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I was thinking about making a similar product (http://ciaocards.com/), so it's very interesting to see such a thorough post on your journey with your app. When I was evaluating my idea I was mostly worried about a small revenue (B2C, hard to market, not crucial when learning languages) which I see unfortunately is the case here. I wish you getting more traction and customers!

You probably made a wise choice!

Nice landing page. I'm curious if you had a good solution for getting highlights from user's Kindle accounts. I looked into it briefly and found I could only access the highlights via a HTML page, but perhaps I missed something and there's a better way. If they provided an API that would be awesome!

Nope, I haven't found anything better so far. I have a prototype which I use for myself and I use scraping to get the highlights, but that's far from ideal - not everyone will enter their password for Amazon in a third party application (I wouldn't do it, for one).

No API, but someone has bundled up the scraping into a gem for you: https://github.com/speric/kindle-highlights

Very cool, thanks.

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