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Are there any known allegations or just flat-out known instances of Steve Jobs getting physically abusive with any of his employees or in the workplace environment?

It's obvious he was verbally and emotionally abusive person and he was generally an all-around asshole, but I've never heard of him getting physical, and that sort of surprises me.

Physical and psychological abuse are morally equivalent.

Morals tend to come from a body of ethics. It seems like what you're saying is "I think they should be considered equivalent" and therefore if you were to propose a set of morals that some society would adhere to, being mean to people would constitute property damage or something. Of course, that's bonkers, but you should distinguish between what you think should be the case and what is.

Downplaying emotional abuse as "being mean" is disingenuous.

I don't think so, it's all mental and non-physical. That's the point.

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