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I'll admit to getting annoyed a bit by all of these 2048 clones. But this made me laugh regardless.

Ditto. They've actually been pissing me off since it seems like Threes is getting shorted by 2048.

But this was great. I managed to get 11032 before I lost. Just making a rules engine that could deduce Numberwang along is an incredible accomplishment.

you do realize the games still the same as 2048 right? just look at the colors of the tiles.

the only thing randomized is the numbers on the tiles

Yeah. But the sense of humor from Numberwang makes it more than a "look I just stole someone else's idea" clone, gives it it's own personality.

These past few days have been one of the rare times I've wished HN functioned like reddit, so I could have the ability to hide posts from the front page. Not only has there been a constant barrage of clones, but they seem to have a lot of staying power in the top 30.

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