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An alternate, but maybe not more plausible explanation, is that the employee sent the email on the Google office network and the traffic was being logged anyway.

The employee used a non-google account according to the article.

Are you saying that it's 'normal' that companies log everything going out over smtp/submission and log it?

Even if that is

- legal (really?)

- part of the contract (no idea why that'd be okay)

that sounds like something you shouldn't do, period. I'm reasonably sure that this would never work in Europe, for example.

In the US you should assume a company examines/logs everything over their network, not just email. There's a whole "data loss prevention" industry.

Legal, doesn't have to be part of the contract (though I'm sure it helps)


It is both legal and required by US law. If a company doesn't have a "system of record" that keeps track of all emails generated by employees, the company can lose their defenses against a wide array of possible legal troubles.

Normal? I have no idea. Possible? Certainly.

Your email is sitting on a machine that they have full permission to. Their EULA explicitly gives them permission to access your account (often for any reason).

Also typically you do those kind of correspondences from home.

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