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>"marriage"? What is that?

Marriage is a defined legal construct, not an abstract idea.

>We can't punish people for participating in our form of government, even if we disagree with them.

Of course we can. It's the government that can't. We can freely choose who we associate with, and we can freely choose to not associate with people who hold opinions that we feel are immoral, even if the opinion isn't illegal.

>> Of course we can. It's the government that can't.

Is that true? I'm not American or a lawyer so I don't know what workplace discrimination laws are like, but I would assume that in many western countries, you can't legally discriminate against or harass workers or fellow employees based on their beliefs.

This opens up a legal question to which I don't know the answer: Where would these "step down" tweets tread legally with respect to workplace harassment?

I don't think he could be fired for his belief. The goal is to pressure him to step down of his own accord.

You may have a point on workplace harassment, although I would doubt that he would push for that because of the negative PR that would rain down upon the company.

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