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"Since I'm going to check out of HN at the end of this YC cycle"

To be clear, you mean you are going to stop maintaining the codebase of HN, not stop actively participating in the community, right?

It's impossible to predict the future perfectly, but I hope to leave completely. The only YC thing I'm going to do is office hours with the startups.

So you're making a radical change to a site you don't even intent to carry on using, like a student society president changing all the rules just before they graduate?

Any idea what you'll be doing next?

What I was doing before: writing essays and software.

Would love to hear about the software :)

Don't tell me you're going to be starting a new startup?!

In Arc, or...?

can't respond to PG's comment directly for some reason. Any cool software ideas you'd like to briefly share?

You have to wait or just click "link".

Why do you hope the leave completely? What's next? :(

What led you to this conclusion?

I feel suddenly very sad. I don't think HN will be the same without PG. I hope this frees your time to write more essays.

Does this have any impact on Arc? Are you still going to be using it for things you make? I hope you are.

I am going to be a @henchgoon

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