ambitious work (even now, I still have my doubts in myself). I learned a lot over the following decade that hopefully puts me in a more capable position now. Also, for a bit of further clarification, my first job was at Goowy Media (not a game company), although I got job offers from EA and a few other companies but I did not want to work in the game industry (it is fun if you are independent, but mostly pretty bad conditions otherwise)...

All of that said, I myself am going to warn people against giving me money. This is obviously a very ambitious, very risky project and I want everyone to have a very realistic idea of what I am up against. Some people are willing to take that risk for the chance of producing something new and interesting, but not everybody.

I'd say go for it if it will support you to finish the project. I think now that kickstarter is common people are a bit more accustomed to giving money to projects and not necessarily expecting immediate results.

Thanks! Yes, unfortunately many people have differentiating ideas about what Kickstarter should/shouldn't be, so I really have to tip toe through a minefield not to piss anyone off.

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