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> But if you blunder for words, punctuate incorrectly, spell incorrectly, and express yourself clumsily, I'm sure to believe you mind is cluttered and ill-disciplined.

I write and speak pretty well, but am still ill-disciplined as anything.

> You conceive a big idea, get the whole organization on tiptoes to carry it out, and then you lose interest and go off on a new tangent.

Now that's me.

> You are always living, in imagination, about six jumps ahead.

Now that's definitely me.

> Their active minds can always see two sides to every question; and they stand still while the debate goes on inside.

Now that's definitely me.

> Does he finish what he starts? Geniuses almost never do.

Good news, I am a genius.

Moral: In an ideal world I will never get hired or get success in business. Hell I am doomed for sure.

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