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I have ~1900 karma so I'll be one of the endorsers ... but I am not sure I want to be. I think this is a very aggressive change and one that puts too much power in the hands of people like me. Just because I have enough free time to sit around and rack up HN Karma doesn't mean I should control the speech of other, newer users.

Also I think the delay caused by waiting for endorsements on comments will really kill a lot of fast-moving comment threads. it will make it harder for people to have a discussion until the 1000+ karma gods take notice of the thread and throw enough endorsements around to make the comments visible.

Disqus just turned off the ability to see how many people have downvoted a comment.

So now every comment will look positive and be re-affirming instead of challenging someone to think, "Hey, I agree with that comment, but hundreds of others have disagreed, maybe I should read the thread to see why people disagree, maybe there is something I should learn about."

There is too much gaming of comments. Let people speak freely, moderate for illegal stuff, and be done with it.

Karma 2600 or so. I don't have time to sit around much but I do like some of the more recondite niches of domain knowledge that get air time on HN. My own niche is dynamical systems. You would be surprised what effect a very small amount of damping can have on a dynamical system.

I would suggest that the proposed damping system if introduced should be reviewed after a few months. I suspect however that the main effects will be qualitative and so hard to analyse. I have gained a lot from deeply forked comments where one person provides me with a fact or Web site.

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