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All of us who look down upon Accountants take a hard look in the mirror (I am one of them who used to). Most of us are like..."meh...its just +'s and -'s with some tax component here and there, how hard can it be. I will get to it when I get to it."

Turns out all those tough exams and practices are in place to mitigate this exact scenario.

The above assuming no malicious intent on part of MtGox and the recent revelation was pure stupidity.

Actually there's no solid evidence how much help an accountant is with regards to safely using Bitcoins.

Would an accountant know enough to safely store "wallets", to monitor "blockchains". Is this in their training? No. You can have perfect accounting and still turn out you lost the wallets.

Bitcoin's problem is that there's no other asset in human history so easily misplaced, lost, or stolen. A bunch of numbers on a bunch of vulnerable computers.

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