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I wonder if the US will apply it's moral here this time? Seriously, if Venezuela or some other country like that did something like this the US gov would be up against the 'regime' in no time. Let's see.

Obama is a big time supporter of Erdogan. During gezipark protests, he even silenced his embassador after his pro-democratic statements -- they deleted the public tweets, etc.

US government is one of the few reasons that Erdogan's regime is still illegitimate, because the opposition against them is minimal in the Western media.

I doubt they will confront Turkey now. Because there's enough confrontation with Russia already.

I doubt they will confront Turkey ever. It's the door to the Middle East, and there will always be "enough confrontation already" in the ME, one way or the other.

And Turkey is an ally in that confrontation and in the one with Syria.

(though not an ally on Irak and Iran)

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