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Very very pretty graphics. I love that it doesn't look like voxels.

I wonder if you could use this to import and export meshes from a physics sim?

If you could turn the brick wall, for instance, into a Havok mesh, simulate knocking it down, and then convert the results back into voxel land you could do some really neat turn-based persistent-world destruction stuff.

That would be cool...there is some 3D Studio Max Pluggin IIRC that does a lot of pretty cool voxel destruction stuff...don't remember the name. I have thought of doing more interesting fractures though, could be a cool effect (i.e. use a voronoi point cloud to fracture a wall into several sharper pieces).

To nudge a brain cell or two, the plugin is RayFire ( http://rayfirestudios.com/ ) and is a really awesome tool for destruction!

Yes that's the one!

My company sells a destruction plugin as well - http://exocortex.com/momentum Similar to ray fire.

Wow, that looks awesome! :)

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