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I've had really negative experience with these type of criminals.

I was hired as a CEO at an <unnamed> company ($200m+ revenue) and we were hit by this type of attack.

Every second of being down cost us literally $10k, so we quickly negotiated with criminals for $5k one time payment and they stopped the attack.

Unfortunataly a few weeks later we were hit by 3 new attacks. Apparently the word had spread and these new attackers demanding $50k.

We were not going to pay $50k but I was also unable to stop the attacks. I was let go a few days later as we had a down time of 2 days and I wasn't able to fix this problem.


That's a good reason why it's never a good idea to pay for DDOS threats - in many other popular extortion scenarios such as kidnapping, blackmail w. secret info or mafia 'protection money' for storefronts, the deal generally doesn't allow other, new attackers to make the same demands, so you actually are getting some protection - but here it does simply mark you as vulnerable.

Same goes when bribing a cop here. If you bribe too much you're targeted as easy money among the other cops here. Say for example you're caught driving without your insurance, you bribe and then every other cop knows you don't have insurance and squeeze you for money left and right.

Source: 3rd world south america

Why did it fall on your shoulders and not the CTO / tech team? How did they let you go in a few days? They called a board meeting immediately after to fire you?

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