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Definitely. Or that it's better to stand together than to fall separately. Or that during this moment of transition they're mostly likely to win out. Or that they want to be on record so that if something does happen, they'll have better material for a press push or a lawsuit. Or that they figure they might as well give fixing things a try before they leave Mozilla. Or a bunch of other things.

The notion that them speaking out now proves that they have nothing to worry about is ridiculous. If nobody had spoken out, that would also have been used as proof that everything is fine.

Have these employees been harmed in any way? Has Brendan Eich ever even been accused of mistreating another Mozillian because of his views on this issue?

In short, are they speaking out against real offenses, or merely hypothetical ones?

These are employees who are dogmatic and who may have mistakenly believed they were working for a political organization rather than a technology company.

If Brendan Eich being CEO means they are not able to perform their duties as stipulated in their employment contract, they should resign.

He has already worked against their civil rights. They can choose to overlook that if they want, but fear of mistreatment is real and justifiable.

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