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Gavan, this is amazing. Im trying to learn game development and graphics myself. Could you give me pointers on how to get started (tools, books, online tutorials, etc)? I want to get to this level of skill one day.

Hi - my advice is probably cliche but you are your own best teacher. That, and Google. I did not really have Google when I started game dev (resources were very poor 20 years ago, at least). Build things yourself if you are interested in how they work, otherwise I advise prebuilt engines like Unity or GameMaker. I used to be very poor at math in school but gamedev helped me learn it. I started out on the DirectX tutorials that came packaged with the DirectX SDK (I had done other stuff prior, but DirectX was where I really got into 3D programming). There are plenty of good OpenGL tutorial sites out there but Google will know the links to everything better then me. :) If you want to really learn 3D programming, write a software renderer, you will learn a lot and its not as difficult as it might seem (although it is quite hard).

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