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Worked hard for 10 years in various web development shops, started a company with two of the smartest people I met during that time, sold it, worked through golden handcuffs, and had a nice exit. Now I live off of interest from fixed income investments and am currently looking to pivot my career from web development into computer graphics/games/VR since I think a revolution is coming. I love programming and don't need to work but really want to build cool stuff. In broad strokes I'm where I set out to be when I graduated in college -- I didn't know the tactics but I knew the strategy. I'm in my early thirties.

This is probably the most important book you'll read at your age:


jabbathehut, you've just described my situation as well. Worked hard for 8 years at various VC/self-funded startups as founding hire, went solo in between startups, and don't need to work either - although for me, it is more of a combination of passive income and frugal living - I like to work and solve problems. I recently lived in South America for six months and realized after the novelty wore off that I really wanted to make cool things that will change the world in a big way. In fact, I ended up spending most of my time working on this while living there, so I came back to the US to move things faster.

May I ask where you're based out of? The computer animation/games/video revolution is definitely coming and I see very valuable applications of the technology outside of the gaming space. The immediate opportunity/problem I'm working on solving is in a growing global niche market. The idea came from a problem I had in this space. Users (including myself) are paying lots of money but there's nonexistent innovation and almost every user I spoke with is in interested in trying this. I'm fairly location independent, and I'd love to meet up/chat to talk more; if you're interested, please feel free to email me at yuzshan [At] gmail [d0t] com

PS I'm also in my early thirties. Great book by the way.

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