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This is good, but also somewhat inevitable.

It's interesting that all announcements play up the interim CEO's involvement in Firefox OS. I have felt for a long time that it's going after the wrong target in Android, and should instead go up against Chrome OS. Will be interesting to see how the priorities change, if at all.

Mozilla is not going "against" others for the sake of it. We build what we feel is better for the web and its users, and we do it where we think we stand a chance of being successful at a large scale.

As for proposing an alternative for ChromeOS, I'm mentoring a GSoC project to turn firefox OS into a Desktop Environment (see https://wiki.mozilla.org/Community:SummerOfCode14#Firefox_OS...) which could be a first step in this direction.

> Mozilla is not going "against" others for the sake of it.

Brendan Eich is, though, apparently.

Yes, yes, proposition 8. There is a big fucking thread up there if you want to partake in more cheap shots.

Why do you think Android is the wrong target? Mobile is in much greater of a need for browser disruption than is desktop, where competition is fierce and led to many wonderful innovations.

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