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Ask HN: Is Ryan Bates okay?
209 points by mmanfrin on Mar 25, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 30 comments
Ryan Bates announced he was taking a monthlong break from Railscasts -- he then updated saying he would be taking another month. It has now been about 7 months since his last message on the site, his last tweet, and his last commit on Github (except for one day in October). Is he okay? It is great that he is taking time off, 400 screencasts is a library if content to create, but he seems to have completely dropped off the face of the internet -- and with his last few communications sounding very tired, it is a little bit worrying.

From Reddit 28 days ago (http://www.reddit.com/r/rails/comments/1ysbdb/any_news_about...):

"I am a friend of Ryan's, and know his dad as well. I haven't talked to Ryan directly, but his dad assures me Ryan is doing very well, and has just been on a very much needed break. He also does plan to return to Railscasts."

I think frankly there's a lot of techies I know who are so burnt out they don't even remember what it feels like not to be burnt out. There's a lot of people who could really do with putting every electronic device in a box for 6 months and just breathing fresh air, thinking new thoughts, and doing things in the "real" world for a while. I hope that's what Ryan is doing and I hope it's working out for him.

I just left my job recently. It's amazing how good it feels to work on yourself and not to work on a product.

Second this. I left my job 7 months ago intending to start a startup. I stared at the computer screen and just couldn't type. Instead I've just taken the year off to spend time with my kids and homeschool my son for the year while my wife went back to work.

I was recently laid off, but it was one of the best things that happened to me. I had become involved with so many projects and was being constantly interrupted, that I could not hardly get anything done anymore. I tried putting in 60 hour weeks to catch up, but I would come in and just stare at the computer screen for an hour or two each day before I could get any work done. Now in my unemployment I've been working out consistently and feel like I'm emerging from a deep fog. It occurred to me the other day "Oh yeah, this is what real life feels like."

I should probably work out. I've been drinking a lot of bet and coding really bad toy programs :P

That said, I agree. Turn that bad experience into something good.

Sabbaticals rule. Surfing in Bali, traipsing through Patagonia, jump on a freight train or choose your own adventure.

Yeah, but it is easy to still stay plugged in. It takes work no matter where you are to not jack.

That's a choice. Leave the cell at home. Pickup a burner in country only when you need it. Problem solved. It's up to the individual to actually unwind or stay burned out.

Easier said that done. One can do that here, one doesn't need to go on a world trip sabbatical to unplug and recharge. Better to keep the steady state. All I am saying is that it takes mental energy, the mechanical act of "unplugging" is as simple as not charging your cellphone.

It doesn't take any energy to leave a cell phone at home before leaving for an airport. On day four, I can assure you, you'll still be alive, worrying about your HN karma, taxes or whatever.

What people most often search the entire world for is only found inside. If they never found it, going everywhere and doing everything is never going to help. Only people that are centered enough but just temporarily exhausted can actually enjoy an exotic vacation or just going for a walk.

That's nice to hear. His videos were very useful when I first started using Rails.

I hope he comes back refreshed as ever and continues to educate thousands worldwide. I'd love to see some of his content touch on integrating something like AngularJS/Backbone into a Rails application.

I don't know Ryan directly or personally, but I think this whole situation speaks volumes to the effects of burn out, plaguing out industry.

I've also wondered why Ryan never reached out to his audience for people to intern during his downtime.

All in all, just my two cents on the issue, from two view points.

That's a relief. Thanks for the update. I miss his videos.

Shouldn't this post now be deleted given the Reddit article? Seems sort of pushy if Ryan wants to be left alone for a little longer to keep such a thread up that has no news value.

Can't speak for Ryan but I think its nice to see how much the community supports him.

I wish he'd start charging me again.

I'm cool with paying for the work he has already DONE, I don't need new work or new things, the back catalogue, even if it was free, would be something that $9 is and amount I'd happily pay.

This. I subscribed to railscasts for the massive, incredibly useful catalogue. Not in particular for the new content every week.

I'm also totally happy to continue to pay. I'm sure we're not in the minority.

If you're reading this Ryan: <3

He's literally made the world a better place

<3 you Ryan, hope you're well.

<3 you Ryan, owe you my business

He was last active on Github in October: https://github.com/ryanb?tab=activity

you don't have to keep making vids but don't pull a why__ lol

Hope he is doing well!

Did the links to stackoverflow remind anyone else of how they found DPR?

you da man, Ryan!

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