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Basic income already exist for some people, it's extended unemployment checks + food-stamps.

If a person were getting 10x the amount a person gets on unemployment + food stamps, you might be able to call that basic income.

Please show us all how a person living in a US city could survive on food stamps, ethana.

Aside from the fact that the Daily Mail is a tabloid which makes its money primarily from inflaming right-wing sensibilities while misreporting or fabricating stories, this seems like a particularly ludicrous assertion considering that it would imply a far higher rate of welfare fraud than actually happens.

Could you tell us how much money it's possible to claim from the system, and how much a realistic minimal standard of living might actually be? If you do your research honestly, you might find it illuminating.

anecdotes != data

The 47 millions food-stamp recipients disagree with you.

I am glad that someone is speaking up on their behalf, but I don't get your point. Have you spoken to each of these 47 million individuals? Are you one of them? Are you just letting your butt do the talking? We'll never know.

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