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Would you guys say this is more of a west coast issue then east cost ?

Well, I can tell you that in the midwest, if anything, the difficult part is to find young developers. Back when I started, it was not uncommon to have 22 year-old dev leads. a 30 year-old was a dinosaur, or in management. Today, most companies around here are pretty much ignoring kids out of school, and hiring 30 somethings. Last year, I worked in a team where the youngest dev had been programming professionally for 15 years, and we weren't working with any old legacy stuff.

What has happened is that most of the bad developers that I worked with 20 years ago are working in banks or outside of development, because it's much easier to hide your incompetence in our 20s than in your 40s.

Now, Silicon Valley is full of fresh meat, and of companies whose best asset is having a guy that is fluent in venturespeak, so I am sure the experience is very different. Just like it's harder to find a .NET job in Seattle if you haven't worked at Microsoft before, given how many former Microsoft employees are available to compete with you.

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