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Yep, I don't really blame the Oculus guys per se (if there were any blame that could be placed). I blame Andreesen Horowitz, which put $75 million in. It was basically an old fashioned pump and dump; when you put in that kind of money, you know where a company is headed: acquisitionville. :)

I do question if I would take $2 billion, because I'm not really in this for the money, so long as I have enough to survive. I actually passed up an opportunity for acquisition not that long ago (with another company) because I did not want the golden handcuffs, which would have been 3-5 more years of work I hate. Basically, I see this as almost my last chance to do something interesting with my life (its very tiring and I am getting "older"), I don't know if I could put a price on that. That said I'm not trying to act like I'm above money or something, I'd enjoy a billion dollars just as much as the next guy. :)

I think it'd be ok to sell a game engine to a game company, so long as the openness promises are maintained.

Oculus had the dev community rallied around them. They just had to create a platform and standards, sponsor the open metaverse and they'd be in a great position to make billions from portions of transactions / marketplaces / convenient ad services / etc, just like Google does with Android. Instead they sold to FB, who will no doubt pull an Apple. In an instant they destroyed the vision, and now we have to wait for the next Google to come along and prevent any one company from gaining too large a stranglehold in the mean time.

Oculus was certainly involved in the Andreesen Horowitz deal

That is true. I'm sure they were not that naive, but maybe I will give the benefit of the doubt; either way, the situation is kind of a mess, and could have been side stepped but $2b, (or $75m) is a lot of money, can't say I'd have the willpower to necessarily turn either offer down if I were in their shoes...they are a bigger company with lots of employees...not exactly a one man decision and I guess you have to think about what is best for the group. If I were offered a huge sum of money, it would not be worth it for me to take it unless I could be guaranteed total freedom, which usually is not the case - I'd rather have enough money and freedom than a buttload of it and some handcuffs. :)

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