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Some thoughts:

1) It would be fun to try this on only a subset of articles posted, so we could get real A/B testing on how well it works. The same issues get posted under multiple submissions, so we could see if the quantity and quality of comments is improved by pending, independent of the topics.

2) "showpending" to allow <1000 karma people to view the pending comments, much like "showdead" today.

3) These's now a huge incentive to farm a few 1001 karma point alt accounts. You can do that with a few submissions.

+1 for showpending. At least allow people some way to choose read what's being intentionally kept out. Might be interesting.

I keep showdead turned on for purposes of the hellbanned folks, some of whom really don't deserve the ban.

I wouldn't turn on a showpending, though. If you can't get a few users to endorse you, it probably wasn't worth saying.

I suspect anything remotely substantial will get the endorsements it needs. The userbase here is more diverse than is readily apparent.

As someone with 24k karma, I'd like a way to turn showpending off, too. Like, whenever I read an article about certain topics, I'd like to not be forced to see the pending comments. (I'll probably just use incognito-mode for that)

These's now a huge incentive - keep things in proportion :) Presumably, there are (or can be) checks for heavily reciprocal accounts.

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