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beautiful PR execution by the Oculus/FB teams. They knew this acquisition would anger members of the community, and they timed this hire/announcement so as to quiet the predicted backlash. Brilliant execution.

Not an explicit PR move, but Carmack is explicitly asking for people to blog about their concerns re FB/Oculus, says he'll read them. He's looking for coherent articulation of risks, not kneejerk negativity, of course.


Actually, no, this is just the timing with which things happened.

Mike Abrash still worked at Valve last week.

So you think this just all happened in the last week?

To squash the backlash against Abrash leaving Valve, they should time the announcement of the next iteration of Half Life.

I think it will do some good on the dev side of things (ie: maybe Notch reconsiders), but for gamers I don't think Abrash has the requisite cachet to overcome their distaste for FB.

That said, when the consumer Rift is released I'm sure they'll fall over themselves to go buy it so it's probably not a serious concern.

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