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Keep is a totally different service.

You can compare Pocket with Instapaper, ReadItLater and similar sites.

To explain further: Pocket (and equivalent)

1] strips out all the extraneous cruft from an article, keeping only the text (in a typeface and font size of your choosing) and any included photos/videos;

2] acts as a centralized archive of articles, which can be tagged and favourited at will (so you don't need to bookmark articles in the browser for later reading); and

3] is available across multiple devices (phones, tablets, PCs) for a single account, including offline access.

It's an awesome experience to simply right-click-save interesting articles in your desktop browser during a work break, knowing that you'll be able to read them whenever and however you like, for example on your tablet in bed in the evening.

Pocket is actually ReadItLater rebranded ;)

Is there any reason to switch to pocket over Instapaper?

I remember switching from Instapaper to pocket, don't remember why though.

Give it a try yourself, that's the only sure way to find out.

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