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I think I should have won by now: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2hokoh94hujyf2j/Screenshot%202014-...

I thought it played normally, and it does for a while, but it always eventually seems to randomly revert your high tiles (I verified that I had at least 1024 by checking the debugger).

[edit:] Ah, I found the code. It's possible to win but you have to survive the small chance that it will perform a random merge and destroy your tile:

        // 0.005% percent chance that we will merge a cell anyway
        if (next && Math.random() > 0.995) {
          next.value = tile.value;

Hm, the comment is wrong, it's 0.5% chance.

And that's CommentWang..

I'll get my coat

I've found this seems to make the game significantly easier. If you get a block stuck in a bad spot it will eventually get merged fixing the problem.

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