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Not only should the data be recorded, but it should also be 'live streamed' to the public. I placed live streamed in quotes as I could see the need for some sort of delay simply due to the sensitivity of the information - plus some level of post-processing would need to be done to ensure innocent parties faces are not being displayed.

Police behavior is such a broad ranging topic, simply having their actions recorded does nothing to solve the root of the problem. One of the topics I'd like to see addressed is their 12 hour work day. For what appears to be an enormously stressful job, it seems like some form of torture to ask law enforcement to always be on duty for such long stretches at a time. I really think that to get back to the 'To Serve and Protect' mantra we need to start treating policemen like humans first.

No, I would disagree.

You can keep the data open to the public with some constraint. Such as, you can request a copy of video from a certain timeline if you are on the video or have the permission from someone on the video. If you can prove such information, then they have to hand it over.

I'm more interested in how to handle the news media on this type of thing. It would seem maybe the media cannot access the video unless they have similar permissions or if the video has been submitted as evidence in some way.

While I see where you're coming from, I think that'd be a logistical nightmare.

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