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You are definitely right - the odds are severely stacked against me (and I say this with no hint of sarcasm). So why am I doing what I am doing? Well, I feel that someone has to try. Big companies don't seem to be trying much. Maybe I can rally enough of a team and financing that there is less risk, but I also want people to be aware of the risk.

Trust me, I doubt myself more than anyone else, every day, but at the same time I really just want to try, even if it means failing. :)

Even if the AI isn't 'emergent' or whatever overly ambitious goal you have, you still have a lot of stuff left that can make a great game. Hell minecraft AI is randomly generate monsters as you move and make them beeline towards you.

That's true...in the about page on the site, I state that I will be happy if I can accomplish a fraction of my goals, or something like that. :)

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