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Can someone post a full version of the article? I only get the first two lines...

The easiest way to get around this is by googling the headline and clicking on the article from the google results.

It almost always works for some reason.. my best guess is that sites allows these crawled links to see the full content because doing otherwise would harm their SEO.

Not only that, people who use this tactic are helping improve the pay-walled article's page ranking, because most search engines will record that click and account it as a good search result.

So from publisher's perspective, they are getting more SEO by pay-walling!

Best I've seen so far is google translation of this site:


A leading trading site management company "bit coin (BTC = Bitcoin)" virtual currency on the Internet, the 20th, I had described the company has lost the bankruptcy in February "Mount Ngoc, Inc." The (Tokyo) Of the approximately 850,000 BTC, has announced about 200,000 BTC has left.  

According to the lawyers of the company, the 7th of this month, the company was using previously in June 2011, and found the place of examination of the storage location on the net called "Wallet" and (wallet).  

February 28, when it is filed for Civil Rehabilitation Law in Tokyo District Court, the company describes a total of about 850,000 BTC corresponding to almost all to be held has been lost.

Edit: antonius has posted the content above:


Be nice to not have paywall posts on HN... But then again, apparently most people just read the headlines. :)

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