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Really great work! A few quick questions - is the engine restricted to rendering from a fixed viewpoint as in your demo, or is that just a facet of the game you want to build with it? Also, would it be possible to speed up rendering by identifying occlusion from the viewpoint and not rendering those voxels as opposed to the "building up" demoed in the video?

Really great stuff!

Thank you! Yes, no occlusion culling yet, that could speed it up quite a bit (but additionally the user can cut away at any predefined layer interval, so maybe everything needs to be rendered?).

Rendering does not have to be fixed point, I've thought up ways to do first person view, but it would require projecting each chunk onto a sphere and wouldnt work well for non convex chunks. Anyhow for now I have to pick my battles so only isometric at the moment :)

Does it support rotating around the main viewpoint at 90 degrees? I can imagine some really cool tactical battle sims, since the buildings have interiors, but things getting hidden by buildings might make it a bit fussy. Being able to quickly rotate around a building, even at fixed angles (a la sim city) would solve that.

Come to think of it, a simcity + simtower combo game would be great. Zone out an area, then choose what goes in each building and slice away sections of buildings to watch the ants go about their business.

Could do 90 deg rotations fairly easily, but it would require a rerender (or rendering several views simultaneously). Right now you can cutaway at several levels so I guess it kind of works for seeing behind buildings.

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