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It's not the revelations that are costing the tech companies. It's the spying.

Yeah, by the same logic, the NYT causes anguish by reporting on tragedies and disasters.


> Despite the tech companies’ assertions that they provide information on their customers only when required under law — and not knowingly through a back door — the perception that they enabled the spying program has lingered

Nobody cares if data leaks are intentional or legal. When China was suspected of backdooring routers in 2012 I don't recall anyone caring if it was intentional by the Chinese Tech Companies, or the legality of it if it was intentional. The Congress issued a report saying :

Chinese telecommunications companies provide an opportunity for the Chinese government to tamper with the United States telecommunications supply chain. That said, understanding the level and means of state influence and control of economic entities in China remains difficult. As Chinese analysts explain, state control or influence of purportedly private-sector entities in China is neither clear nor disclosed.34 The Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party, experts explain, can exert influence over the corporate boards and management of private sector companies, either formally through personnel choices, or in more subtle ways.35 As ZTE’s submission to the Committee states, “the degree of possible government influence must vary across a spectrum.”36


Recommendation 2: Private-sector entities in the United States are strongly encouraged to consider the long-term security risks associated with doing business with either ZTE or Huawei for equipment or services. U.S. network providers and systems developers are strongly encouraged to seek other vendors for their projects.


> Yeah, by the same logic, the NYT causes anguish by reporting on tragedies and disasters.

In some way it does. The side effect of all this reporting is population getting increasingly and predictably more stupid (availability heuristic, for starters) AND stressed at the same time.

I'll take this one step further.

Television news, at least mainstream TVnews in USA, is a totally stress/fear inducer purposely delivered in the most dramatic and usually shallow way possible, so you stick around for the commercials and at the same time the elists influence the viewers' political decisions.

Almost everyone would be better off without it as it exists today.

The charges would be equally effective if they were untrue.

A lot of things HN has claimed about NSA really can't be substantiated, and that DOESN'T mean that I have to believe the HN position by default.

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