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There are two sides of the coin.

1) In this day and age shutting down Twitter wholesale is simply a silly and undemocratic move. Information can not be blocked and will find its way around anyway. Like many people I am against it.

2) There is a blatant violation of personal rights of people by fabricated phone-tapes. You take it to the court and court decides that these are illegal, and ask the service provider (in this case Twitter) to take down those specific twits. They don't comply. What do you do?

Say there's a link for a fabricated phone conversation of Obama betraying the country disseminated using Twitter. The administration take it to the court and win the legal battle. Could Twitter afford not to comply? Can this happen?

This is the gist of the problem people are having over there.

First of all just because something is legal it doesn't mean it's right.

And if only it was legal...

What I told are possible explanations and scenarios. I took the side of the 1st option which is what you defend as well. We are not in a position to be the judge ourselves. When we say something it needs to explain something. That's what I tried yet you downvoted, which unfair and mean. I stand by what I think of you.

For the record, I'm not one of the downvoters and not just because my karma is not enough.

But come on, "They are as good as those that blocked Twitter in Turkey." is harsh to say the least.

So far this comment got downvoted twice. I bet those who downvote are Turkish. They are not explaining why did they downvote. They are as good as those that blocked Twitter in Turkey.

I've down voted you because you claim that the leaked phone conversations are fabricated.

few things about it:

1) some of the people involved accepted the authenticity of these recordings(some directly, some logically)

2) the recordings that were denied being authentic were investigated by audio forensic experts and they reported that these are real.

3) the pro-government media tried to scam US based audio studios to get reports to falsify these recordings. for an example, the mainstream pro-akp media used a report by Kaleidoscope Sound which was later denied by the studio. You can read their public statement here: https://www.facebook.com/KaleidoscopeSound

4) Other evidence brought to light by the opposition party supports the authenticity of these recordings.

5) These recordings are part of the legal prosecution.

Though there were some recordings that were made illegally, the fact that the ruling party actively blocked the legal prosecution lives no choice for the public to learn about the accusations from the whistleblower.

If the legal process was not blocked it would have been better to wait for the outcome of the prosecution, but in this case we don't have choice.

1) All of the recordings? 2) Again, for all the recordings? 3) I checked it out. They are saying that they do not know if the recordings are authentic. Since accused can not provide the original recordings actually there's no point even seeking for such forensic examination. It has to be inconclusive, that is why illegally obtained wiretappings are rendered always invalid by the courts. In that case spreading recordings that can not stand such scrutiny is an attempt of defamation, and illegal. 4) I can not check that. 5) What prosecution? Does it have a name/date?

Again I am against the blockage. However we need try to understand what could have pushed the Turkish Courts to take such grave measures.

I was right :) They ARE Turkish. Again, censorship is rampant in the opposition as well...

Downvoting you is not censorship.

blocking Twitter is not censorship(because you can't expose private conversations about corruption) but downvoting is(because you are preventing pro-government statements being celebrated).

this is what Turkish people are dealing with.

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