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From my reading it seems that they are fully consistent between the three nodes in their cluster. This seems to suggest that any failure will block writes. It also seems like since each node has a full copy of the index, that means your entire index must exist within the confines of one machine. So how large of an index can you have in reality? Am I missing something?

It seems they accept writes as long as at least two clusters agree to accept it (which the majority in the 3 clusters etting the have).

I would think that each cluster has the whole index, so any cluster can be used for reads.

I would also think they have multiple such triple-clusters; one triple for each important customer.

(It is difficult to know if a (logical) node is actually a cluster or not.)

We can continue to index if one host is down and we can continue to search if two hosts are down. If a host is down, we are able to continue indexing because of consensus (2/3). When the host will be up again, it will retrieves the missing jobs from the 2 others servers and apply them to be exactly at the same level.

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