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constructive criticism: I'm a git user, but, if you need D3 graphics to explain a svc... can we at least accept that git concepts are not intuitive?

We switched over to git from svn recently at work and the amount of confusion and accidents is crazy. I've been using git (mostly solo to two coworkers) for years, but there are still issues I run into where I'm stumped. I look things up all the time.

You kind of need git training in cases like this. Unfortunately, we didn't have any.

May I ask what it is about git concepts that you find un-intuitive? To me personally, git makes a lot of sense conceptually, although the use cases of some commands can be a little confusing at first (e.g. `git checkout` for both switching branches and undoing changes to a dirty working copy).

Oh, absolutely. I have yet to meet someone who didn't take several months to feel comfortable with it.

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