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I just spent a year living in South Western France which is the most socialist part of France. (I'm a US citizen based here most of the time and I'm a CEO).

If you want to see the result of wealth redistribution, go check it out yourself. You'll meet young men and women in the prime of their lives who spend their entire day in a coffee shop and later a bar, sipping a beverage discussing art, culture, poetry, how business - all business exploits the proletariat, and how government owes them even more than the roughly $25K per year they get for doing nothing. Then go talk to the entrepreneurs in the same district and learn where those wages originate and what it costs business both in taxes and their ability to find and retain staff.

I can assure you that the restful classes are alive and well and are waiting for this idea to take root and flower into contempt for innovation, entrepreneurship and hard work with a massive drain on those who do contribute.

I realize I'm supposed to be horrified, but that actually sounds better than the current situation in America.

Can you give more details? What are rates of childhood malnutrition like? How hard is it for the sub-middle-class (or, God forbid, the unemployed) to get medical care?

I agree with you. So don't tax the innovators and entrepreneurs. Leave their income alone. Tax the land owners who generate wealth for themselves while contributing nothing to society. Tax the unproductive rent-seeking wealth of those who attain their position not through innovation but through dependence on and manipulation of the political class. Institute a land value tax and leave productive incomes free from taxation. Let the landlords pay rent to society in the form of a basic income for all.

Also, ban French.

Tax the unproductive rent-seeking

Underlying your position is the assumption that society can properly arbitrate what is "unproductive rent-seeking" versus "socially destructive entitlement culture." Depending on your circumstances, your opinion on what these things are will differ, and in a democracy, the whims of the majority will win out, regardless of economic reality.

> the roughly $25K per year they get for doing nothing

If you think that you can get that amount of money from doing nothing in France, you must have spent that year on crack. Do you have any idea how the french welfare state works? The minimum income (if you're eligible) is currently about €6000 per year. And that's not even enough to pay rent in most french cities (I'm paying €700/m for a 35 m², one bedroom, apartment in one of the poorest suburbs of Paris).

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