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@gavanwoolery -- what kind of Hardware is the demo running on?

A single GTX 780, which is...I know, very yikes. It runs on far less, but you have to sacrifice visual detail. That said, if current patterns are an indication, a GTX 780 or equivalent will cost about $200-$250 or less (right now about $500 on Amazon, $700+ when it came out), in a few years when the game is released.

Ah, so it's GPU bound. So we'll have to wait quite a while for the tech to appear on mobile devices -- the smaller viewport might help, though given the current device resolution soon overtaking monitors...

How low level is the rendering/generation, is there potential for 5x optimization if you get closer to hardware?

Right now its just OpenGL, glsl, C++ - most of the generation occurs in GLSL, and the rest is basically rendering fullscreen quads. There is a potential for improvement with something like Mantle because there are so many requests sent to the GPU.

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