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The world is full of assholes and yet there is only one Steve Jobs. If you are thinking of emulating him, I say stick to his better sides: understanding the industry, positioning, marketing, branding, public speaking and of course product design.

Wholeheartedly agree. After the Isaacson book came out I read story after story of "entrepreneurs" who had decided to emulate him in all the wrong ways. They chose to ignore the fact that in addition to being a complete dick a goodly part of the time he also had the ability to inspire fierce loyalty in people and I'm sure it wasn't by being a dick. If he saw you as valuable (e.g.; Jony Ive) then you got treated better.

That said, in my experience, you'll get WAY more out of people if you treat everyone with respect if and until they do something to cause you to lose that respect. And even then you're better off having a polite but firm attitude.

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