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Flash is the plateform and the IDE, and nothing will replace the IDE regarding how easy to create and organise animations.

Sure,you can code in a text editor, But a designer cant do precise and complex animations with a text editor.

Editing and creating animations are 50% of the value of Flash and that's why the IDE is still necessary to develop games, wether they are HTML5 or mobile ones. Yes there is Unity but Unity is 1/ more expensive than flash 2/ sucks at 2d asset creation.

So no, Flash isnt dead,by a long shot.

Did you even read the article? you can keep using the Flash authoring tool and its native flash vector animations if you like

And the "dead" from the title refers to support from Adobe. The entire post is about how you can still target flash using OpenFL, haxe, etc.

Check out Stencyl 3.0+ [1]. It's a GUI game-creation toolkit and IDE with a game runtime written in Haxe.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stencyl

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