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As I understand it, they were still allowed to hire from each other, they just agreed not to poach employees from each other. That doesn't sound so unreasonable to me.

I can see your point. Even without written agreements there are unspoken agreements amongst friends in this regard. For example, if I own a small business, and so does one of my friends, it goes without saying that him poaching my team would feel like a stab in the back.

What I find interesting in this whole story is the value that these executives put on the teams they have built. Of all of the things that Steve Jobs could be worried about as the CEO of one of the largest companies in the world, he's spending his time stressing about losing a few engineers to Google? As an engineer this makes me happy, but I still find it a bit surprising.

These executives knew an agreement like this would have to be delegated to a vast number of people. To me this means they didn't think it was a big deal. I say that because if they were doing something they viewed as extremely illegal they would have been concerned that someone in the delegation path would blow the whistle. Seems to be a crisis of perspective at that top.

> he's spending his time stressing about losing a few engineers to Google?

That is the amusing part! The agreement explicitly excludes engineers.

From the article:

"3. Additionally there are _no_ restrictions at _any_ level for engineering candidates."

(emphasis theirs)

This was about sales and management.

That's extremely interesting, but how does it jive with the emails about the Safari team? The Safari team probably has some management, but I assume it does not have a sales department.

Why was this downvoted? The discussion in these articles has all seemed to ignore the fact that engineers were explicitly excluded from the agreements.

Because it's wrong? That line is in the "Restricted Hiring" part of that document. The "Do Not Cold Call" section didn't include that caveat.

Wow, this whole hubbub about them keeping down engineer salaries is completely disingenuous if that line applies across the board.


Because its an anticompetitive attempt to suppress employee wages?!

For the same reason as why big companies can not cooperate prices with each others. If they do, free market can not do its magic. Free market works only if there are many competing independent players, everybody knows everything and everybody can change who he is making business with at any time.

Indeed, I am even more confused about this now that there's email evidence. The agreement is about active recruiting not blowing off applicants.

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