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Given that Fluke multimeters cost about 10x what the destroyed ones are, sparkfun is still out $30k to replace the shipment + destruction fees, and now have probably 200 fluke units to try to recoup some costs with.

While this is true, Fluke's response could have easily been "eat a bag of dicks, Sparkfun" and their actual response is quite a bit more friendly than that.

I think there is still blame to go around here but more on US Customs than Fluke, particularly since the Sparkfun multimeter color isn't really that close to the "Fluke yellow". It would be nice if there were some simple (via some arbiter, not the slow legal system) ability to appeal such decisions prior to exportation or destruction of all the stock.

I've got a sparkfun multimeter and have used lots of fluke gear and the color is quite different looking at them in person. Sparkfun's color is closer to the orange of Tenma gear (though lighter) than it is to the yellow of Fluke's gear, which is unmistakably yellow.

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