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I have a site that receives >200k daily uniques from Turkey. I feel like I should put something up to tell my Turkish users about how to get around their government's Internet blocking, but I'm not sure exactly what to put up. Is there a link for this specific purpose? Should I just give them a link to Tor?

I think hola.org would be a good recommendation - it's a free p2p proxy service. I used it to watch hulu and it worked quite well with a simple UI.

Is hola really a p2p proxy? I thought it just inserted a proxy.pac into Firefox/Chrome to do whatever it wanted with your web browser. Either way, it might be good for watching streaming video, but I wouldn't trust it somewhere that Twitter is blocked.

You can use hola against cencorship.From reading a bit around the web, it seems that most of the time it does work in china, the country with the most advanced censorship tech.

Tunnelbear is providing free Giant Tunnelbear package for people from Turkey[1].

It is easy enough to use and gets the job done perfectly.


If you can afford the bandwidth, put up a mirror of the Tor executables and also consider becoming a Tor bridge.

I think Tor is probably the best option. For now, I've just put up a link[0] to the Turkish short Tor manual[1]. As far as I can see, the Turkish government hasn't block the Tor project's site yet(?). If they do, but they don't block my site, I'll look into hosting a download myself.

[0] http://imgur.com/MSXfVyH [1] https://www.torproject.org/dist/manual/short-user-manual_tr....

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