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Or maybe Google accessed his (the leaker's) account? Both actions would be equally offensive but there's no smoking gun here. Maybe this guy left his email logged in when he took a bathroom break... maybe he "lost" his phone which had the email account in question setup.

> Or maybe Google accessed his (the leaker's) account?

from the article: "The source had corresponded with me from a non Google email account, so the only way Google saw it was by accessing my Gmail account."

Which leads me to believe "they" didn't do it from work.

A non Google email account can be accessed from anywhere. Maybe Gooogle installed a keylogger on his work computer? Maybe they broke into his house and accessed it what way? Nothing about that statement, or the article proves that Google read the reporter's email and not the leakers.

I'm thinking that if Google was recording logins at work that info would probably be a story.

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