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Thanks! Minecraft has kind of defined the new voxel, but I like the old-school Nova Logic look. :)

I like this retro look too.

It enables you to make the players feel like "back in the days", but also to surprise them with state of the art concepts.

Games that are made like this create the feeling most people hope they get, when they play old games. They think about the times they had, play it again but often isn't as good as in the past, because over time they got used to much more stuff, which is missing in the old games.

Very nice work, really great to see how it's improved as a result of your sustained effort.

Also - I remember that Nova Logic game (Commanche?).

Yes, Commanche was my first experience with voxels...I was never huge into flight sims but I played it just for the graphics. :)

Really, many of the NovaLogic games (Comanche, the Delta Force series, and there were jet simulators and tank simulators as well.) I think they all used the same (or at least, a related family) of voxel + polygon engine(s).

Does NovaLogic still develop new games? They announced Delta Force: Angel Falls in 2008. Their website looks quit dated too. A new Delta Force, Comanche, Joint Operations or F22 game would be great. Sadly RAH-66 Comanche has been canceled in real life.



I used to associate voxels with Minecraft too, but engines like this one made me see things differently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj1UQ7yL4mw

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