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everyone has it's own <opinion> over the fact that facebook had to use another language rather than php. On the other side there is the fact that facebook managed to get one of the most visited website on top of php, period. This is a <fact> and we would never know what would be facebook if it was built on top of another language. Probably they had to shut down early just because they were not able to hire enough developers to keep pace with new stuff and scale. At the same time they haven't suffered the same amount of issues twitter had to deal with (remember the landing whale?) with much less users and traffic just because they were using RoR and that lead them to move to something completely different with scala and a different architecture. But still, facebook has about 4x times users and much more data to deal with (more text, images, video and so on).

Nevertheless, let's remember that web applications are not a one-shop monolithic anymore.

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